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A 20 page oversized Italian-style newspaper featuring the the 2009 films of the SD Italian Film Festival. Designed by Miriello Grafico, San Diego, CA.

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SD Italian Film Festival Newspaper

  1. 1. san diego italian film festivale Not just Italian films – an Italian perspective. October 16 09 November 7 design: Miriello Grafico san Diego Exclusive Film 2009 Film Series ExclusivE REviEws Ongoing sDiFF Film Screenings Retrospective of viRzÌ Films Screened at MoPA and The Birch PREmiEREs 2009 Festival GAlA Invitation North Park Theatre
  2. 2. san diego italian film festival 2009 Sharing Italian Culture through Cinema October 16 to November 7 3 Creativity flows even when commerce is blocked. When business slows – ideas grow, rethinking new purposes for the old, Design è una bella stimulating new connections between strangers, giving form to new dreams. SALVE lingua. Design is a powerful language, a mighty generator of the new and the next. Why we love the Piazza. The San Diego Italian Film Festival (SDIFF) has an ambitious goal: To make San Diego a high spot for Ital- ian culture. Italy gives the world culture, and we at my table in our piazza, all the Italians pass by with their beth accomando want to share that culture through stories: old, young, sweet, angry, lovers arm in arm or arguing, the happy or depressed, seek- the movies we bring directly from ing or relaxing. Here past and future meet, here history lives and also has a place at the table, Italy – great, award-winning, recent and here we see and hear conversations from all over, from past and future, all speaking of design is a beautiful language. (with English subtitles), all with inter- passion and hope and despair. And with a good dose of laughter. esting stories of relationships, love, This year our piazza has the past especially in a genre, commedia all’italiana. And there is hate, work, food, identity, all the pas- also the director who, in his forays into many genres, carries on a long conversation with sions of life. his predecessors, Pupi Avati known for his deft touch in every story type, and the current acknowledged heir of commedia all’italiana, Paolo Virzì, a master and yet young enough to KPBS Film Critic The SDIFF shows films throughout be the new guy. We have these two speaking to each other and to us across the festival, Excerpt from Beth Accomando’s 2008 review the year to a continually growing au- retrospective for Virzì, gala celebration for Avati. of the San Diego Italian Film Festival dience, last year filling over 5,000 The San Diego Italian Film Festival, And there’s always room for more in the piazza. Importantly, all our films are San Diego now in its second year, "invites you seats. Almost all films are San Diego premieres. They show up here only in our piazza, and you’ll see these only by spending some to celebrate life in the social piazza premieres, and the SDIFF is practical- of cinema with recent films that de- time with us. And several of these films have wonderful directors making their debut appear- pict life in Italy." ly the only movie bridge between our ance on the big screen: Giuseppe Gagliardi, Daniele Gangemi, Ivan Polidoro, Pietro Reggiani, by Although just in its sophomore year, local scene and Italian culture every- Massimo Andrei, Giulio Manfredonia. Come, sit with these guys, all have great stories. Visit the festival has a maturity about it. where. And SDIFF also works at devel- our piazza, taste italianità. Maybe you get that feeling from the level of conversation at the panel oping story-telling abilities, especially Thank you for joining us for the 2009 San Diego Italian Film Festival. discussions. The first year I had the among the young, who will continue honor of being part of a panel fol- lowing a screening of I'm Not Scared to create the culture we admire. and the authors and academics, For a little while we can all be Italian; along with the audience members provided a very lively, lengthy, and when we see an Italian film presented in depth conversation about the by the San Diego Italian Film Festival, victor laruccia film. The willingness of the festi- Executive Director SDIFF val organizers to set aside a good we can join in a great moment of cul- photography: Ken West chunk of time for discussion reflects tural creation all over the world, and SDIFF Board of Directors: a different attitude than most of the at the same time know that all the Roberto Ruocco, Don Stadelli, Clarissa Clò, Pasquale Verdicchio, Giuseppe Annino, other festivals that are usually more Don Santamaria, Janice Laruccia, Anthea Beletsis pressed for time with a greater num- world is contained in this one story ber of films packed into fewer days. we share right here, right now. SDIFF Branding / Publication: The only event that's not free is the Design Firm: Miriello Grafico Gala… If last year is any indication Creative Director: Ron Miriello of what this year's Gala will be like then be prepared for some incredible Designers: Lauren English, Chiara Occhipinti, Jose Alonso food and film. Follow us on twitter @sditalianfilm –Beth Accomando MG sdiff partners: Istituto Italiano di Cultura L o s A n g e l e s / brand expression Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Museum Of Photographic Arts Alonso Creative Italian Cultural Center Miriello Grafico Los Angeles / brand expression sdiff sponsors: Linnie Cooper Foundation / The June & Mark Fabiani Family / The Janice & Victor Laruccia Family / UCSD / SDSU / The Miriello Family Villa Capri – Caterer To The Festival / House Of Italy / Don & Maria Santamaria Miriello Grafico is a marketing communications firm that uses the language of design to affect media sponsors: Art Rocks! / Union-Tribune / Joe Annino / Radicondoli (Siena) ProLoco / Riviera Magazine change. We provide our expertise in brand development, marketing and print / web design, friends of sdiff: SD Jewish Film Festival / Italo Scanga Foundation / Mary Robinson / Tullio Cerciello Imports / Giffoni International Film Festival / Athenaeum Music and Art Library La Jolla so global communities like the San Diego Italian Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego / San Diego Latino Film Festival / North Park Main Street / City of San Diego Redevelopment Agency Film Festival can expand and new bridges can form. World of Words amici degli amici: Ron Miriello, 2008 PL ASTICARTA S.R.L. steel, aluminum, paper
  3. 3. 4 October 16 to November 7 Sharing Italian Culture through Cinema san diego italian film festival 2009 san diego italian film festival 2009 Sharing Italian Culture through Cinema October 16 to November 7 5 Alien invAsions thE sdiff OctObER 16–NOvEmbER 7 voices of the festivale The “voice” of the SDIFF is [san Diego italian Film Festival meets Giffoni Film Festival] enriched by the combined 60 years of study of Italian 2009 All to be screened at 7pm at the Museum of Photographic Arts in culture, history, film and art Film schEDulE Balboa Park, except November 6 at the Birch North Park Theatre. that our three professors OCTOBER 22 OCTOBER paolo virzì, 100 min., 1997 bring to the festival. Their discussions and reviews of the films make them more Ferie d’agosto ovosodo 16 than entertainment – but (August Vacation) (Hardboiled Egg) really an invitation to see Political and cultural paolo virzì, 110 min., 1996 differences divide two A young, shy man deals with disillusions and through the window of families during their compromises while finding his place in life. summer holiday on the these Italian films into the island of Ventotene, off paolo virzì, 97 min., 1994 life and culture of Italy. the Naples coast. la bella vita 23 october paolo virzì, 124 min., 2002 17 october (Living It Up) Not just Italian films, an Italian perspective. The story of a working class family, My name is Tanino in Piombino, Tuscany, dealing with review by a depressed economy and their The SDIFF sponsored four San Diego teens to travel victOR lARucciA Ph.D., Executive Director SDIFF to Italy in the summer of 2009 where they partici- own anxieties. A young Sicilian goes to America to return pated in the Giffoni Film Festival as Film Jurors. victOR lARucciA Ph.D. a camera left behind by a tourist friend and Executive Director SDIFF S finds that dreams don’t always match reality. OCTOBER daniele gangemi, 80 min., 2008 outhern Italy, for centuries the Days were jammed, early rising to watch mov- 2 Born in Santiago, Chile. Learned reading/writ- ies, run around in lunch time packs, then back for ing as an Italian Catholic, western Pennsylvania. scene of alien invasions, once more movies at the Cittadella del Cinema, build- Escaped to Culver Military Academy high school nOvEmBER 1 ings and park spaces for theaters, offices and play -Cum Laude, 1959. On to Yale (twice!), found hAllOwEEN sPEciAl 31 west coast better. Three years US Marine Corps, again played out the ancient november eugenio cappuccio, Uno su due areas. Young people tumbled out of every space, administrator. First graduate of UCSD Muir In- and when a movie finished, jurors inundated the dependent Studies (Music Art Drama). Ph.D. at game of conquest and plunder. This piazza in tidal waves, wearing the T-shirts of their UCSD. Taught film studies Brown University Una notte blu cobalto 100 min., 2006 and UCSD. Left for City of Pasadena, Telecom- (One out of two) ivan polidoro, 95 min., 2008 particular group, blue, yellow or purple. Only a mi- time invaders arrived in the guise Basta un niente munications Administrator & Director KPAS, crophone in the face made a juror still. TV. Telecom Consultant through ’95. Retired. (Cobalt Blue Night) Started SDIFF with three other crazy Italians at of children, celebrities, and media, Cameras and microphones stalked the jurors every- House of Italy in ’04. A whimsical tale that follows a first time A 33 year old attorney, following (Before you know it) where. National, local, and international reporters pizza deliverer as he realizes that his a devastating medical diagnosis, and the plunder was mainly stolen transmuted the peaceful valley into an electrifying deliveries involve more than just pizza. experiences a rebirth. Three neopolitan spectacle. Roby handled her TV interview like a hearts. The Giffoni Film Festival, for pro; we even got calls and emails from the States - friends, determined to make a living, 3 four decades educating children with she looked good! improvise as thieves giulio manfredonia, 101 min., 2001 roberto dordit, 85 min., 2005 november with the help of one Though Joe didn’t eat that much food, he filled up international films, stages this invasion of their grandfathers. every year. In the end everyone is on his movie-making dreams, enthusing about his own film and plans for working on it. “I’m a great editor,” he said, “I’m ready right now. I see just how PROF. clARissA clò, sDsu Apnea Program Director SDIFF When a former fellow fencing champion dies victorious and everyone is conquered. I want to start.” His opinion of the movies he saw Clarissa Clò is Assistant Professor of Italian mysteriously of a heart attack, Paolo decides suggested his movies would be optimistic; when 4 se fossi in te and Director of the Italian Language Program to investigate—and discovers that his friend asked what his thoughts of movies there, he said, in the Dept. of European Studies at San Diego 5 Thanks to a generous grant from the Linnie Cooper Foundation, the was not the person he thought he was. “They’re depressing! Everyone dies in them.” State University. She teaches Italian language, San Diego Italian Film Festival sent four teens to be jurors at Giffoni, literature, culture and cinema. She received her which is also a town in an emerald valley about 15 miles northeast of Fabrizio agreed, “Yeah, they’re pretty much all like Ph.D. in Literature from UCSD. She specializes (If I were you) pietro reggiani, 82 min., 2005 in contemporary Italian Cultural Studies. Her Salerno, Italy. Towns in this valley provide the host families for jurors that, everyone dies.” But Fabrizio, oldest in the research interests include feminist, migration, Three discontent men magically switch nOvEmBER from over 40 countries, selected to pick winning films at the festival. group, was not concerned about people dying; he and postcolonial studies, film, music, and popu- identities, each with the person most envied, always had admiring Italian beauties around him, 6 lar culture. She has published on Italian cinema, Giffoni offered a special way to attract younger people to SDIFF. Our regional documentary filmmaking, music sub- but things do not turn out as expected. several of whom gave his chaperones the evil eye teens all fell into the Generator + 13 group, and the young people who cultures, circum-Atlantic performances, Italian for taking his time. The yellow in his T shirt almost American women writers, postcolonial literature spearheaded our part of the invasion were Fabrizio Ellis, Joe Fabiani, Roby disappeared under the love notes: I love you, Fab- nOvEmBER and Mediterranean studies. She is a native of Ruocco and Giuliano Verdicchio, ages 13 to 15, all proud representatives rizio. Ti voglio bene, Fabrizio. Modena, Italy. of San Diego. Their Italian roots also opened hearts wide for them. giuseppe gagliardi, 93 min., 2006 Movies in the morning, lunch, soccer or chat- Each group of jurors had one series of tasks: watch all films in competi- ting in the park, movies in the afternoon, celebri- tion, discuss them, meet celebrities, and ultimately vote for their favor- ites. Our group was split three to one for the main winner, Broken Hill, ties to discuss filmmaking, then home for dinner. november GALA * l'estate di la vera leggenda What next? Parties, of course. Every night the kids mio fratello an American/Australian production. danced in the park, bands and performers blaring. The travel was exhausting, of course, but when we met a child actor from Giffoni being a small town, kids freely wandered, Film Festival Gala Reception – Tickets required, di Tony vilar India or a juror from Korea, who endured even worse travel conditions, it packs of yellow and purple teens flowing through $100, can be purchased on website. was clear that the exhaustion, like boot camp, simply softens up the kids every store and food joint. Beginning at 5 pm at the MoPA in Balboa Park (My Brother’s Summer) for a new way of life. And while all our teens came from families with Ital- Italian dinner and music followed by the film: When the Festival ended with a boisterous party, (The True Legend of Tony Vilar) la seconda ian roots, the roots didn’t look or feel much like the Italian host families. PROF. PAsquAlE When Sergio learns that he will soon have a the San Diegans stayed in Giffoni for a beach day, baby brother, his imagination kicks into gear vERDicchiO, ucsD Most of our teens had some familiarity with Italian, but only enough a ferry trip to Positano and, basta. Monday night notte di nozze Program Director SDIFF in devious and alarming ways—and then life the families brought the teens to the chaperones’ Tony Vilar, an Italian in Argentina, was a singing to whet appetites. Giuliano listened to his family’s nonno describing takes a devastating turn. hotel. With tears they tore themselves away. The Born in Naples, Pasquale Verdicchio moved to superstar in the 1960’s, but suddenly disappeared. Salerno during the 1943 Allied invasion; Giuliano understood some but Canada as a teen. Since 1986 he has taught lit- Peppe’s quest, to find Tony, needs help from some wanted it all. He laughed as he told us of another story: the paparazzi teens and chaperones settled in for a long trip, erature, film and writing in the Dept. of Litera- (The Second Wedding Night) pupi avati, 103 min., 2005 unforgettable characters. flew around in hordes. One group cornered Giuliano. Thinking they which ended with a fatigued sigh back home where ture at the University of California, San Diego. * 7:00pm Considered a leading translator of major Italian were asking him what he thought of Italy, he said, “Beautiful and hot.” families greeted their treasures, returned to them Kind hearted Giordano was left with half a deck writers, he has englished the work of Pasolini, Later he learned they were asking what he thought of Eva Mendes, who richer than they departed. as the result of electric shock treatments. A Merini, Caproni, Porta, and Gramsci among oth- For up-to-date information, in fact is beautiful and hot. ers. His poetry, reviews, criticism and photog- at The Birch north Park Theatre, letter from his sister-in-law changes his outlook. please check the SDIFF website: 7 raphy have been published in journals around 2891 University Ave., sD 92104 * Some misunderstandings, however, would be familiar to any Italian par- the world. As an author his books include Devils in Paradise: Writings on Post-Emigrant Cultures ent. For example, one morning the San Diego chaperones got a frantic Bound by Distance: Rethinking Nationalism call: “You must come quick, speak with Signora De Cristofaro, emer- through the Italian Diaspora and the poetry col- gency with your juror Joe Fabiani.” Hustling to Giffoni from Salerno is not easy; this had to be critical. Chaperones Janice and Victor Laruccia stumbled breathless into the Jury Office. “How bad is the wound?” The lection This Nothing’s Place (2008). Working with Joseph Annino and Victor Laruccia, he began presenting Italian films at the House november For other questions about the festival, volunteering, or the Gala, please email “wound?” The host mother’s worry that Joe was not eating, a catastrophe of Italy, a series that has transformed into the SDIFF in its current format. for an Italian mother! Joe’s response was “What?!? I eat what I always eat, what’s the problem?” Tranquility reigned when Signora De Cris- Victor and Janine Laruccia with tofaro, a great cook, hit upon carpaccio; Joe devoured a dish meant for Chiara Occhipinti in Giffoni Italy. the whole table.