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Personality assessment(2nd Sem)
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Personality assessment(2nd Sem)



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. To be useful, such assessments must beconstructed using the established criteriaof standardization, reliability, and validity.The information can be used in severalareas, including clinical work, vocationalcounseling, education, and research.
  • 2. An interview is a conversation between two ormore people where questions are asked bythe interviewer to elicit facts or statementsfrom the interviewee.Involves asking person about his or her life.
  • 3. Drawing conclusions about an individual’spersonality based on observations of his orher behaviors
  • 4. Tests that provide ambiguous stimulidesigned to trigger projection of one’s innerdynamicsFrequently used Examples:a. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)b. Roschach Inkblot Test
  • 5. People express their inner feelings andinterests through stories they make up aboutambiguous scenes/pictures. It wasdeveloped by Henry Murray.Some facts :i. introduced by Morgan and Murray in 1935ii. purpose is to reveal patients’ basic personalitycharacteristics through the interpretation of their imaginativeproductions in response to a series of pictures.iii. 31 TAT cards (one is blank), most show people in a varietyof situations, but a few contain just objects
  • 6. A set of 10 inkblots designed by HermanRorschach, now the most widely usedprojective test; seeks to identify people’sinner feelings by analyzing theirinterpretations of the blots
  • 7. Present statements rather than ambiguousstimuli characteristic of projective tests.It rely on the test items to predict a particularcriterion.
  • 8. The test is used by trained professionals toassist in identifying personality structureand psychopathology
  • 9. Q sort is a research method usedin psychology and other social sciences tostudy peoples "subjectivity"—that is, theirviewpoint.
  • 10. The Myers-Briggs TypeIndicator (MBTI)assessment isa psychometric questionnaire designed tomeasure psychological preferences in howpeople perceive theworld and makedecisions.
  • 11. Measures the attitudesand values of normal tohigh-functioning adultsin terms of the conceptof "self-actualizing.
  • 12. The Sixteen Personality FactorQuestionnaire (or 16PF), is amultiple-choice personalityquestionnaire which wasdeveloped over several decadesof research byRaymond B.Cattell, Maurice Tatsuoka andHerbert Eber. Beginning in the1940s, Cattell used the newtechniques of factoranalysis (based onthe correlation coefficient) in anattempt to try to discover andmeasure the fundamental traitsof human personality(Cattell, 1946).