IBM UKI Strategic Outsourcing Innovation Briefing November 2011


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IBM UKI Strategic Outsourcing Innovation Briefing November 2011

  1. 1. Issue 3 - November 2011IBM Strategic OutsourcingClient Innovation Briefing Tony Morgan, IBM UKI Global Technology Services, Chief Innovation Officer Strategic Outsourcing Email: © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Issue 3 - November 2011IntroductionThis briefing is intended to provide our outsourcingclients with a short and easy to read snapshot of newand emerging trends, capabilities and resources fromacross IBMFocus items this time include social media analytics forbusiness and mobile enterprise solutionsThis and previous editions are available online @ Tony Morgan, IBM Strategic Outsourcing Chief Innovation Officer for UK and Ireland2 IBM Strategic Outsourcing UK & Ireland Client Innovation Briefing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Issue 3 - November 2011IBM Outsourcing Innovation NewsIBM and our outsourcing clients have received very positive externalfeedback on a series of activities in 2011. These include: • IBM and Jaguar Land Rover shortlisted for Innovation in Outsourcing project in the UK National Outsourcing Association Awards for 2011 (IBM and another client previously won this award in 2009) • Launch of the Services Innovation Lab focused on cloud, mobility, analytics and service delivery automation and mobility – e.g. see Example Innovation Definition for-cloud-services-40093548/ “Innovation is the use of new ideas or current thinking in a different • Positive press and media coverage for the “Extreme Blue” context to result in change which innovation project run with an outsourcing client during the summer – delivers value” e.g. see to our outsourcing clients sometimes involves delivery of new capabilities. At other times focus is ondelivering solutions and services which are new, and so innovative to the client, but have been provenelsewhere by IBM. Many engagements include wider IBM capabilities such as the IBM Emerging TechnologyServices team highlighted later in this briefing, whilst others focus on delivery of existing proven solutions,services and offerings. The key is to find the right solution for your requirements and context.To find out more about joint innovation with IBM please contact your IBM account team3 IBM Strategic Outsourcing UK & Ireland Client Innovation Briefing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Issue 3 - November 2011Industry Trends - New IBM CMO Study FindingsInsights from the 2011 IBM Global CMO StudyThe 2011 Global CMO Study is part of IBM’s C-suite Study seriesencompassing interviews with more than 15,000 C-suiteexecutives. In this sample of face-to-face interviews with ChiefMarketing Officers IBM spoke with more than 1,700 CMOs.A key finding was that CMOs feel unprepared for the amount ofcomplexity they face. In response CMOs signalled three keyareas of focus: 1. Deliver value to empowered customers - move from market analysis to understanding individuals 2. Foster lasting connections - focus on the relationship, not just the transaction “The biggest challenge isn’t the amount of data that’s available, but interpreting 3. Capture value, measure results the data and making business decisions based on the insights it provides.”Implications for CIO’s and IT Departments include that CMO’sbelieve they will have to invest in new technologies and advanced Telecommunications CMO, Polandanalytics to better understand and interact with their customers. ITwill be key to selection and integration of these new technologies.Access the report online IBM Strategic Outsourcing UK & Ireland Client Innovation Briefing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Issue 3 - November 2011Industry Trends – Social Media AnalyticsMuch has been said about the growth of social media – theenormous scope of content and subject matter. In the businessworld, social media is becoming an increasingly powerfulmarketing tool.IBM has recently released a white paper examining the role socialmedia can play in presenting a more strategic view of customerdata and how the right combination of technologies can deliverinsight to help companies effectively meet shifting consumerdemands. The white paper looks at the implications for marketing,sales and IT.Finally, and a key point for many organisations, the paperconsiders how and why social media tools and applications can beintegrated with existing technology investments.The report also shows how IT can help guide the selection andintegration of social media strategy and technologies.Access the white paper online IBM Strategic Outsourcing UK & Ireland Client Innovation Briefing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Issue 3 - November 2011Innovation Capability – Mobile Enterprise SolutionsThe workforce and the workplace is changing. For many employees, inmany organisations, mobile and flexible working is a way of life. Devices areproliferating – combinations of a standard desktop, laptop and mobile phoneno longer meet business requirements.In response to these real challenges facing our clients IBM has developed aset of Mobile Enterprise Services (MES) providing flexible solutions toaccommodate platforms with a variety of smartphone, tablet and ruggedhandheld devices.MES addresses a wide range of worker requirements, from specialized fieldapplications to email access, collaboration tools, document sharing andmore. This comprehensive offering provides both standard and customsolutions to address business enterprise mobility challenges across theentire device lifecycle - from procurement and deployment to mobile devicemanagement and support - using a simplified per-device pricing model.We appreciate that this is a key area for IBM’s outsourcing clients and it is a focus area for IBM.To find out more about IBM’s Mobile Enterprise Solutions please contact your IBM account team6 IBM Strategic Outsourcing UK & Ireland Client Innovation Briefing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Issue 3 - November 2011Innovation Capability – IBM Emerging Technology ServicesFocus on the IBM Emerging Technology Services TeamMany of IBM’s outsourcing clients will be familiar with the EmergingTechnology Services team - from lab visits to Hursley and/or fromworking directly with the team on new projects. For those less familiar hereis an introduction to the ETS function.ETS is part of IBM Software Groups Strategy and Technology Division.This worldwide organisation focuses on working with customers oninnovative, first-of-a-kind and emerging technology solutions on servicesbased projects.The UK ETS team is becoming increasingly engaged in innovation relatedprojects with our outsourcing clients – from CEO War Room mash-ups to Emerging Technology Servicespractical applications of mobile and location awareness technologies to Focus on practical application ofSmarter Planet solutions using sensors, actuators and advanced analytics. new and emerging technologiesETS deliver architectural consultancy, proof of concepts, pilot systems, live reference solutions ensuring thattime is always taken to feed knowledge and experiences back into IBM’s development organisations. Wealso engage the ETS team to assist with innovation workshops with our clients to align the art of thepossible in emerging technologies with practical applications to address real client challenges.To find out more about the ETS team please contact your IBM account team7 IBM Strategic Outsourcing UK & Ireland Client Innovation Briefing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Issue 3 - November 2011 Questions and/or Feedback? We welcome your feedback and input – for example what other topics would you like to see in future? Please contact your IBM account team or email Tony Morgan IBM Strategic Outsourcing UK & Ireland Client Innovation Briefing © 2011 IBM Corporation