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Conversion Optimization Talk at the Athlone Conference 2011

Conversion Optimization Talk at the Athlone Conference 2011

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  • Automating a broken system will just mean more mistakes fasterHave a twitter account is a bad idea if you haven’t budgeted employee time to respond and engage customers


  • 1. Conversion Optimization and Exploding Your Sales
    Ronan O’Brien
    CEO – Zatori Results Ltd
  • 2. – Fancy Dress Costumes – Online Pet Shop (Boutique) – Ladies Swimwear – Wheelchairs and Disability Aids
    TheCostumeShop.IN – Based in Delhi India
    2 More to launch before the summer is out
  • 3. A Fundamental Shift in Advertising
    Old Version
    Marketing Budget (fixed) x Conversion Rate (unknown every time due to diminished returns) = Sales(unpredictable)
  • 4.
  • 5. A Fundamental Shift in Advertising
    New Model:
    Allow a % of profit for marketing and have an unlimited marketing budget. Using data what % of every 100 customers purchase.
    For every 100 Euro profit allocate X Euro of that profit to customer acquisition.
    Conversion Rate (2- 11%) x Average Sale Amount (€XX) x Number as Sales (Variable) = Profit (X% of Gross)
  • 6. Onsite Optimization
    Make your Product offering Simple and Clear
    Where are you? Contact? Phone?
    Split Testing (AB Testing)
    Page load speed (New Google analytics code insert)
    Duplicate Content
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  • 8. Use One URL only!
  • 9. Ugly URLS
  • 10.
  • 11. Barriers To Purchase
    Constant Improvement Based on Customer Feedback
    Accept Laser cards – 43% of Irish B2C customers prefer it
    Don’t be the bottle neck, having to call customer service means there is a problem
    Eliminate & Simplify
  • 12. Technology isn’t the Answer to Everything
  • 13. Business Optimization
    There’s only 3 ways to grow your business
    Increase size of orders
    Increase frequency of orders
    Upstream and Downstream Products / Services
  • 14. Credits
    Turkish Airlines
    Jay Abraham
  • 15. Video of Presentation & Discussion available at:
    Contact on Twitter @Ronanob