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Mediastream Ppt 18 Sept 2010

  1. 1. BUSINESS STRUCTURE Conventional distribution DTH/Cable/Hotels/content syndication/ channel representation/ TV Advertising Corporate management B2B & B2C Portals Online Cinema with hardware & technology support Digital Archives/digital content catalogue & shopping cart Online Advertising (WEB) Media based Event management Worldwide Content Acquisition & Digital licensing & re-purposing New Media Distribution IPTV/3.5G/DVBH/VOD/Streaming/ Online Advertising (IPVTV & VOD) TV channel operation/ representation & management Post Production Corporate films/TVCs /packaging/interstitials/ 3D Animation / digital imaging walk thoughs for real estate and facilities / re-purposing contentWeb design & Media related software solutions Through business partners
  2. 2. Who we are :  Mediastream FZE is a multifaceted Media house incorporating the services of a core team of like minded senior media professionals catering to New media content supported projects/TV production/ Tv commercial production / event management / professional broadcast & Tv operations support as well as Content Clearing for digital media license rights of regional and international TV, film, radio and games content.  At the same time, Mediastream ensures the right holder copyrights are fully exploited (& safeguarded) by DRM technology as well as securing alternative modes of distribution, focusing on live signal streaming or server-based play-out to the following platforms:  DTH Operators  Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)  PC Broadband  Video On Demand (VOD) / NVOD  Mobile Telephony / PDA’s  Airline distribution ( through airline content aggregators)  Cable / MMDS  Hotels
  3. 3. Our Vision & Mission  To be the leading Television & film based content Media House operating out of UAE & catering to all aspects of support and professional consultation, operational management .  To be positioned as an International Content Clearing House for licensed international & regional TV, film, radio & games content across digital multimedia platforms worldwide.  Creating & maintaining the vital content & technology link for TV/Radio Stations, TV production houses, content providers, and last-mile distributors.  To develop the content creation abilities within the Arab world and propagate these to the rest of the world in universally understood languages.
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY ASPIRATIONS To be a premium TV Content & Mobile VAS Production & Aggregation House with emphasis on :  Creative Strategies, Film & TV based Creative Solutions.  A Target oriented Integrated Post Production Unit which delivers customised creativity to ensure every client receives the highest level of service and quality  To integrate our content aggregation strengths with our partners in order to have a seamless, relevant & easy-to- use content offering to the end users  To utilize our market knowledge in order to enhance and catalyse the roll out of content over third party partner networks
  5. 5. Our Services • Mediastream would offer a comprehensive portfolio of the following services: – Tailor-made, content aggregation, rights clearance and back-office collections and payments solution, enabling content providers and last-mile distributors to continue focusing on their core businesses. – TV production consultancy as well as production of content tailor made to clients requirements. – The Key inputs to Mediastream's offering are: • Management Team : Collective 30 years of expertise in broadcast media and pay TV services; • Commercial / Finance / Back-Office : Experienced team with a deep understanding of CPS rates, content acquisitions, packaging and pricing, pay TV billing, collections, subscriber management, subscriber reporting, churn and payments to content providers, studios and channels.
  6. 6. CONTENT SOURCING,AGGREGATION & PRODUCTION • Video is the key revenue generator among broadcasters and Telcos (value-added services). • Mediastream works with a wide range of content providers, last- mile distributors and strategic alliance partners to promote the next age of multimedia and bring exciting new programming and services to consumers around the world. • All Mediastream practices are expressly designed to ensure a centralized, streamlined and simplified process for acquisition and management of the necessary digital media rights required to distribute content in today's simultaneously converging and diverging multimedia landscape. • To view our latest Content Catalogue, please visit* • You would need to register and then log in. You will then be authenticated by the admistrator post which the relevant content catalogue will be available to view • (presently under construction) OUR CONTENT PARTNERS
  7. 7. DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA DISTRIBUTION • One of the central issues facing content providers is ease of reception of quality content by the audience in free or subscribed modes. • Understanding of the quality and genre of affordable and easily accessible content as applied to regional audiences being the key to success. • Disaggregation - in other words, the end of the mass market. As audiences find ever more convenient methods to access media, content providers must find a method to support all of these preferences in order to re-aggregate an audience of sufficient size to continue to support your business. • Mediastream is a vital part of the next generation multimedia ecosystem - the missing link for connecting video services. For content providers and last-mile distributors who want to be at the forefront of opportunities presented by the addition of video to any multimedia service bundling, let us take on the burden of navigating through the complicated regulatory landscape, enabling you to legally deploy services, enhance your subscribers' experience and extract more value from existing infrastructure investments.
  8. 8. One of the core activities which we devote a lot of attention to is MENA representation for South Asian channels. This activity covers strategic carriage, distribution as well as airtimes sales for our partner channels. We actively promote and market our partner channels at minimum cost via various mediums using our 10 year long standing relationships with the media industry across this region AIRLINES : Mediastream is working towards working with technology providers of live in-flight TV services aboard commercial airlines and private and corporate jets. With content that's cleared for in-flight entertainment or live streaming in the sky, Mediastream ensures passengers could also stay up-to-date with live breaking news, sports and financial information. CABLE/MMDS : Mediastream enjoys long-term relationships with the following distribution pipelines in the Middle East and North Africa regions: •Cable/MMDS operators •IPTV/VOD operators (TELCO based & independent) •5-4-3-star hotels (across MENA & South Asia) •Military bases •Multiple Unit Dwellings (MUDs) •Residential Compounds •New residential developers Note: Each of these outlets presents additional distribution avenues and potentially significant revenue opportunities for content providers looking to maximize their viewer ship in the region. HOTELS Content providers can generate additional revenue through distribution in the Middle East and North Africa by leveraging our extensive regional hotel distribution network. MENA hotels till recently have had among the highest rack rates and occupancy rates in the world. CHANNEL REPRESENTATION
  9. 9. Primary content delivery through all New Media Mediums IPTV/Broadband streaming/VOD via FTP servers. As well as Cable / DTH/ FTA & Pay TV platforms Additional content delivery with Sampling facility through two primary portals specially designed for New media based technology carriers/delivery mechanisms e.g ; mobile 3G & DVBH delivery platforms: •B2B PORTAL – sampling /licensing /streaming for corporate/bulk clients. •B2C PORTAL – Entertainment delivery to retail sector with streaming & downloads & latest entertainment news. THE DELIVERY MECHANISM
  10. 10. This portal will be devised to enable content to be sampled (thumbnail based) by prospective clients and buy through by an initial web interface with a shopping cart concept once the initial business interface between client and MediaStream is concluded Automated re-purposing of content, delivery and billing to be effected with clients registered as buyers with Mediastream B2B PORTAL
  11. 11. A B2C interface for web users to assimilate, download and buy entertainment/infotainment based content on a shopping cart design An interactive interface for web users to access information on the latest developments in the entertainment world Web users to be able to access & post content as well as relate with the latest entertainment based Hollywood & Bollywood icons. Web users to be able to access the portal to purchase downloads of short popular music and entertainment/infotainment segments Web users to be able to register and buy legalized content for streaming/downloads to be able to view premium content B2C PORTAL
  12. 12. Based on regional demand and lack of Application of focus & interactivity delivered by TV Channels originating outside of the arena: South Asian channels for expats (they form the largest segment of the Expat population)  Arabic themed channels developed with an aim to cater to specific segments of Arab society Western Expat based channels LOW COST NICHE REGIONAL, CABLE DELIVERED LOCAL TV CHANNELS Focus on local regional issues, local entertainment, infotainment, audience participation of the audience. Cable affords the only true interactivity within the region (which in fact is totally unexploited). The project when successful, can be easily replicated in different Cities/regions
  13. 13. An internet based application partnered & supported by an award winning internet Tv box developed by Verismo Networks,silicon valley ,USA Subscribers can avail of memberships or ala- carte offerings online to view premium or millions of videos avaialble as free content on the web. Supported by powerful search engines the box pulls in Videos with minimum buffering time from across the web universe. The cutting edge technology takes the viewer into the future of content viewing on demand making ‘appointment television’ a thing of the past. Mediastream is the official distributor for this product for Middle East & Africa. *check out ONLINE CINEMA Video search Movies & TV content Personal Media Popular websites Live Tv channels
  14. 14. To be an optimised integrated digital AUDIO & VIDEO PRODUCTION & POST PRODUCTION hub catering to : 1. LIVE EVENT PRODUCTION 2. Television Commercials for Brand Activity 3. Television Identities, Stings, On Air Packaging and Presentation 4. IP TV platform based content 5. Re-purposing of content for airlines 6. Re-purposing for Mobile 3G & DVBH platforms 7. Corporate Films & Corporate identity based TV films 8. Still PHOTOGRAPHY – corporate & client portfolios for various industries 9. Sound & lighting design for events 10. AV equipment for corporate and music events 11. TV Features –[daily/weekly or monthly compilations based out of UAE & focused on the MENA region & produced out of Dubai]. a. News & business based shows b. TV Game shows c. Lifestyle & reality based shows. d. Documentaries e. Reality based shows VIDEO & AUDIO EXPERTISE
  15. 15. Clearly our focus is primarily based on the New Media business covering the realms of IPTV ,Mobile & other emerging technologies whilst servicing the conventional mediums which will, in our opinion, continue to operate simultaneously for quite some time due the volume of users to be migrated from conventional distribution mediums to New media applications and pipes over the coming years. OUR FOCUS IN THE COMING YEARS
  16. 16. Our Events Expertise Our collective event management /production spans over the last ten years in Dubai and India commencing with Lucky Ali Live in Dubai in the year 2000 to Zee Cine Awards in the year 2004 followed by Sa Re Ga Ma Pa & Antakshari in 2005-6 Bollywood In Dubai in 2007 as well as the Radio 1 LIVE In DUBAI featuring International stars Like Kelly Rowland, Karl Wolff and many others…..with Numerous smaller corporate &media based events included. This does not obvious include the additional expertise of our business partners which, if included will be an exhaustive list not to mention the least.