Ronan beirne mock exam question


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Ronan beirne mock exam question

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Ronan beirne mock exam question

  1. 1. Ronan Beirne AQ132395 33435 AS Media Studies OCR G321: Foundation Portfolio
  2. 2. QUESTION 1. Who would be the audience for your media product? Age range Influenced by My magazine is aimed at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Kerrang. Music taste b.m.t.h, aski ng Alexandria, f all out boy, Rhcp. Who spend money on/ shop at Cd’s, magazines, tech, music al instruments. H&m, pulp, apple store, black sheep store. Teens/ young adults, Rock music lovers/enthusiasts
  3. 3. I feel that my magazine is/ would be similar to kerrang magazine and share a similar audience, however my magazine wouldn’t be as mainstream and share a closer audience group I also think that there are not enough rock magazines out there and mine would be a different approach aimed at teens, this would be my selling point
  4. 4. My main audience is the teen demographic And young adults interested in my sub genre of rock (punk/heavy rock in particular).this will be combined with gig reviews and fashion (drop dead clothing (ETC)..).the features and stories etc. will all be pioneered towards my chosen demographic, the reason I have picked this demographic is because they are the most likely audience that my magazine would attract.
  5. 5. Q2. How does your star represent particular social groups?
  6. 6. Oli Sykes mainstream representation Direct Eye contact Looks calm-more appealing to audience/ looks normal Positive facial expression Clothing makes him look youthful Tattoo's show a reverse side of his personality Trying to appear as a role model
  7. 7. Oli Sykes niche representation Eye contact with audience Looks more suitable to his audience Tattoos showing show his alternative side Not smiling- less welcoming Less clothing
  8. 8. I would sell my publication as a sister publication to either kerrang magazine, my magazine will be published weekly along with kerrang and will show the up and coming bands that kerrang doesn’t cover. This will effect the price as an issue of kerrang costs £2.70 so as it is a subsidiary the price of kerrang would increase to £4.00 (a £1.30 increase).
  9. 9. My magazine front cover conveys some of the techniques and conventions used in published magazines as seen below, I have also picked out some of the covers that have similar styles/ colour schemes to my own. (Nme,Kerrang,Q).the reason I picked these magazines is mainly because they follow the same sub-genre as me and have a contrast of material . This issue of kerrang was a good choice to use as the layout is similar to my own, the masthead at the top spreads across the whole page like my own , also it has a banner spanning the bottom of the page with a competition. Nme-magazine is the closest design to my own as they are both in the genre of music and the sub-genre of indie rock, also this cover follows the same colour scheme and layout as my own. The Q magazine front cover relates to my own cover as both are music magazines, in the sub-genre of rock and both star a musician (e.g.) (Dave Grohl) . The colour scheme of Q magazine is similar to my own-(red, black, white).all of these magazines also use techniques to draw the reader in such as (“revealed!, the secrets behind 2013’s most wanted album”) (kerrang). 205wds.
  10. 10. My contents page also uses some of the conventions found in a music magazine front cover, my contents are listed down the left hand side the same as Nme & Q magazine with the magazine name and contents written in bold to tell the reader that they are on the right page and also for ease of access, (Q magazine and kerrang both use this whereas Nme uses the title (BAND INDEX).my contents page has a picture in the right hand side top corner of the page of the main story to highlight the sort of (importance of the story)Q magazine also does this. My contents page follows the colour scheme of my front cover (black, red, white)with the headings for each section clearly shown in white banners over the black background with red writing to stand out kerrang uses the same kind of method, using their house style to make the titles stand out.
  11. 11. My dps is unfinished but when finished it will have two columns similar to Q magazine and have quotes pulled out to make the reader feel intrigued and want to read on it will also stick to my colour scheme with little sparks of blues and greens coming through, it will include colour pictures like the magazine but also album artwork and a few grey scale pictures
  12. 12. Question 5 How did you attract/address your audience?
  13. 13. How did you ATTRACT your audience? Bold masthead Clear colour scheme:red,white,b lack, consistent fonts to create brand id Stars facial expression/indirect address Stars eyes in top 1/3 price Different size text to show audience which features are most important Unique Selling Points are clearly defined button with prize
  14. 14. How did you ADDRESS your audience?
  15. 15. I chose to address the rock audience, using bands that are familiar and characterised by that style such as Green Day and blink 182’ I used pull quotes and special features to draw the reader in. This is also show in the way I have structured the magazine as the fonts I have used red,black,white show a dark magazine – rock, my pictures also support this, my main cover photo is of a 16 year old male rock musician. I have also added pictures of social networks that would perhaps be accessed by my particular audience such as: twitter, Facebook, instagram. My magazine is either similar to kerrang or nme due to the music style, genre, the bands used and the way the cover stars dress/ pose.
  16. 16. masthead Indirect mode of address, not posed action shot Main feature Colour scheme Selling point features anchoring price barcode