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Power point I made for my student to inspire them during Women Artist Month

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Women Artist

  1. 2. Louise Nevelson was one of the most famous American artists of the late 20th century. Louise Nevelson"s monumental outdoor sculptures, painted wooden assemblages of boxes filled with found objects, multiple editions, etchings, and cast-paper prints all reflected a personal vision which Louise Nevelson identified as emanating from her ability to see in the fourth dimension. Louise Nevelson
  2. 5. LOUISE NEVELSON Louise Nevelson is one of America's foremost artists.   Born in 1899 in Kiev, Russia, she moved with her family to the United States in 1905 to Rockland, Maine.  Marriage in 1920 brought her to New York City where she remained until her death in 1988.  Nevelson predominantly created black sculptures of assembled wood objects that transcended space and transformed the viewer.  A pioneering grand dame of the art world, Nevelson's iconic persona was characterized by wearing a skilled mixing and matching of ethnic clothing and accessories, topped with black velvet riding hat and ten layers of mink eyelashes.  In addition to receiving numerous honorary doctorates (Harvard and Columbia Universities) and awards (American Academy of Arts and Letters), a series of five postage stamps were issued by the United States Post Office in 2000 to commemorate her contribution to art history.  Her works can be found in major museums and esteemed private collections worldwide.  Nevelson predominantly created black
  3. 6. Louise Nevelson's Rain Garden II is an excellent example of her assemblages usually made out of wood painted black, and consisting of intricate forms often grouped within box-like frames.
  4. 7.                                                                         Louise Nevelson... Louise Nevelson's Rain Garden II is an excellent example of her assemblages usually made out of wood painted black, and consisting of intricate forms often grouped within box-like frames. Born in Kiev, Russia; came to the United States in 1905. Studied at Art Students League, New York, and under Hans Hoffman, Munich. Honorary D.F.A, Western College for Women, and Smith College. Awards: Grand Prize, Art U.S.A., N.Y., 1959; Logan Prize, Chicago, 1960; Tamarind Fellowship, 1963, 1967; Creative Arts Award in Sculpture, Brandeis University., 1971; American Institute of Architects Award, 1977. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada
  5. 8. Abstract art, nonobjective art and nonrepresentational art, are loosely related terms. Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be only slight, or it can be partial, or it can be complete. Abstraction exists along a continuum. Even art that aims for verisimilitude of the highest degree can be said to be abstract, at least theoretically, since perfect representation is likely to be exceedingly elusive. Artwork which takes liberties, altering for instance color and form in ways that are conspicuous, can be said to be partially abstract. Total abstraction bears no trace of any reference to anything recognizable.           a bstraction and abstract art - Imagery which departs from representational accuracy, to a variable range of possible degrees, for some reason other than verisimilitude . Abstract artists select and then exaggerate or simplify the forms suggested by the world around them .
  6. 9. abstract art
  7. 10.                                                                              From – DAWN’S WEDDING FEAST, 1959. Louise Nevelson
  8. 11. Painted woods – ROYAL TIDE I, 1960 & WHITE VERTICAL WATER, 1972.
  9. 12. Louise Nevelson, "Night Presence IV," 1973
  10. 13. "Art was all that mattered to me, at all times, right from the very beginning." Louise Nevelson. (American, 1899-1988). Sky Cathedral . 1958. Painted wood, 11' 3 1/2" x 10' 1/4" x 18" (343.9 x 305.4 x 45.7 cm). Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mildwoff. © 2009 Estate of Louise Nevelson / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
  11. 14.                                                                                                                from Auction House Records. Dark Presence III © 2001 Estate of Louise Nevelson /Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Creator of wood assemblages made from found objects and parts of furniture doused in black paint, Louise Nevelson became the darling of the New York art world, especially during the last three decades of her life when her success was assured.  She cultivated an artistic image, was thin and draped clothes haphazardly on her figure, smoked small cigars, and wore exceedingly long, fake eyelashes.
  12. 15. Philadelphia Museum of Art Statue of Atmosphere and Environment XII Louise Nevelson, 1974
  13. 17. Night Leaf Louise Nevelson Plexiglas, 1969 Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of the Woodward Foundation "From earliest childhood, I knew I was going to be an artist. I felt like an artist." By age nine Louise Nevelson knew that she wanted to be a sculptor. She achieved her goal, eventually becoming an international figure in contemporary art. She is best known for works that stand against a wall and are made up of boxes filled with various wood fragments, then painted black. This type of work began in the 1940s, when Nevelson began collecting wood objects and putting them together in unusual and innovative ways. In 1957, a box of liquor she received for Christmas, with its interior partitions, gave her the idea to put her assemblages into boxes. When her studio became too crowded, she stacked the boxes on top of one another and noticed that this space-saving technique had created a new form of sculpture.
  14. 18. Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects. Louise Nevelson . Nevelson (1899 - 1988), an American artist, is known for her abstract expressionist “boxes” grouped together to form a new creation. She used found objects or everyday discarded things in her “assemblages” or assemblies, one of which was three stories high.
  15. 19. r elief sculpture - A type of sculpture in which form projects from a background . There are three degrees or types of relief: high, low, and sunken. In high relief , the forms stand far out from the background. In low relief (best known as bas-relief ), they are shallow. In sunken relief, also called hollow or intaglio ; the backgrounds are not cut back and the points in highest relief are level with the original surface of the material being carved .
  16. 20. A relief is a sculptured artwork where a modelled form is raised, or in sunken-relief lowered, from a flatish background plane without being disconnected from it. It is therefore not free-standing or in the round, but has a background from which the main elements of the composition project (or sink). Reliefs are common throughout the world, for example on the walls of monumental buildings. The frieze in the classical Corinthian order is often enriched with bas-relief (low relief). Alto-relievo (high-relief) may been seen in the pediments of classical temples, e.g., the Parthenon . Several panels or sections of relief together may represent a sequence of scenes. relief
  17. 23. Louise Nevelson , artist American, 1900 - 1988 Inner View , 1965 Color lithograph with collage
  18. 27. Tribute to Louise Nevelson By Artist Brad Frost
  19. 28.           c ollage - A picture or design created by adhering such basically flat elements as newspaper, wallpaper , printed text and illustrations , photographs , cloth, string, etc., to a flat surface , when the result becomes three-dimensional , and might also be called a relief sculpture / construction   / assemblage . Most of the elements adhered in producing most collages are " found " materials. Introduced by the Cubist artists, this process was widely used by artists who followed, and is a familiar technique in contemporary art . "Collage" was originally a French word, derived from the word coller , meaning "to paste."
  20. 29. Composition for the UNESCO Portfolio . (Baro 105). Original color intaglio and stencil, 1970. 75 signed and numbered impressions plus 25 artist's proofs. Printed in Rome at Atelier 2RC on handmade Japanese paper. This is one of Nevelson's most elegant and desirable prints . Image size: 632x457mm. Price: $4350.
  21. 30. Untitled . Original screenprint, c. 1980. 150 signed and numbered impressions on Arches paper (of which this is n. 54/150). Image size: 900x628mm. Price: $2850. Louise Nevelson (American, 1899-1988)
  22. 31. Louise Nevelson Untitled, 1985 Cast paper print Paper Size: 14 x 14 1/4 inches Edition of 250
  23. 33. Louise Nevelson. (American, 1899-1988). Moon Passage . 1976. Lithograph, etching, aquatint and embossing with collage additions, plate: 6 15/16 x 7 5/16" (17.6 x 18.6 cm); sheet: 18 7/16 x 15 7/8" (46.8 x 40.3 cm). Gift of Edgar B. Howard (through the Associates of the Department of Prints and Illustrated Books). © 2009 Estate of Louise Nevelson / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
  24. 34. Louise Nevelson , artist American, 1900 - 1988 Sunken Cathedral , 1953 - 1955 etching and drypointon Japan paper 52.7 x 35.6 cm
  25. 35. Louise Nevelson , artist American, 1900 - 1988 Dawnscape , 1978 Cast paper pulp
  26. 36. Louise Nevelson , artist American, 1900 - 1988 Cat , 1965 Etching and aquatint on Rives BFK paper 45 x 29.5 cm (image); 76 x 56 cm (sheet
  27. 37.                     Born  1930,  Paris (Venezuelan parents),  France Marisol Escobar
  28. 38. ( b Paris, 22 May 1930). French sculptor of Venezuelan descent. After studying painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris (1949) and then at the Art Students League (1950) and the Hans Hofmann School (1951-4) in New York, she developed an interest in Mexican, Pre-Columbian and American folk art and turned her attention to sculpture. In her early work she fashioned small, animated figurines out of bronze, terracotta and wood, often placing these pieces in compartmentalized, glass-fronted boxes, for example Printer's Box (1958; Mr and Mrs Edwin A. Bergman priv. col., see 1966 exh. cat., no. 4). In 1961 she began to incorporate drawing, painting, and objets trouv?s into complex, life-size figure arrangements. Cast fragments of her own body and images of her face frequently appear in her works from this decade, many of which address the position of women in modern society. Women and Dog (1964; New York, Whitney) depicts a group of fashionable middle-class housewives parading in public wearing blank, masklike expressions; other works depict farm women and socialites in similarly constrained poses.
  29. 39. wood, enamel, plaster, sunglasses, acrylic, plexiglas, graphite and black and white photo   Medium Women sitting on a mirror   Title Marisol Escobar   Artist
  30. 40.                                                                           0 x 0 in. / 0 x 0 cm.   Size mixed media assemblage with painted wood, cloth, plastic, shoes, jewelry, mirror and tv set   Medium The cocktail party (in 15 parts)   Title Marisol Escobar   Artist      
  31. 43. Beautiful and Bizarre Acrylic Sculpture by Escobar Marisol USA 1960's Fantastical surreal work by Escobar Marisol. A curved block of aqua blue acrylic is impressed with a likelike visage of a human headed fish swallowing a second fish. Incredible detailing, otherworldly relief molding catches light to great effect. Signed by the artist and numbered 28/75.
  32. 44. Check out 5th grade Art Club and their awesome Marisol Escobar 3-D Sculptures!
  33. 45. Marisol Escobar (Venezuelan Sculptor, Born 1930) Marisol Escobar  Venezuelan Sculptor, Born 1930. From the permanent collection of Art Museum of the Amesssricas. Site has a biography, writing by the artist, sculptures and works on paper. (Look up past exhibits - artists)
  34. 52. First Grade Students in Mrs. Noe’s Art Studio Celebrated Women Artist. They Created these Place Settings Inspired by the Artist Judy Chicago.
  35. 58. Grandma Moses... Grandma Moses' colorful and lively "Early Sugaring Off", with its sprinkling of glitter to add a sparkle to the snow, is a prime example of American Primitive art. Born Anna Mary Robertson in Washington County, New York. Having never had an art lesson, at age 76 she began painting simple, but realistic scenes of rural life. She had her first one-woman show at age 80 and painted 25 pictures in the year after her 100th birthday. Critics have praised her work for its freshness, innocence, and humanity.
  36. 60. Abstract Surrealist painter Dorothy Hood, was born in Bryan, Texas in 1919, and her life and work embraced much of the 20th Century in Mexico and the United States where she was regarded as a pioneer because of her exceptional use of color and daring techniques. She was a prolific painter who created many large-scale canvases washed with intense colors. Other mediums for her were ink drawing, printing and collages. Hood traveled to Mexico in 1941 after studies at the Rhode Island School
  37. 61. Lee Krasner "Bird Talk," by Lee Krasner, oil, paper and canvas collage on cotton duck, 58 by 56 inches, 1955,
  38. 62. Lee Krasner                                         AKA Lena Krassner Born: 27-Oct - 1908 Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY Died: 19-Jun - 1984 Location of death: New York City Cause of death: unspecified Gender: Female Religion: Jewish Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Painter Nationality: United States Executive summary: Abstract expressionist
  39. 63. > I think, if one is a painter, all you experience does come out when you’re painting. > I like a canvas to breathe and be alive. Be alive is the point. And, as the limitations are something called pigment and canvas, let's see if I can do it. > I like to surprise myself. I have to be interested in what I’m doing. Surprise, for me, is as important as it is to anyone that views it once it becomes a painting.
  40. 64.                              A bstract Expressionism or abstract expressionism - A painting movement in which artists typically applied paint rapidly, and with force to their huge canvases in an effort to show feelings and emotions, painting gesturally , non- geometrically , sometimes applying paint with large brushes, sometimes dripping or even throwing it onto canvas. Their work is characterized by a strong dependence on what appears to be accident and chance, but which is actually highly planned. Some Abstract Expressionist artists were concerned with adopting a peaceful and mystical approach to a purely abstract image . Usually there was no effort to represent subject matter. Not all work was abstract , nor was all work expressive , but it was generally believed that the spontaneity of the artists' approach to their work would draw from and release the creativity of their unconscious minds. The expressive method of painting was often considered as important as the painting itself.
  41. 70. Lotus . Col. Particular. Nueva York. 1972.
  42. 71. "Jungle Green," by Lee Krasner, oil and collage on canvas, 82 ¾ by 39 inches, 1955,
  43. 72. "Shooting Gold," by Lee Krasner, oil, paper, and burlap collage on canvas, 82 ¼ by 58 ½ inches
  44. 73. "Black, White and Pink Collage," by Lee Krasner, ink and collage on paper, 23 by 29 inches, 1958-74,
  45. 74.                                                                                                                  "Rising Green," by Lee Krasner, oil on canvas, 82 by 69 inches "City Verticals",
  46. 76.                                                                                             hanging "Mysteries," by Lee Krasner, in City Council Speaker .
  47. 77.                              "Abstract Human Figure," Lee Krasner, 1938. Collage and oil on paper
  48. 78. Bird Talk," Lee Krasner beaks feathers wings orange triangles curved black flight motion
  50. 82. Georgia O'Keeffe's consistent use of circular forms during the more than seven decades she was active as an artist. It demonstrates aspects of the ways in which she turned to this motif as a means of abstraction as well as how her approach differs from the strategies of many of her peers, especially those whose abstractions were cubist-based. Using the circle and its kin, the ellipse, the oval, and the arcing line, O'Keeffe explored the shifting terrain between abstraction and representation to create a new and highly personal imagery.
  51. 83. First Grade Artist Inspired by Groundbreaking Modernist Painter Georgia O'Keeffe and her watercolor painting" Evening Star, No. III” made their own abstract sky watercolor paintings in Mrs. Noe’s Art Studio
  52. 84. American, 1887-1986). Red Hills, Lake George, 1927
  53. 85. <ul><li>Education 2002 Antonietta di Pietra double indirect mosaics 2002-2004 Gina Hubler, Design Impact indirect mosaics wall murals/kitchen backsplashes micro mosaics portraiture 2005 Emma Biggs design & color workshop 2006 Steve Aimone, composition and design workshop Orsoni Master in Mosaic, Venice, Italy 207 Steve Aimone, intensive design and composition workshop J uried gallery shows Atelier Feyerbend-Hubler; 'The Dancer', February 2, 2007 through March 2, 2007, Miami, Florida Mosaic Arts International 2007, 'Principessa di Venezia', March 20, 2007 through April 29, 2007, Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona An Ancient Language A Modern Translation, 'Principessa di Venezia' and 'Sister's of Another Mother', October 3, 2007 through November 16, 2007, Granville Arts Center, Garlend, Texas </li></ul><ul><li>Publications and Media Mosaic Yearbook 2006, Bill Buckingham and Lynn Moor Mosaic Yearbook 2007, Bill Buckingham and Lynn Moor An Ancient Language A Modern Translation, 2007,Tesserae Mosaic Studios Inc Epilepsy Foundation Gala Auction 2007, 'The Butterfly', Miami, Florida Epilepsy Foundation Gala invitation and posters: 'Roses from the Heart' 2006 Mosaic Yearbook 2005, by Bill Buckingham and Lynn Moor HGTV: Featured artist on 'That's Clever' 2005 Miami Herald, featured artist, ‘chicken familia’ 2004 TesseraeTimes, featured artist, ‘tropical girl’ 2003 The Art of Mosaic Design, by JoAnn Locktov, 'chicken familia' featured 2005 Sum of All Parts, ' Principessa di Venezia' , November 4, 2007 through January 8, 2007, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, Oregon </li></ul><ul><li>Professional Affiliations Society of American Mosaic Artists Mosaic Artists Organization MosaicFineArts </li></ul><ul><li>Juried Gallery Shows and Exhibitions Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory, 'African Queen' Sept 1 through Oct 3, 2004 Alexandria, Virginia Atelier Feyerbend-Hubler, 'African Queen', 'Life is a Beach', 'Girl with a Bird' Dec 3, 2004 through Jan 11, 2005 Miami, Florida Atelier Feyerbend-Hubler; 'Sisters of Another Mother' and 'Copperhead' Dec 4, 2005 thru Jan 15, 2006 Lit exhibition 2006, 'Sisters of Another Mother' </li></ul>JACKI GRAN MOSAICS
  54. 86.                   m osaic - A picture or design made of tiny pieces (called tesserae ) of colored stone , glass , tile or paper adhered to a surface . It is typically decorative work for walls, vaults , ceilings or floors, the tesserae set in plaster or concrete .
  55. 87.                                                    Mosaic Artist - Jacki Gran (USA)
  56. 88. Contemporary Mosaic Art fabulous new work of mosaic art by Artist Jacki Gran .
  57. 91. Lauri Richardson Compelled to make art, speaking as a naturalist, I had been creating mosaic sculptures depicting survival mechanisms. Natural defenses are strategies that I believe humans share with other members of the animal world, which I was illustrating through several projects.
  58. 93. Mosaic is a medium that suits my profile—various pieces ultimately coming together. With a degree in biology and fine arts, an M.A. in environmental studies, and certification in elementary education— my occupation is graphic design and my passion is mosaic.
  59. 94. I am interested in why we humans act the way we do when we feel threatened. Looking at the rest of the animal kingdom, I recognize strategies which symbolize human responses to fear. Camouflage enables the rattlesnake to blend into its surroundings.
  60. 100. To my dinner party I would invite __________