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Techtude Company Profile Pv 2010
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Techtude Company Profile Pv 2010


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Techtude Company Profile

Techtude Company Profile

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  • 2. COMPANY OVERVIEWTechtude was founded in 2005 by the directors of Major Productions, Ron Major and DebraMajor, out of a need generated by the Advertising, Events and Corporate Hospitality marketsfor the introduction of new Interactive Experiential Activities and Bespoke TechnicalProduction Services into the Southern African market.Techtude is recognised as one of South Africa‟s leading “Technical Event Solutions” ProductionCompanies offering a range of unique services and products. Our management team has over33 years of combined experience in the Broadcast, Events Production and Formula1 Hospitalitymarkets.Our journey has seen no bounds or boarders, with our years of experience, range of expertise,and an uncompromising commitment to what we do, has allowed us to work not only throughoutSouthern Africa but in international destinations such as New York, Atlanta, London, Prague,Portugal and Mauritius.Our main areas of activity: 1. Kyalami Virtual Race Centre 2. Event Rentals 3. Bespoke Simulator Installations 4. Simulator Sales 5. Bespoke Technology Production Services Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 2
  • 3. THE TEAMRon Major – Managing DirectorRon is a driven competitor and born entrepreneur with several successful business ventures to hiscredit including the creation of the well-known Cardies Greeting Card Stores and Digital Arts, SA‟sleading Animation Company during the 1990‟s. He was the founder and chairman of the South AfricanGuild of Animators and has for 20 years been involved in the Animation and Broadcast Technologyindustry as a producer and director of commercials and television series and large scale events. He isthe inventor of and holds several world patents on a unique voice activated interactive communicationsystem called ChatScreen. In 2000 he was a member of an I.T. Trade Delegation of the GautengEconomic Development Agency and he accompanied the then-Premier of Gauteng, Mr. MbhazimaShilowa, to Silicon Valley in California.Ron Major‟s involvement with motorsport dates back to the mid 1970s when he was a leadingprofessional competitor for the top Dealer Teams in National Motocross and Enduro racing, includingmultiple appearances in the annual Roof of Africa Rally. He was among the first of the South Africansto compete in the United States in Supercross and was the first ever foreigner to compete in the ZaireNational Motocross Championships.Ron‟s car racing career started with the inauguration of the Formula GTi championship, which hecontested for the first two seasons. The highlight of his racing career was the invitation extended tohim by international driver & race team owner constructor, Louis Descartes to drive the French team‟sLe Mans prototype Group C2 A.L.D. BMW in the Yellow Pages International Sports Car Race atKyalami in 1988.Ron‟s organisational and business skills were highlighted in the 80‟s when he was the Sports CarClub of SA‟s Track Designer and Track Manager for the first F.I.M. World Motocross Championshipevent ever held in South Africa in 1986 at the Corobrik Superbowl. He was also responsible for theintroduction to South Africa of the renowned American Russ Darnell and Gary Bailey MotocrossSchools‟ with multiple SA tours over a period of five years. Some of the schools graduates went on tobecome National SA Champions, with one (Greg Albertyn) eventually becoming the World 250Motocross Champion.Debra Sharpe-Major - DirectorThe world of entertainment has been a part of Debra‟s life since the day she was born. Debra has beeninvolved in the events and television industry for more than 16 years now. She began her career with theBBC and was involved in the very successful launch of two new high profile radio stations. Her talent andpotential was there for all to see and it was not long before she was lured into the very competitive worldof television production. Working as a freelancer for numerous local and international productioncompanies she moved through the ranks fairly quickly to become a fully fledged producer. Along the wayDebra assimilated heaps and heaps of hands-on trench time in everything from commercials, televisionseries and magazine programmes to live outside broadcasts and production management. In the mid90‟s Debra joined one of South Africa‟s most prominent concert promoters as national tour manageramassing vast experience in the large international music concert market. Debra is currently theManaging Director of our sister company Major Productions. Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 3
  • 4. John Ellis – Events Operations ManagerJohn completed his matric as Head boy in 2004 with distinctions and went on to study his teacher‟sdegree at the University Of Potchefstroom. He joined Techtude in 2006 as an operations managerand through his career thus far he has gained vast experience in all aspects of client service andevent production and is now the Events Operations Manager for Major Productions and Techtude.Jans Smit – Operations Manager - Kyalami Virtual Race CentreJans started his Engineering career in the Telecommunications industry both locally and aboard, Onhis return to S.A He worked with numerous Film and Video companies on shows like AM 2 Day,National Lottery, Win n‟ Spin, Yo TV and Cassie Live. Jans then moved to Bright Spark Technologies,the originators of ChatScreen, as senior engineer on the development of this patented technology. Hejoined Major Productions in 2001 as technical manager for ChatScreen, and now runs the Kyalamirace centre for Techtude/Major Productions as Operations Manager.Daniel Sithole – Trainee Technician - Kyalami Virtual Race CentreDaniel completed his Matric at Greenside high School in 2007 and joined Techtude as a traineetechnician in January 2008 Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 4
  • 5. KYALAMI VIRTUAL RACE CENTREOur new 800 sqm Virtual Race Centre is located in the old pit complex of the internationally renownedKyalami Grand Prix Circuit. Our race centre offers unrivalled facilities for motorsport based corporateteam building events, launches, motorsport hospitality and bespoke motorsport themed events.We have six networked cockpit simulators allowing participants to race against each other in anenvironment rich with authentic Formula 1 decor including Jenson Buttons 2004 BAR Honda Formula1 race car. This race car was presented to the directors of the company in appreciation of exceptionalevents services to the BAR Honda F1 Team at a gala banquet dinner held at the historical BrandsHatch GP Circuit Hotel in the United Kingdom.Our facility can host up to 150 people depending on seating configuration for launches and bespokemotorsport hospitality. We have full a full AV setup and offer a selection of catering and refreshmentoptions.We offer the following exclusive Team Building & Experiential programs at our Kyalami facility; 1. Racing4Real – Experiential Formula 1 Team ProgramRacing4Real is an experiential team program based on the race day operations within a Formula 1team and was originally developed by the BAR Honda F1 Team. Techtude has the franchise rights forSouthern Africa and together with the help of the Honda F1 Team acquired all the authentic F1 pitequipment.Racing4Real provides an opportunity for you to experience the true ethos of team work, the kind ofwhich is vital for the success of any top flight F1 racing team. You will be working under pressure,making vital set up decisions, thinking on your feet, dealing with problems and feeling the sameexcitement that a real race team experience in the pit garage on race day.This is no armchair enthusiast activity because you‟ll be picking up the tools and making changes tothe car to improve your team‟s performance in order to win the race. Not only will you look the partwhen you climb into the real F1 mechanics suits and don the radio headsets but you‟ll feel the part too- because Racing4Real events take place at Kyalami with an authentic pit garage set up replicatingthat of an F1 team. Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 5
  • 6. 2. Pit 4 Real – Team Building ProgramTeamwork is a core value to many organizations and it is a strong element to strategy. Participantsbenefit from learning about teamwork in a non-hierarchical setting, understanding roles and skills andappreciating diversity of talent. Pre and post coaching and teaching are a desired element of the day-to-day environment.When a F1 pit crew is changing tires on a race car, every second counts and collaborative teamworkand quality are crucial. Each member of a pit crew works for the greater good of the entire team andensures that the group is aligned with the larger goal and strategy.The experience begins with a briefing on the role of teams in completing a critical assignment withspeed and excellence. Participants are organized into teams. The teams are briefed on safety andtools. Teams prepare themselves as a hierarchy, with roles, responsibilities and reporting structures.The F1 Pit Chief trains the participants in how to get a car in and out of the pits fast. Over the courseof several attempts the teams need to reduce the pit turn-around-time as much as possible. 3. Formula 1 Wheel Change – Team Building ProgramWe have multiple Formula 1 wheels mounted on portable rigs for simulated live F1 wheel changes.Experience the thrill of operating a high power pneumatic wrench and handling real F1 wheels justlike the professional teams. This is an activity that can be done at the client‟s premises or even atrade show.Some examples of events produced at our Kyalami facility; • British American Tobacco – Racing4Real • Honda South Africa – Racing4Real • Standard Bank – Pit4Real Team Build for Senior Management • Microsoft – Xbox 360 Launch • Electronic Arts – Need for Speed Launch • Gauteng Provincial Government – Ultimate GP Drive Launch • DHL – National Conference Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 6
  • 7. RENTALS 1. Racing Cockpit SimulatorsTechtude has ten imported internationally designed “Hyper Stimulator” Formula 1 Cockpit Simulators.These simulators are designed to replicate for any participant the sheer thrill of driving any of amultitude of different types of racing cars including a Formula 1 as well as most of the modern supersports cars. With our own custom steering & pedals and the most widely used professional racingsoftware, “rFactor”, participants can experience any of the world‟s most famous international racingcircuits including our own Kyalami GP Circuit at speeds in excess of 280 km/h. Our simulators can benetworked allowing all ten race cars to be on the same circuit at the same time thus allowingparticipants to race against each other. The simulators can be custom branded for clients in eithertheir own livery or that of a top Formula 1 team. The digital race circuits and digital race cars can alsobe custom branded. The simulators are housed in flight cases and can be shipped anywhere in SA.This is not an arcade game, the simulator runs on a powerful PC with customizable professionalracing software offering all the settings that a real race car would offer. Display screens can vary from32” to 65” LCD‟s or large projection screens for a larger than life experience.Techtude recently completed a national road show to all nine provinces with the simulators for theGauteng Provincial Government and the Renault F1 team. The simulators were used for the auditionsphase of the SABC 3 reality TV series “The Ultimate Grand Prix Drive”.The simulators were also hugely popular drawing massive crowds at the 2008 “Sandton Renault F1Road Show” exhibition area in Sandton Square.Some other examples of interactive events produced with our cockpit simulators; • LG Mobile – Cell Phone Launch Kyalami • British American Tobacco – BAR Honda National Activations to coincide with all GP‟s in season 2006, 2007 • Montecasino – Grand Prix Themed Casino Promotion 2007 • Jenson Button SA Tour – Jenson raced against Sasha Martinengo 2005 • Lenovo – Futurex 2008 • Unilever Shield v8 – National Launch Tour 2009 • Felipe Massa visit to SA – New Shell Fuel Launch at Gerotek 2009 • Shell Ferrari Customer Day at Kyalami – Client Hospitality 2008 & 2009 • News Cafe – National Conference 2008 • Schneider – Emperors Palace Conference 2009 Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 7
  • 8. 2. ChatScreen Live Interactive Digital AvatarChatScreen is a unique locally developed and patented “live and real-time interactive” animationsystem which enables your audience to have a one on one conversation with a digital character or“Avatar”. The avatar is pre-created in either 2D or 3D animation, it can be humanoid or an inanimateobject such as a gas bottle or coke can. The character is then able to engage and interact live withreal time accurate lip-sync driven by a hidden voice artist. We also have a library of stock charactersthat are available for hire with the most popular being our extremely famous and sexy celebrity star“Cassie Fenwick”. Cassie appeared as the host in the first ever live animated 13 episode talk showaired on SABC 3 and also handed out the AVANTI awards live on stage with Barry Ronga. thThe technology was nominated for a Lion award in the “Best Use of Cinema” category at the 47International Advertising Awards in Cannes, for a “Live Interactive Cinema Commercial” produced forSunDome Casino.Techtude is at the forefront of this awesome new medium that will revolutionize the way wecommunicate and engage with prospective clients. This exciting new tool is able to draw in your targetaudience and solicit reactions and responses like never before. ChatScreen is a very powerfulexperiential branding tool!Some examples of interactive events produced with our patented technology; • Standard Bank - National Marketing Conference 2009 & 2010 • Engen – Dealers Conference, Sun City • Nashua - South African Franchise Conference, Prague (Czech Republic) • Microsoft - TechEd Conference, Sun City • IBM - South African Conference • BenQ-Siemens – Product Launch • Mini Convertible Launch - Auto Africa • Microsoft – New Office Launch, Mauritius • FNB - Year End Function • Wall Street Presentations - New York • Super 12 Rugby Series - Blue Bulls Stadium • Coke Cola – New Twist Beverage National Road Show • Pedigree and Whiskas – National Road Show • Toyota - National Road Show • Nike - Interactive Trick-Ball Competition National Road Show • Wesbank - “Who wants to be a Wesbank winner” National Road Show • SAB - Redd‟s Premium Cider National Road Show • Gauteng Provincial Government – JHB Easter Show NASREC 2009 • Department of Home Affairs – ID Book Awareness Road Show 2009 • Laughing Cow Cheese Company – Educational Road Show 50 Schools 2009 • Samsung – Samsung Live National Road Show 2009 Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 8
  • 9. 3. BATAK PRO - Interactive Hand Eye Coordination DeviceThe BATAK Pro was developed by a renowned sports medicine doctor in the UK for hand eyecoordination and reflex testing and training. It was featured on a UK reality TV series and wassubsequently adopted by various sports teams, universities, gymnasiums, sports clinics andcompanies being used for training and interactive events activities. Techtude has two units availablefor rentalTwelve visually bright LED cluster targets are numbered and arranged in a maximum stretch typeconfiguration and put under the control of a dedicated microcomputer. The targets may be lit up ineither random or repetitive ways. Hits and misses are timed and scored on a central Liquid CrystalDisplay (LCD) and verbal instructions are issued to the participating Player during the exercise asappropriate..(e.g. "Get Ready"..."Go"..."Level one"..."Time Out"...etc.)Some examples of interactive events produced with BATAK Pro; • Gauteng Provincial Government – Ultimate GP Drive National Road Show • Samsung – Samsung Live National Road Show 2009 • Sail – Vodafone Digital Life Expo 2009 Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 9
  • 10. BESPOKE SIMULATOR INSTALATIONS 1. Our first custom installation was commissioned by a prominent Johannesburg attorney and the brief was to turn an unused room at his residence in Bryanston into a “Ferrari Shrine” centered on our top of the range Cockpit Simulator. We custom designed the entire room with a bar and multiple special features around the clients collection of Ferrari memorabilia. The simulator was the Hyper Stimulator Pro version in full Ferrari F1 branding with full carbon fiber interior trim, a Techtude designed custom pedal box and customized software. The display screen used was a 50” LG Plasma with a full surround sound system and also a PlayStation 3 consol for less serious gaming. 2. In 2008 Techtude was awarded a contract by the ING Renault F1 Team based in Enstone, United Kingdom to modify and upgrade their European F1 Paddock Club and Factory Presentation Suite Simulators with our custom Steering, Pedal Box and Software. We spent an intense two weeks at the F1 Factory to disassemble there simulators, package everything and ship back to SA. We carried out all the modifications at our Kyalami Facility and returned for a further two weeks to reassemble the simulators. Techtude also rebranded all the international digital circuits and their 2008 digital F1 cars with ING branding. The simulators were used for the entire 2008 and 2009 F1 season without a single failure. 3. Our latest installation was completed in October 2009 for a prominent Johannesburg businessman to complement his awesome collection of super sports cars housed in a custom built warehouse at his residential property in Kyalami. He holds weekly functions in this facility and he wanted his guests to be able to test drive some of his supercars without actually driving them. For a larger than life experience we used a large projection screen with a very powerful sound system built into the base that the simulator sits on giving you a real seat of the pants driving experience. Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 10
  • 11. SIMULATOR SALES 1. HYPER STIMULATOR – Cockpit SimulatorDesigned and imported from Australia, the hyper chassis replicates the real driving position of aFormula 1 racing car cockpit. The raised nose elevates your heels 100mm above your butt, F1 style.The ultimate factory built Hyper, incorporating the best PC simulator controls coupled with theprofessional rFactor racing software allows you to experience an F1 race car at full speed on anytrack in the world. Racing seat, interior trim and dashboard are made from real carbon fibre. Paintedin a high gloss 2-pack finish the simulators are available in any of the F1 team colours or a specialcolour scheme of your own. 2. SIMCRAFT APEX SC830 – Motion SimulatorTechtude has recently been appointed the SA manufacturer for the world‟s most advanced motionsimulator. The simulator has the capability to train both racing drivers and advanced road car handlingwith an extremely high degree of realism.The APEX SC830 Motion Simulator features three axes of motion: roll 40° / pitch 25° / yaw 40°) andhas a state-of-the-art architecture that recreates center of mass rotations. Hardware Motion ControlInterface featuring custom USB “Plug-and-Play” hardware interface communicates with onboardmotion control systems. High-Fidelity Motion Actuators and “Knuckles” allow for unsurpassed, quickresponse with zero latency, and smooth motion curves. Smart Cockpit Design with easy to enter andexit cockpit, adjustable mounting surfaces and perfect proportional comfort for long sessions. Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 11
  • 12. 3. PROTEE GOLF SIMULATOR 2.0 - The Ultimate Indoor Golf Simulation Experience!The ProTee Golf Simulator 2.0 is one of the most advanced and affordable 3D Golf Simulatorsystems available on the market today. A Golf Simulator from ProTee has been uniquelydesigned to experience the ultimate 3D Golf Simulation at an affordable price.The Indoor Golf Simulator system allows you to use your own golf clubs (from driver to putter)and play a complete round of golf. Or maybe just practice, working on that swing fault all in thecomfort of your own home or office. The views of the golf course can be either projected onto alarge screen set in front of the player or just viewed on your computer monitor set to the side.Using your own clubs, you set up to hit the shot just as you would on a real course. The systemallows you to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the hole. Afterevery shot, the system automatically flies along the bal ls trajectory to where the ball lies, readyfor the next shot.Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, the investment in an Advanced Indoor Golf Simulatorwill do more for your game than any of the latest space-age technology clubs you can buy. Andits fun too. Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 12
  • 13. 4. RealSoccer – Soccer SimulatorWith the RealSoccer simulator, players use real soccer balls to dribble and shoot on goalkeepers.Goalkeepers react in real-time to try and save each shot. The soccer simulator user is the shooter in aone-on-one scenario against the goaltender. The shooter shoots on a „live‟ goaltender. The object isto score as many goals in the session as possible. The more accurate and higher the velocity of theshot, the more likely the player/user is to score.The projected image size of the soccer simulator net and goaltender give an accurate perspectiveview that places the player/user inside the penalty area. The player/user shoots from various positionswithin the penalty area.Using a unique combination of video and animation processes, the soccer simulator goaltender reactsjust as a real goaltender would with unique save movements. Each save movement is unique basedon the location and type of shot. Based on the skill level of the soccer simulator goaltender selectedand the abilities of the player/user, the result of the shot will be determined accordingly.During the player/user session, the systems scoreboard displays the following data:  Number of shots taken  The velocity of each shot  The average velocity of all shots  The number of goals scored  The scoring percentage  The time left in the session Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 13
  • 14. Bespoke Technology Production ServicesTechtude also specializes in the design, development and deployment of multimedia technologysolutions and integrations in the marketing and communications industries. We custom develop andintegrate both unique hardware and software solutions for true immersive activations. Some examplesof specialised projects we have developed and worked on; 1. With tobacco legislation becoming increasingly more stringent, Lucky Strike wanted an innovative unique means to communicate with consumers. Techtude developed, manufactured and deployed 11 Funky Stainless Steel Pod Computers in various high profile restaurants and bars throughout the major SA cities. The pod computer was a smart card operated lifestyle club information and ticketing system to be accessed by Lucky Strike consumer‟s exclusively with a Lucky Strike Branded Smart Card. The consumers were divided into three distinct lifestyle categories, Music, Adrenalin and Fashion and issued with a branded 2k Smart Cart. Upon entering an establishment the consumer would swipe the smart card, and enter a secret pin matched to their ID number, once verified the system would display a number of screens offering various activities and information including a calendar of events that were available in their area and in their line of interest. If an activity was chosen on the touch screen the system would issue two free tickets to the consumer to attend the event. The campaign ran very successfully for a one year trial until new anti tobacco legislation bared the technology from further use. The system was monitored live via a 3G network from Stellenbosch helping management asses in real time where the consumers were hanging out and what sort of events they liked to attend. 2. With the opening of MWebs‟ new concept stores in Maponya Mall and Cresta Mall, Techtude was commissioned to integrate and install a “Three Screen Mega Plasma Display Wall” driven with our custom built PC with proprietary software. The system had to be easily customisable with frequent content updates and to produce compelling content over all three screens to be used as the main communication display and advertising tool in the store. 3. In 2007 Techtude was commissioned to implement an “Eight Screen Mega Plasma Wall” to be deployed in the “SuperSport Live Broadcast Studio” as the backdrop to the on air commentators. 4. Techtude was the first and only company in South Africa to use a unique “Liquid Crystal” technology for the 2006 launch of the new Honda CRV. A liquid crystal membrane was laminated between two sheets of glass and used as a massive projection screen. At the conclusion of the AV a timed electrical charge into the liquid crystal membrane made the screen disappear to reveal the new Honda CRV. This idea was subsequently adopted by Audi for a new model launch in Dubai. Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 14
  • 15. CONTACT DETAILSHEAD OFFICETelephone: +27 (0)11 486-0694 Fax: +27 (0)11 486-0693Email Address: Address: VIRTUAL RACE CENTRETelephone: +27 (0)11 466-8267/8MANAGING DIRECTOR RON MAJOR Mobile: + 27 (0)82 600 7388 Direct Fax: + 27 (0)86 638 6681DIRECTOR DEBRA SHARPE-MAJOR Mobile: + 27 (0)83 610 0999 Direct Fax: + 27 (0)86 638 6682EVENTS OPERATIONS JOHN ELLISMANAGER Mobile: + 27 (0)72 396 5119 Direct Fax: + 27 (0)86 638 6680KYALAMI TECH & OPERATIONS JANS SMITMANAGER Mobile: + 27 (0)72 077 5543 Direct Fax: + 27 (0)86 638 6678 Techtude (Pty) Ltd. 2004/015325/07 | Directors: RL Major (Managing), DM Major 15