How to find a home workout program


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This Blog post contains suggestion on how to choose a Home Workout Program that is right for you. By following these suggestions you will be happier with your decision and therefore more likely to stick with the program you have chosen! Enjoy!

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How to find a home workout program

  1. 1. May 14th, 2013 Published by: rongage1How to choose a homeworkout program that isright for you!This Blog post contains suggestion on how to choosea Home Workout Program that is right for you. Byfollowing these suggestions you will be happier withyour decision and therefore more likely to stick with theprogram you have chosen! Enjoy!How to choose a HomeWorkout Program that is Rightfor You!Source: Ron Gage on May 14th, 2013How to choose a HomeWorkout Program that is Rightfor You!First let’s talk about the reasonsthat a home workout program maybe right for you.Benefits of A Home workoutprogram:• NO one will be watching you workout!• NO Expensive Gym Membership!• NO Embarrassing Classes!• NO Tasteless Diet Food!• NO Long Drives!• NO Getting UP Early!• No Putting on makeup or fixing your hair!• It’s More Fun!• It takes Less Time!• Start your workout when you want, not when the gymclasses are held!• It’s CHEAPER than going to the gym or doctor!• There are a greater variety of formats available than ingyms!• It’s Easy to workout according to your schedule, insteadof when the gym is open or not too crowded!•Some of the things that may bemotivating you to want to considera Home Workout Program:• Do you want to lose weight and get back the body youonce had?• Do you have some clothes that you “used to wear” thatyou want to fit into?• Do you want to feel and look better in time for a specialevent?• Do you want to improve your self image?• Do you feel like you don’t have time for yourself?• Do you want a step-by-step blueprint of how to achievea healthy weight?• Do you want to Tone and shape your body?
  2. 2. May 14th, 2013 Published by: rongage2• Do you want to get off of or reduce hypertensive and/orcholesterol medications you are taking?• Are you wanting to seriously take control of your Healthand Fitness?• Are you ready to take your Health and Fitness to the nextlevel?Things to consider as you choosea Home Workout Program   that isright for you:In order to be successful with your Home Workout Program,you should:1) First and foremost- determinewhat you want to accomplish:Your Goals.Lose weight/inches-Get Fit/healthier- To ne up/sculpt-Get offmeds- etc…Once you have determined your main Goal, make it personal.Ask yourself.What would it feel like to: (this is important to give yourself avisual picture of what you want in order to stay committed toyour goal)“Success is the outcome of thinking, visualizing,planning and taking action” author unknownLook younger? Have others comment, says you look great oryou’ve lost weight!Fit into a smaller size? Wear some of those clothes that havebeen just hanging in your closet for years, or be forced to buysome new clothes because the old ones are too big.Have a more active lifestyle? Join a recreational sports team,play and keep up with kids/grandkids or join a 5K for charity.Have your Doctor take you off a med?Be an example/inspiration to others?2) What’s your style? What type ofworkout do you preferPicking a Home Workout Program that fits your style,will increase your chances of success. Your will be more likelyto stick with it if you enjoy it.• Do you love Dance?• Do you love high intensitycardio?• Do you like Boot camp style workouts?• Do you enjoy kickboxing workouts?• Do you like Martial arts inspired workouts?• Do you prefer pilates/yoga/stretch (no impact)workouts?• Do you want a muscle building workout?• Do you like interval circuit training?• Do you want to work on your core strength?• Do you need a beginner, intermediate or advancedprogram?• Do you need to be able to workout with an Expressformat, due to your schedule?• Do you have some exercise equipment or do you need aprogram that has equipment?The better you determine this factors the greater chance thatyou will stick with your home workout program and thereforethe greater chance that you will achieve your goals!
  3. 3. May 14th, 2013 Published by: rongage33) Be willing to invest in yourself!“investing in yourself is the bestinvestment you will ever make. itwill not only improve your life, it willimprove the lives of all those aroundyou.” ,By this I don’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money,but don’t pick a program by it’s price. If the program you thinkyou will stick with and enjoy, cost a little more, look at it as aninvestment in yourself.After all you’re worth it and sticking to a home workoutprogram most likely will save you money in the long run, justthink of how much a doctor visit cost! Not to mention the valueof an increase in quality of life!4) Commit to workout with yourchosen program for at least 90days!This is where most of us fail. We start looking for resultstoo soon. Realize that the shape you’re in now may be theresult of years or decades of neglect. To expect an overnightturnaround is usually unrealistic, however from the day youstart your journey, your body is adjusting and preparing forbetter health. These adjustments usually come with some levelof discomfort. In fact if you are feeling no aches or pains,you might need to step it up or chose another program thatchallenges your body. Just remember that the aches and painsshould be limited to muscle not to joints or tendons. Consultyour physician if you feel you have an injury.5)Look for programs from Trainersthat are Nationally recognized asFitness leaders!Some of these are:• Tony Horton*• Chalene Johnson*• Shaun T*• Jillian Michaels• Les Mills*• Debbie Siebers*• Billy Blanks• Leandro Carvalho*• Donna Richardson Joyner** These trainer’s programs are available through a commoncompany offering multiple home workout programs includingthese and various other trainers.6) Demand that the program youchose comes not only with DVD’s,but with a complete fitness plan.representative example of a Home Workout Program thatincludes: workout DVD’s- program guide-nutritional guide aswell as some equipment.( including a step by step program guide and a nutritionalguide )Having supporting information will make the Program easierto follow as well as more valuable to you as you work throughit. Another aspect that should be included with all programsis support. Not just customer/tech support but support fromthe creators of the programs or other individuals who have aworking knowledge of the program and are available to answeryour questions and concerns.With the access to the internet that we enjoy these days, thebetter programs offer large amounts of information, supportand encouragement online. Some offer customized meal plans,access to chat and message boards, online videos, workouttracking and even a virtual coach to work with. (virtual coachesare supportive individuals on a similar journey that haveused and have access to specific information and training.They are assigned to purchasers of the programs to offersupport,encouragement and accountability, using email andother social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Youtube and so forth to communicate with clients.)
  4. 4. May 14th, 2013 Published by: rongage47) Look for SatisfactionGuarantees:Just in case you order a program that does not deliver whatyou expected or the product has a defective DVD, top providersof home workout programs usually offer 30 day satisfactionguarantees on their programs and other items they sell.(supplements, equipment, health snacks and protein shakes,etc..)Bottom line, choosing the right HomeWorkout program is all about you, yourgoals, your style, your commitment leveland your journey to a Healthier you!about the author: This is a Guest Blog by Ruthie GageRuthie is a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer and F.N.S.(fitness nutrition specialist) and virtual fitness coach.Currently living on the Emerald Coast of Florida providingVirtual Health and Fitness coaching to clients throughout theU.S. and Canada as an independent BeachBody Coach. Youcan find herblog at or connect with her on facebookHere.To compare Home Workout programs offered by BeachbodyClick Here!