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~~ Newsletter from ^^ astroved ^^ ~~

  1. 1. DATE : 012TH / MARCH / 2014 ( TOTAL SET : 02 Nos.) 11th Moon Instant Insight Sasa Yoga Help the Elderly Love & Money: Two Most Important Things in Life Dear DEEPAK S, Sunday, March 23rd contains unique powers to resolve serious relationship problems. The archetype Hanuman and the planet Venus are both strong and influenced by Saturn. Venus has a deep and profound connection with all Goddesses. The Goddesses bring you material prosperity, wealth and relationships. While March is good for wealth creation due to a strong Venus, it also protects, fixes and attracts relationships. Lord Hanuman knows how to fix relationships as He played a major role in the reunion of Lord Rama with Goddess Sita. A good Venus gives us the discrimination to value and choose the right relationship and the ability to compromise when needed. Hanuman can defeat the frustration and break the ego deadlocks that destroy relationships and Saturn makes it long lasting. Unique Relationship Astrology on March 23rd Hanuman's birth star is Moola whose planetary overlord is Ketu. The Moola birth star helps dissolve deep seated karmic afflictions. Saturn, the planet of karma is in the sign Libra, the natural relationship sign in the Zodiac, and Saturn will be aspecting Ketu. Jupiter, the great benefic will be aspecting both Saturn and the Moon on this day. The planetary alignments are such that bad relationship patterns can finally be dissolved. Take advantage of this time and participate in the relationship remedies being performed on this astrologically important day. You will see relationship miracles taking place when you fix your relationship planets.
  2. 2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lord Hanuman Controls the 9 Planets There are only 2 Gods with the power to control the 9 planets, including Saturn. Lord Hanuman is one of them. His powers are so great that even Saturn fears to influence him or his devotees. Those who pray to Hanuman are not troubled by the planets as all the 9 planets are deeply indebted to Hanuman. Hanuman's power is so great that he controls Saturn with his tail. Since Saturn is the governor for extreme suffering, it behooves us to have Hanuman as a protector. Worshipping Hanuman and propitiating Saturn will bring down suffering and frustration, and bring back happiness and inspiration to your life.