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Girls, Multilevel Marketing Companies, And High Tech Toilet Paper
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Girls, Multilevel Marketing Companies, And High Tech Toilet Paper

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"Are You Searching For a Simple Way To Make Money?" - http://multilevelmarketing.ronaldgabbypatterson.com

"Are You Searching For a Simple Way To Make Money?" - http://multilevelmarketing.ronaldgabbypatterson.com

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  • 1. ==== ===="Are You Searching For a Simple Way To Make Money?"http://multilevelmarketing.ronaldgabbypatterson.com==== ====A few weeks ago days ago, I saw a friend I havent seen for a while in a Starbucks coffee shop.Since it looked like she might have been on a date...and because I was running late for work, Ididnt say hi, but instead decided to email her later on to ask about her "hot date". The next day, Iget this email from her. It went something like this:"Keith, we need to talk! Call me if I dont call you first!"I thought, "great, shes ticked off because I said hot date". I really didnt mean it in a bad way...We talked later that night, and it turned out she wasnt mad at me at all. In fact, she said she hadbeen thinking of me, and didnt mean anything by the way her email came across. I thought it wasreally cool that she had been thinking about me, after all, shes a really neat girl.But then the unthinkable happened. She dropped the "MLM" bomb. She had been thinking aboutme because she wanted to know if I was interested in joining her multilevel marketing company.Noooooooooooooooooooo!The funny thing is that the LAST time we hadnt talked for a while, she wanted to talk to me aboutjoining her multilevel marketing company as well. So, here is a nice girl who I hardly ever hearfrom...who I only get to talk to when it involves joining her multilevel marketing company.Now, aside from the fact this girl only seems to want to talk to me when it involves joining hermultilevel marketing company, the interesting part about this story is that the two MLM bombs shedropped on me were two different multilevel marketing companies, both of which, of course, werethe best thing since sliced bread. If you are not familiar with what happens when someone wantsyou to join their multilevel marketing company, it goes something like this:To get people interested, you frequently have to bug your friends and family to try to get them tojoin the multilevel marketing company. You usually have to ask people to go to a hotel to watchsome millionaire "guru" speak, who can solve all of your problems, except, of course, the problemthat deals with why nice girls only talk to you when they want you to join their multilevel marketingcompanies.Like all multilevel marketing companies, you discover that this millionaire multilevel marketingcompany guru speaking at the hotel won the Nobel Peace Prize for inventing the worlds mostadvanced toilet paper, which when used at night, cures cancer. You find out that you can get rich ifyou pay something like $200 to start selling this really advanced toilet paper, and of course themultilevel marketing company doesnt make a dime off of the $200 you spend to join thecompany...
  • 2. So you decide to join the multilevel marketing company and all of the sudden you are out $200,which you had to borrow from your fathers sisters friends roommate. What do you get for your$200? You get a really nice welcome packet of high tech toilet paper, which is hand crafted in theHimalayas, and sells for $49.99 a roll.Does this sound far fetched? Well, actually its not. The first multilevel marketing company myfriend joined cost her about $149 to join. The second one cost close to $500 to join. I wanted to besupportive of her in both cases, so instead of going to the hotel meetings to watch the MLM "guru"speak, I thought that perhaps I could purchase one of her products.It didnt work out the way I had hoped. In the first case, I didnt want to pay something like $15 forthe worlds best shaving cream, and in the second case, I didnt want to pay $4 a day for theworlds most high tech vitamin (yes, the vitamin really does cost $4 a day!).So where am I going with all of this? The reason I stay away from multilevel marketing companiesis because people usually dont want to be bothered with a sales pitch to get started with anmultilevel marketing program they have never heard of, nor do they want to fork out huge amountsof cash for over priced products you can get at the local grocery store for 75% less.Just how do multilevel marketing companies make their money, anyway? Well, if you can getsomeone to spend $500 to join the multilevel marketing company, which most people will fail at,then you dont need to sell a single $120 bottle of vitamins to consumers, because you havealready made a ton of cash from the sign up fees. In fact, at $500 a sign up, the multilevelmarketing company will make $5,000 for every 10 people who sign up, and $50,000 for every 100people who sign up without making a single sale to the consumer. Multiply that times who knowshow many conferences are going on in who knows how many cities, and you can see howprofitable MLMs can be for the "guru" who owns the company.Do some people "make it" with multilevel marketing companies? Sure. They probably dont haveany friends left, but some people do "make it". I sincerely hope that my friend who joined the twomultilevel marketing companies "makes it" (I really do), and I hope that people line up to purchaseher $4 a day vitamin...and definitely hope she wont lose any friends as a result. And of course, Ihope I can have a conversation with her again which does not involve talking about her multilevelmarketing company. Miracles do happen, and God can cause nice girls to talk to you for reasonsthat dont involve becoming a member of their multilevel marketing companies...Having said all of this, there is an alternative to multilevel marketing companies if you want to earnextra money. Many people earn money online as affiliates through "internet marketing", whichdoes not require you to bug your friends and family to join. Ebay.com, Walmart.com, andAmazon,com are just a few of the many companies which have affiliate programs, and all will payyou a commission for any sales generated through your affiliate link.The great thing about affiliate programs is that you dont have to go to any hotels to watch some"guru" speak to get started. Since you are promoting digital products or referring consumers tocompany websites, you dont have to keep stockpiles of overpriced inventory no one wants. Lastbut not least, your success isnt dependent on signing other people up under you, since thecommissions you generate are high enough for you to earn a living on your own. For example, I
  • 3. know of a weight loss ebook you can promote, which sells online for $39.99, and your commissionis 50% of purchase price, minus a small transaction fee (your commission after the fee is about$18.33). So, sell 5 of these weight loss ebooks a day from your website, and you will earn justunder $100.00.So, after you have made some money from affiliate programs, the next time you get a call from areally nice girl you havent heard from in four months since the last time she told you about hermultilevel marketing company, you can decline the invitation to watch a speech by an MLM guruwho invented toilet paper which cures cancer, and instead you can take her out to Starbucks.If you would like to learn more about how to make money online with affiliate programs, pleasevisit http://WealthyAffiliateReview.netArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Keith_Riffle==== ===="Are You Searching For a Simple Way To Make Money?"http://multilevelmarketing.ronaldgabbypatterson.com==== ====