Dad's Remodel 1326 continues

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  • 1. 1326 Continues …..
    Updates from last week and this week
  • 2. Before and After …
    I forgot to include some outside pictures of the project. I really didn’t take many if any before pictures inside or out. That said this picture and the next 5 are a bit of a before and after. Then some random pictures that didn’t make it into the first slide show. and late breaking changes. You can press the forward and back arrows to see the previous picture.
  • 3. After…
    What changed? The white cement block wall and the limestone wall have been removed. The bushes are gone. The foyer door was replaced with one to match the 2 new ones on the patio.
  • 4. Close up … before
    Both the white wall and the limestone were damaged. There is a missing post that will be replaced soon. It gave its life in the line of duty. We had to use a chain and a pickup truck to remove the Iron picture window frame…. It was stuck and when it came loose the post was in the way. Window frame 1 post 0. TKO .
  • 5. After…
    The patio floor in front of both doors had to be cut out to make the doors fit correctly at grade. The old doors were on a 2 inch high slab and as usual not standard height. The area will be cemented when it gets a bit warmer.
  • 6. Before ….
    No amount of trimming was going to help….
  • 7. After …
    Not quite taken from the same location but you get the idea. Well it’s a good thing I decided to match the doors. I put it off because the existing door wasn’t failing. ,,,,, I’ll tell you what happened on the next slide.
  • 8. The Foyer Door
    Well taking the old door out went ok. But with the door out the foyer floor started to feel a bit unstable. And the interior walls were shall we say “moving” a bit. Granted the vinyl is already down so I really didn’t want to do it but as I am always reminding myself “bad news never gets better with age”. We cut through the vinyl and into the floor to see exactly what the problem was. Water damage from the seam between the steps and the sill wall.
    The floor was anchored at the back wall of the foyer but the front was no longer connected to the sill plate. The sill plate had rotted to the point that it came out in pieces and chunks. So we did much the same as the bedroom floor. We installed a new sill plate and reattached the floor joists. Patched the floor and started the door install. While the door is in, it is not finished but should be soon. Then we will replace the vinyl, install new moldings and repaint. .. One thing leads to another.
  • 9. Other exterior pictures
    Need to clean the gutters and get the branch off the roof.
  • 10. The door etc…
    The Jelly Jar lights are being replaced by 2 white “carriage shop” lights. The electrician is replacing the wiring to the lights and running conduit under the eves per code. The stairs are coming out soon. They will be replaced with poured steps much like what is there however hand rails will be added to both sides. Notice the windows on the left have been finished .
  • 11. Picture Window …
    Both ends slide to the center to let in the summer breeze.
  • 12. Inside … Getting ready for carpet
    The floors are clean, however carpet glue from days gone bye make it look a bit hazy. Notice the floor in front of the table? The difference in the wood was caused by removing the buckled boards. A piece from an old bedroom closet was just the right thickness to level it out..
  • 13. Sneak Preview…
    The countertop for the kitchen. Not the best shot. Has more color than this picture shows. In-Stock from Lowes.
  • 14. Carpet Day April 18th.And it snowed 3 inches
  • 15. Don’t panic its only the pad
  • 16. Master Bedroom
  • 17. Another master picture
  • 18. The bedroom that started it all…
  • 19. Enough with the pad already!!!
    I heard that!
  • 20. Carpet finished …
    The color is Chestnut, but the pictures give off a pink tone to me. It is not pink.
  • 21. Lots of big and little things left to do….
    Wall plates, door bell, cable outlet …. Kitchen, bathroom sink drain, basement……
  • 22. Nice shot of the doors and window.
  • 23. Master Bedroom
    The carpet in the bedrooms is a lighter beige.
  • 24. Master…
  • 25. Bedroom 2
    You can see the color contrast at the door. Both bedroom doors will need to be trimmed to close correctly.
  • 26. The windows that started it all …..
  • 27. Coming Soon …
    The appliances are being delivered 4/19
    Once in place the countertop and sink will be installed. Kitchen finished.
    The 3rd bedroom renovation has begun.
    Concrete work will be done 1st week in May. (if it doesn’t snow)
    Handy barn erected to house lawn tractor etc.