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Lecture 2 - Advertising Plan from Virtu Design Institute
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Lecture 2 - Advertising Plan from Virtu Design Institute



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  • 1. Design for Production Sangeeta Jain
  • 2. Lecture 2: Advertising Plan
  • 3. Advertising Plan  An advertising plan is a detailed outline that directs a company's advertising effort.  It includes planning the following:  Creative Strategy  Media Strategy  The Budget  The Action Plan
  • 4. Creative Strategy  Creative Strategy: A creative strategy is an outline of the message to be communicated by an advertising campaign, the audience and the tone.  Techniques: Advertisers use several techniques in order to better convince the public to buy a product and shape the publics attitude towards their product. Some of the techniques include:
  • 5. Creative Strategy Techniques  Repetition: Some advertisers attempt to make the name remembered through repetition.  Testimonials: Advertisers often promote the superior quality of their product through the testimony of users, experts, or both.  Pressure: By attempting to make people choose quickly and without long consideration, some advertisers hope to make rapid sales: "Buy now, before they're all gone!"  Appeal to emotion: Various techniques relating to emotion are used to get people to buy a product such as wishful thinking, appeal to flattery or appeal to ridicule etc.  Association: Advertisers often attempt to associate their product with desirable imagery to make it seem equally desirable.
  • 6. Media Strategy  Media Strategy: Media strategy is a plan by an advertiser for bringing advertising messages to the attention of consumers through the use of appropriate media. In this class, you may choose to design for the print or the electronic media.
  • 7. The Mediums include:  Advertising in magazines  Advertising in national newspapers  Advertising on television  Poster advertising  Direct mail  Exhibitions  Merchandising and point of sale  Ambient Media  Advertising through the Internet  Mobile Communications
  • 8. Magazine Advertisement
  • 9. Ambient Media
  • 10. Direct Mail
  • 11. Interactive Media
  • 12. Transportation Advertisement
  • 13. The Budget  The Budget: A budget is the money a company sets aside to pay for designing and advertising.  Consider innovative ways to produce cost effective advertising.
  • 14. The Action Plan  The Action Plan: An Action Plan is a representation of a project’s schedule, showing the sequence of tasks, which tasks can be performed simultaneously and the most critical tasks to monitor. The plan/chart can be used for an entire project or for a key phase of a project.  It will also specify media assets as required and identify legal and ethical constraints and also a detailed plan of campaign and locations of the proposed advertisements.
  • 15. Assessment Task 2:  The assessment task will be submitted in the form of a presentation.  Weight: 25%  Due Date: Week 8 – Monday 9th Sep. 2013