Class contract & introduction 2013/2014 - calc ab


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Class contract & introduction 2013/2014 - calc ab

  1. 1. Mr. Eick Room A206 AP Calculus AB Please place your summer work in the bin on my desk. Thank you.
  2. 2. Math History Mr. Eick (say as IKE)
  3. 3. Where I live Map of Suisun City CA, retrieved on Aug 21, 2011 from website Suisun City ACHS
  4. 4. My Doggies
  5. 5. My Doggies
  6. 6. Art Work
  7. 7. Halloween Costumes
  8. 8. What will we be doing this year?
  9. 9. Goals 1. To achieve a college-level knowledge of calculus. 2. To use graphing calculator technology to solve Calculus problems. 3. To apply Calculus to solve real-world problems. 4. To obtain a passing score on the AP Calculus Exam.
  10. 10. • 70% Math Content & Critical Thinking (Tests & Quizzes) • 15% Professionalism (Homework & Projects) • 5 % Written Communication • 5% Oral Communication (Group & Individual Presentations) • 5% Collaboration (Class Discussions & Group Participation) Grading
  11. 11. Fall Semester I. Functions, Graphs and Limits II. Derivatives Formal definition, formulas, applications and theorems III. Integrals Indefinite & Definite integrals, Riemann Sums, The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  12. 12. Spring Semester I. Logarithmic Functions, and Inverse Trigonometric Functions II. Applications of Integration - Area between 2 curves, and Volume of solid of revolution. III. Differential Equations – Slope Fields, and Particular solutions IV. Review (3-4 weeks) V. AP Test & Other topics/ projects
  13. 13. Textbooks / Resources 1. School-issued TEXTBOOK: Larson, Edwards: Calculus - 9th edition. 3. Various other resources: Websites, Worksheets, Videos, Other Math-related books 2. Recommended materials (You must purchase on your own): a. Barron’s AP Calculus Book $29.99 b. Barron’s AP Calculus Flashcards $18.99
  14. 14. What you will need to bring every day.. 1. Notebook - Spiral notebook is best. - For notes, homework, and warm ups. 2. TI-83 graphing calculator - Or similar. 3. Pencils - I do not accept work in INK Suggested (not required) – Textbook -- Graph Paper
  15. 15. • Class Rules • Procedures
  16. 16. RULES
  17. 17. Following The Rules will result in . . • Verbal acknowledgement • A stress-free learning environment • A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere
  18. 18. Rule # 1 If you are not present after the bell has rung, you will be marked tardy. Be in your assigned seat and begin working on the warm up activity as soon as class begins.
  19. 19. Rule # 2 • Remain in your assigned seat unless permission is given by the teacher.
  20. 20. • Bring your notebook, pencils, calculator , and any other required materials to school each day. Rule # 3
  21. 21. Rule # 4 • Laptops, Cell phones, MP3 players, and other electronic devices are to be turned off and put away – except when permission is given.• Devices used during class will be confiscated.
  22. 22. Rule # 5 • Respect the school property and property of others. • Treat each person in this room with dignity and respect. • When someone is speaking (especially the teacher) we are all quiet and listening.
  23. 23. Rule # 6 Follow all rules, procedures and policies outlined in the ACHS and Napa Valley Unified District handbooks. Includes: Tardiness, hats, profanity, dress code etc.
  24. 24. Special Guideline Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please respect the No Whining” Rule this semester.
  25. 25. Reminder # 2 - Action Plan Form Reminder Warning - Parental contact / conference Disciplinary Action - Saturday School, Friday detention, etc.. 1 2 3 4 choose
  26. 26. Action Plan Form 1. What is the problem? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ _______________ 2. What are the factors causing the problem? (Please list all of the factors- and be specific) ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _______________ 3. What plan will you use to solve the problem? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Date: _____________________ Student Signature: __________________________________________________ Teacher Signature: ________________________
  27. 27. PROCEDURES
  28. 28. Entering the Room • Please enter quietly. • Take your seat. • Take out your notebook. • Begin the warm up assignment.
  29. 29. Algebra 2 Warm up 2.21.13 1. Find the sum of each series: a. b. 5 1 13 k k 4 1 62 n n
  30. 30. The Lame Joke of the day.. What happens when you get a bladder infection? And now it’s time for.. Urine Trouble.
  31. 31. When you are tardy . . . Enter quietly! Excused: Place excuse on my desk Unexcused: Apologize to class Find your seat and begin working
  32. 32. Dismissal • The teacher dismisses you, not the clock. Leaving early, or lining up inside or the classroom before dismissal is unacceptable. • Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with: “Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow- Have a nice day.” • Pick up all of your belongings and put all trash in the proper place (i.e. not the floor)
  33. 33. Getting your Attention When I want to get your attention, I will: 1. Ring my bell Or 2. I will raise my hand and say “Class, may I have your attention please.” •Please stop whatever you are doing, quiet down, and face me. •When everyone is quiet, I will begin speaking.
  34. 34. Getting My Attention When YOU want to get MY attention: •Raise your hand •Please wait for me to call on you, unless it is an emergency.
  35. 35. Bathroom •Bathroom use is not allowed during the first 10 minutes AND the last 10 minutes of class! •Only ONE Male and ONE Female at a time. •Sign your name and the time you leave on the sign-out sheet. •When you return, I will write the time on the log •Raise your hand, and ask for permission.
  36. 36. When you are absent •Check the Agenda in Echo for the days you were absent. •Any missed assignments will be listed there. •Any make up quizzes, tests, or re-teaching needs to be done during access period. •See me when you return to check if there were any handouts given in class.
  37. 37. Homework • Homework will be assigned most nights. • The assignment will be posted on the agenda in ECHO for that day. • The following day we will review major problems.
  38. 38. “Other” Procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis. • Taking notes • Turning in papers • Assemblies • Progress Reports • Working Cooperatively/Group work • Fire Drills/ Emergency • Substitute Teacher
  39. 39. “This will be an amazing year!” – Mr. Eick “I truly believe in your potential and I know that you have the ability to succeed!”
  40. 40. Problem of the week 1. The problems will (usually) be posted on Fridays, and will (usually) be due on the Monday 10 days later. 2. Each week one “winner” will be chosen from among the submitted student solutions. 3. Points will be assigned to every submitted student solution, and at the end of the quarter there will be a lottery in which 3 students will receive prizes , and where a student’s chances of winning is proportional to the number of points accumulated by the student. 4. Students submitting solutions must obtain their solutions through their own work. 5. “Problem of the Week Party” at end of semester.
  41. 41. Homework 1. Finish “About me” paper. 2. Sign up for a college board account. 3. View the share stuff links on Echo : a. Download and read the course description.