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Presentation that was developed for a specific global group that I converted to a generic format. This was a joint effort that I believe is relevant for any company to initiate if they want to have engaged employees. The key is transparency and honesty.

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  • In order to set the scene for the tone of our conversations and interactions and indeed to create an environment where we are all able to collaborate most effectively and authentically, we are introducing the ABC’s of working together at the start of every gathering. (Even if you are reading this – take a moment – treat yourself to some ME time – and give yourself the chance to embrace new ways of thinking and being)So, what are these ABC’s?Well firstly, I invite you all to see that you are sitting comfortably.Now let’s bring ourselves to being fully present in our conversation.When ready, take a Deep Long breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.Letting all the tension and stresses drain away with the out breath.A is for AuthenticityThis is an invitation to be your true self and about finding out who that person is, so that you can bring your best to every situationIt is about understanding and developing awareness of our values, individually and collectively and being true to those valuesIt is a call to be open and sharing in the way we express ourselves, or exchange our ideas and informationIt is an opportunity to be a role model for Authenticity and by so doing we grant other people permission to behave similarly.B is for BlameAnd acts as a reminder to each of us to actively work at taking the blame out of our interactions with people – including ourselves!This is about refusing to fall victim to the “need” that we are often expected to have to find fault and judge each other.Only by focussing on the processes that do not work and removing the personal blame, judgment and criticism, can we head towards truly collaborative, inclusive and inspired problem solvingC is for CourageThe Courage to be who we are no matter what the temptation is to falter.Courage to say what needs to be said, or to do what needs to be done – and always to do these things with Compassion.Others will be on a different journey, their journey, be cognisant of where they are.It takes courage to create an environment where people can be completely open and honest and exhibit the “right” behaviours when overcoming obstacles.And it takes courage to acknowledge the fear in letting go of negativity and embracing the potential in ourselves and of our people.And as YODA said “Do or do not, there is no try!”Either you will use the ABC’s or you won’t!The choice is yours aloneNamaste(The Spirit within me recognizes and honours the Spirit within you)
  • The abc's of working together generic 2013

    1. 1. Goals for all Teams• Help everyone cope & grow within thecurrent negative environment.• Help everyone deal with personalchanges as they impact themselves andothers.• Help everyone understand the changesgoing on within the organization, BigPicture.• Help everyone understand the need forcollaboration internally/externally4/26/2013 2
    2. 2. Foundations of the Authentic WorkEnvironment• Start an Authentic Leadership Groupwithin Your Organization• Include works of Bill George from hisbook “True North”• Include work of Michael BungayStanier’s book “Find Your Great Work”• Include work of Jim Collins, “Good toGreat”• Include work of Coach Wooden’sPyramid of Success4/26/2013 3
    3. 3. • Personal Values compromised• No clear direction beyond the day-to-day• You’ve become just another number,“CDU” or worse, a “Resource”• You don’t feel part of anything good• You know when and if you are part ofsomething bad• All consistency feels like stagnation• You struggle to find meaning in yourwork• You wonder if you are next on “a” list!HOW DO WE DEFINETURBULENT TIMES?(Personal)TheEmployees’“Death of aThousandCuts”
    4. 4. •Fear•Scarcity•Individualism•Protectionism•Blame & Judgement•Stasis replaces Creativity•Management vs. LeadershipWHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGHWHAT CAN NORMALLY HAPPEN?..TURBULENT BEHAVIORS?
    5. 5. AND WHATRESULTS CANTHESE BEHAVIORSBRING?Knee-JerkdecisionmakingShort TermThinkingA Focus onthe pastFurtherFear ofChangeDe-motivatedStaffDissatisfiedCustomersStifledcreativityValuesConflictsAcceptanceof FearMicroManagement
    7. 7. 0 Your Brand should mean, amongst other things…0 Being Purposeful in all that you do0…including developing the understanding of yourselves, yourvalues, your needs0 Being Passionate about the things that you do0 …including aligning yourselves with actions that make your heartssing!0 Being Ingenious by allowing yourselves to be creative0 …and building environments that encourage bravery to say or trynew things & possibly fail4/26/2013 8HONORING YOUR HISTORY& SHAPING YOUR FUTURE
    8. 8. AUTHENTIC personal LEADERSHIP..AN INVITATION“Leadership is aconsciousprocess ofdiscovering andnurturing infinitepossibilities in ahuman being”Debashis Chatterjee
    9. 9. AUTHENTICLEADERSHIPThe ‘DNA’ of an Authentic Leader is:• Purpose leading to passion• Values leading to “right” behaviour• Heart leading to compassion• Relationships leading to connectedness• Self Discipline leading to consistency• Self Awareness leading to knowledge & personal growth
    10. 10. The ABC’s of WorkingTogether..0 Authenticity0 Be your true self – the person who you were born to be!0 Stay true to your Values, (e.g. Trust, Openness, Honesty)0 Act out of Abundance not Scarcity0 Be a role model to grant permission to others to be Authentic0 Blame0 Take the blame out of all that you say and do0 Don’t judge PEOPLE - focus on the PROCESSES that are broken0 Courage0 Build your inner strength to overcome obstacles with Compassion0 Have the courage to say how things really are:-0 to create a safe place to exhibit “right” behaviours0 to form an Inspirational environment for the team and for yourself.0 to Feel and Acknowledge your fears - and do things anyway!4/26/2013 11“Do or do not, there is no try!” - Yoda
    11. 11. 0 BE the real you - true to your WHOLE self0 Understand and live to your personal values0 Identify and remove conflict, personal first0 Widen your comfort zones0 Develop self-knowledge & self-faith0 Recognise your fears and do things anyway!0 Build fulfilling relationships0 Develop the courage to see it through0 Reach your potential0 Grant PERMISSION to others to do the same!4/26/2013 12AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP…AN INVITATION FOR EVERYONE!
    12. 12. 0 A process that enables your “investors”(Employees, Managers, Customers, Suppliers) to be driven byvalues and principles to do the right thing, no matter howdifficult the situation.0 Rules, regulations and laws tell you what you can do, butvalues inspire in you what you should do.0 The primary goal is to make relationships more sustainable.4/26/2013 13AWE – Elevator Speech…easy to relate, quick thought!
    13. 13. 0 Things only get interesting when you take full responsibility forthe choices you make0 Changing your Focus Changes what’s possible0 You must make the full choice0 If everyone is happy then you’re not doing great work0 You need to welcome others to your journey0 Good is the enemy of GREAT! – Jim Collins4/26/2013 14Great Work Truths…Michael Stanier – Find Your Great Work!