Patents and Making Money, ron bentata
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Patents and Making Money, ron bentata



how to register a patent, costs, getting approved, what to register, case study: amazon's one-click

how to register a patent, costs, getting approved, what to register, case study: amazon's one-click



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Patents and Making Money, ron bentata Patents and Making Money, ron bentata Presentation Transcript

  • Patents and“Show Me The Money”Ron Bentata | June 2013* Image by
  • Getting Started with Your IdeasYou have ideas? Good ideas? Great ideas?That’s great – you can make money of it!There are companies which are paying forpatents.Yes, just the patent, not a proof-of-concept andnot startups, just the idea.This summer (2013), you will be able to register a patent for thewhole European market.Patents and Money
  • The Patent – Body and ClaimsWhen writing the Body of the patent, make sure it is extensive.It should include many markets, fields, areas and future possibilities.This will give you option for future actions.But, it should also not be too abstract, because then you may miss thetarget all together. Which will give your competition the opportunity…Patent Claims:In accordance to the Body, you will need to write Claims, which are thebreak-down of the Body.Make those long and wide but at the same time focused.(*) Important to remember: with time, your can add Extensions to the patent.Patents and Money
  • Patent on a ProcessPatenting a process is very difficult. Since theprocess is been done by two parties, the patentfor this is difficult to describe. And you can notwrite your patent for the whole process.Neither one of the parties made the wholeprocess, thus, neither one broke the patent…Patents and Money * Image by
  • Register for a ProvisionalAt a lower cost than registering a patent, youcan register a Provisional. Registering theprovisional is also easier and faster.The provisional is like getting the patent. It costsabout $100. And by getting the provisional, youget yourself 1 year postpone on getting yourpatent registered.Patents and Money * Image by
  • Patenting on Public KnowledgeYou can not register a patent on something thatis already a public knowledge.For example:website, animation, movie, document, thewheel…Patents and Money * Image by
  • Cost and Getting ApprovedRegistering the patent costs between$30K and $50K.Getting the approval for the patenttakes about 3 to 5 years.Patents and Money * Image by
  • Case Study: Amazon, One ClickTMCheck out the Amazon, One Click patent bodyand it’s claims. Amazon was able to register theprocess of one-click purchasing.Patents and Money * Image by