Office safety with visual exam at end


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Office Safety for Classroom Environment. There are visual exams at the end of the PowerPoint.

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Office safety with visual exam at end

  1. 1. Office SafetyMontgomery County ATC
  2. 2. Team Effort Accept responsibility for your own safety Abide by all the rules Do not depend on Office Manager to ‘make you adhere’ to the rules No horseplay Inoperable machines should be reported Report accidents ASAP
  3. 3. Office Safety Considerations Aisle Ways Clear of  Use step stools Clutter  Desks clean and clear Machines  Cables and cords neat File cabinets  Safe Lifting Rules Paper Shredders/  Designated Areas Cutters  Procedures for First Aid kits Emergencies Know Accident  Don’t panic! Procedures Shelving clutter free
  4. 4. Classroom Safety Know evacuation drills Equipment Repairs Internet Acceptable Use Clean Workstation Return Materials to Proper Location
  5. 5. Aisle Ways Clear of Clutter Personal Items should be clear of pathways File folders should be placed on appropriate carts, tables, desks
  6. 6. Machinery Turn off all machinery before opening. Secure lose clothing, jewelry and/or hair before working with machinery. Report any defaults or repairs to appropriate person.
  7. 7. File Cabinets Heavy items should be in the lowers shelves to prevent tipping Drawers should be closed when not in use Cabinets should be locked when not in use (if locks are available) Items should be neat Weight should be distri- buted evenly
  8. 8. Paper Shredders/Cutters Focus on your task Be careful Secure lose clothing, jewelry and/or hair when operating paper cutters Turn off and unplug electric paper cutters to remove jams Most accidents occur because of carelessness
  9. 9. First Aid Kits Know where first aid kits are located Kits should be placed in a designated and labeled area Check the kit every 3 months to assure you have proper items Replenish the kit frequently
  10. 10. Shelves/Step Stools Shelving should be free of clutter  Assure shelves are secured  Items on shelves are neat and well organized  Labels are used for efficiency in locating items on shelves Use step stools or ladders if you cannot reach  Do not climb on top of tables to reach  Do not use chairs with wheels
  11. 11. Desks Clean and Clear Desks should be litter free Keep your desk organized and clutter free Be sure to put things up when stepping away from your desk At the end of the day, clean your desk up completely. An organized space is an efficient place to work
  12. 12. Cables/Cords Cords should not be piggy backed into the electrical outlet with extension cords. Cables should be neatly tucked away but not bent. X Cords should be free of any aging or exposed wires. Never handle cords around wet surfaces or hands. Never unplug wires by pulling on the cords.
  13. 13. Safe Lifting Rules Size up your weight Bend from the knees Keep back straight Kneel down with one knee touching the floor for proper weight distribution If too heavy, use a dolly or cart See if there’s a safety belt to use
  14. 14. Designated Areas Exit signs are marked with red letters Storage areas will be marked as well Supplies will have a designated area No Smoking
  15. 15. Procedures for Emergencies Fire Exit Procedures Earthquake Procedures Tornado Warning Procedures Lock Down Procedures Accident Procedures Follow the instructor’s directions  Designated person to get another teacher  Call 911
  16. 16. Internet Use (For School) Appropriate Use – Always Rule of Thumb Inappropriate site appears  X off site  Report to teacher Inappropriate Uses are not tolerated for school use – UNLESS Your Teacher has GIVEN YOU PERMISSION  Streaming Music  You Tube  Third Party Email Accounts  Personal Websites  Chat Software  My Space
  17. 17. Classroom Procedures Return All Materials in Proper Locations  Stapler  Tape Dispenser  Scissors  Glue, etc In Boxes/Out Boxes Handouts Chairs are to be kept at the workstation No Cell Phones
  18. 18. Examine How many violations can you find?
  19. 19. What is Wrong With the Desks? Can You ID?
  20. 20. Safety Test Please take both safety tests. Keep at your desk.