Mark Cowan - Building Your Country Through Facebook ( ro:newmedia )
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Mark Cowan - Building Your Country Through Facebook ( ro:newmedia )



Mark Cowan - Building Your Country Through Facebook ( ro:newmedia )

Mark Cowan - Building Your Country Through Facebook ( ro:newmedia )



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Mark Cowan - Building Your Country Through Facebook ( ro:newmedia ) Mark Cowan - Building Your Country Through Facebook ( ro:newmedia ) Presentation Transcript

  • Building YourCountryThrough Facebook
    Mark Cowan – Head of Emerging Markets, EMEA
    October 2010
  • Our Sales Vision
    We’re Here To Reinvent HowCountriesand Consumers Relate To Each Other
  • Your next McBurger
    Imagine if….
    you could
    tap into
    26m people
    to crowd-source
  • to suggest
    you could ask
    McDonald’s next
    16m people
    What if …
    50 locations..
  • Top votes near: Edinburgh
  • Imagine if.. all your fans
    could try your full range
    before they buy on Facebook
  • Hi Shelly, get the look with
    Try L’Oreal
  • Imagine if..
    L’Oreal could unite
    4.7m 18-35yo women
    in the MENA to form
    the number 1
    beauty community
    on Facebook
  • Hair
    • Stubborn Kinks
    • Frizz
    • Weak roots
  • Where an effective
    focus group…
    … can be the size of a country
  • Where your
    your next
  • Where your friends
    come shopping
    with you…
    Even when
    you are
  • Where you can create social experiences that break world records…
  • Where you engage with people in ways you would have never thought…
  • …and innovation is a constant
    thevirtual economy will be worth $10bn in 2010.
  • YourAudiencewithinFacebook
  • A snapshot of potential countries
  • Total Potential Audience
  • Total Audience Returning Daily
  • Total 18-25 Year Olds
  • Total “In a Relationship, Engaged, Married”
  • Total with “travel, traveling, travelling, outdoors, walking, nature, camping, camping with family, great outdoors, forests, city breaks, holidays, going away, going for walks, culture, different cultures, campfires, travel channel or nature conservancy in their profile”
  • A Powerful Proposition
    Bought, Owned and Earned Media
  • 200M
    monthly active users
    mobile users
  • Identity is core: Real People Sharing
  • Unique Marketing
    Ads, Apps, Pages, Platform
    Social plug-ins
    Organic Distribution
    Engagement ads
  • Engagement
    Social Graph and Authentic Connections – Ads and Pages
  • Source: Brand Republic, Mar 2010
  • An example
  • Social Relevance
  • Social content already on Facebook
  • Like
    Engagement Ads: Brand Marketing
    Users engage with ads the same way they interact with content
    make room in ads
  • Reach Block Value Proposition
    Use any Ad format including Engagement Ads
    • impressions guaranteed Mon-Thu
    • impressions guaranteed Fri-Sun
    • Estimated 3m unique users
    • First 5 imps. of every user over 24 hours
    • Targeting adult audience or 18+
    Become the primary advertiser over 24 hours on Facebook’s highly trafficked Homepage reaching a potential 1.5m+ audience
    *Delivery & cost subject to market fluctuations and agency pricing structures respectively
  • Rotate series of creatives
    Build compelling marketing journeys over 24 hours
    First 2 Impressions
    3rd Impressions
    Cobra beer used multiple ads to engage with users. Frequency capped to 5 per user
    4th & 5th Impressions
  • Like Premium Ad
    1. Click the Like button to connect with the brand
    2. You are now connected
  • Video Comment Premium Ad
    I love Virgin America!
    1. Click thumbnail to play video
    2. Background dims and video plays in center of screen. Fan Page or “like” video during play.
    3. At the end, click to brand Page or share video with friends
    4. Comment on video for friends to see
  • Event Premium Ad
    3. Add personal message
    1. RSVP to event
    2. Invite friends
  • Poll Engagement Ad
    3. See your friends’ results
    1. Respond to poll
    2. See results
  • 1.7x Ad Recall
    2x Message Awareness
    4x Purchase Intent
    Consumers Engage Each Other
  • Ads with social context increase the value of media. On average we see a 68% increase in brand lift and 25% lift in action rate
  • Social in Newsfeeds
  • 4.5x Action rate for organics vs. paid impressions
  • Facebook Pages
    For many marketers, their Facebook fan bases have become their largest web presence, outstripping brand sites
  • Engage a Community and Publish
    From 100 to 7m Connections
  • 6.9xaction rate on publishing vs ads
  • A central ‘Hub’ for brands
    Facebook Pages as ‘Hubs’ to drive brand metrics
    FRANK website
    Key Events
    Facebook Ads
    User generated content
    TV campaign
    Press campaign
    Portal activity
  • Understand
    Brand Initiative
    Create a Conversational Calendar: “Always On”
    Social Media Activity
    Get Britain Playing: Grass Roots Football
    Phase 3: World Cup: Tacticals around England Games
    Phase 1: Football TV Ad, Fan TV Ad recruitment + competition to win training Camp places and appear in video
    Phase 2: Status update and Profile pic donations, Elf yourself and John Barnes Rap
    Become A fan and
    Reachblock on St Georges Day
    Become a fan ads, polling, video commenting around England games. Reachblocks on key dates
    Become a Fan only
    Messaging to include competition
    Series of Event ads to promote Football games offline
    Promote Competitions via page, host TV spots and supporters video on page
    Implement Status update and Profile Pic App to page and promote
    Tactical Status Updates on England games
    Get Britain Playing: Grass Roots Football: Offline Events, Groups and Teams to congregate on Mars Page
    Updates based on World Cup content, live chats, John Barnes, Games etc
    Page Content
    Page Insights to establish targeting
    Ad Effectiveness Study
    End of Year Ad Effectiveness Study?
    Ad Effectiveness Study on Tier 2 only
    Page Insights and pulse
    Page Insights and pulse for Phase 3 campaign targeting
  • Targeted Wall Posting has launched
    Target your Wall Post by country & language
  • Gain insights: Pages
  • Post Interactions
    Impressions and feedback rate of published content on a dashboard.
  • Measuringyoursuccess
  • Measurement Platform
    Critical to proof and ongoing development of our program is an effective measurement platform. 
    Tracking through the Facebook platform provides considerable advantages in level of information, but we will place elements on partner sites.
    Facebook Connect
    Affiliate Program tags
    Ad serving tags from landing page to checkout
  • Measurement Platform
    These will be effective independently or combined, but will need to be implemented across each partner site.
    We have applied setups of this structure in a number of instances, with information so far this should be a standard implementation.
  • SuccessStories
  • AirAsia – Global
  • AirAsia – Global
  • AirAsia - Local
  • Spain
  • Spain - Application
  • Spain - content
  • Summary
  • Things to stay away from
  • What to focus on
  • Guiding principles…
  • Questions?