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VDIS10019 - 2D&3D Design - Case Studies Lecture
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VDIS10019 - 2D&3D Design - Case Studies Lecture


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Case Studies for 2D and 3D Graphic Design projects.

Case Studies for 2D and 3D Graphic Design projects.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design Environmentalgraphic design /sustainable ideas 2 Case studiesSpanish pavilion, 2010 Shanghai Expo Zetland House , Shoreditch, London.
  • 2. The final task you will undertake involves a local environmental graphic design for a Park/Community area near you. You should collaborate and liaise with others eg: The neighborhoods residents or town council officer, designers. You will need to understand your area, your cleints and as in your previous lecture the research you would have looked at , effective wayfindings and the way its been applied in its environment. As well as that always remember key principles in wayfinding: - Create an identiy at each location, different from all others - Use landmarks to provide orientation cues & memorable locations. - Create regions of differing visual character. - Dont give the user too many choices in navigation. - Provide signs at decision points to help wayfinding decisions. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design
  • 3. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design SUSTAINABLE thinking on a short term project: Cardboard is a very versatile and green friendly material, and is the centre of Isidro Ferrer’s signage proposal for the Spanish pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. A project that symbolises the way in which a poor material can reach very rich levels of expressiveness. This material integrates with ease into the existing wood and wicker of the structure and equipment of the pavilion, a project that has been developed by the Miralles-Tagliabue studio, and has come to be known as the Spanish Basket, given the way it evokes Spanish and Chinese craft tradition. The very nature of cardboard allows for a smooth and harmonic transition from a world of information and guidance to another of communication and expressiveness. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design
  • 4. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design According to the creators of this project, “Signage must not only guide but also promote the nature of a building in order to express its content, function and philosophy, as well as identifying and differentiating the object. It is of prime importance for the building to take part in the context of its surroundings, to flee from the idea of an artificial object that only focuses on meeting technical standards.”– Created by Isidro Ferrer in collaboration with Valencian designer Pablo Alabau and the Zaragoza Versus studio, this signage project takes advantage of the inherent characteristics of cardboard: economical, resistant and functional.
  • 5. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design The temporary nature of the exhibition allows this perishable material to be the most appropriate and efficient for a signage project where sustainability is a priority with respect to squandering habits. Letters and signs in Spanish, English and Chinese, are volumetrically stamped to become identifying items that provide graphic communication with an independent three dimensional character in perfect harmony with the surrounding architectural space.
  • 6. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design Letters and signs incorporated in simplistic layouts. - Target audience was well acknowledged with use of languages. - Scale was important, as material and production would hinder the design. - Time spent on Expo site, Shanghai went for a few months, so set up and pack up and transportation was well thought out. - Reusing materials and mixing - Showing clients concepts through the exhibtion concept was a priority. - Overall a forward thinking exhibtion not just through material but the re use of it and how it complimented the location.
  • 7. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design SUSTAINABLE thinking on a long term project: Zetland House is a unique and striking warehouse-style office property, situated in the heart of Shoreditch, London. The building was originally a Print Works for The Bank of England. Today, it has been refurbished with modern businesses in mind, whilst maintaining its existing structure and original period features. (it even has a banksy around the corner) A new signage system was developed to update the original branding. Inspired by almost extinct ghost signs from the surrounding area, the new signage looks both contemporary and familiar.
  • 8. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design In close collaboration with Nicolai Sclater, a traditional East London signwriter, original designs were drawn by hand and applied directly to the walls and onto everything from large scale signage to external and internal wayfinding and courier signs. Forward thinking idea? Shoreditch is London’s latest hot spot with a captivating mix of bars, restaurants & art galleries. It has transformed from a commercial district into a thriving metropolis of young media, design and fashion companies, and is often compared to the Tribeca District in New York.
  • 9. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design The agency thought about whom was coming to the building and how well its connected by public transport so within easy walking distance and the area is also very well-served by numerous bus routes. Zetland House is the best char- acter space around and tends to suit creative companies. Current tenant mix includes the follow- ing: Advertising and Marketing; Architects; Charities; Design; Digital Media; Education; Fash- ion; Film & TV Production; Information Technology; Music Content & Production; Public Relations; Retail.
  • 10. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design The agency were aware of the opportunites and were clear on how the direction must be shown. The examples on the right, Painted signs to the traditional printed and applied signage were mixed up thoughout, again showing a signature design, however using different design and finish techniques. So savings on printing, printed materials and different weathering materials were saved.
  • 11. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design Old school techniques with a current twist. - Target audience was well acknowledged with use of finish. - Designers and trendsetters line up to get into this old place. - Most important, exploring paints..sign writing and how effective and strong a good soliid font / finish can look. - Overall a everyhting from the numbers on the elevators to the cafes were well thoughout , and the actually placment worked really well in a big old warehouse that now looks current....refreshed!
  • 12. VDIS10019 2D & 3D Graphic Design is now up checkout have a look at davids work with 3D signage and wayfinding. Environmentalgraphic design /sustainable ideas 2 Case studies