Be a Network Marketing Mentor Without Burning Out


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Tips and Tools for Helping Your Downline Achieve Their Goals:

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Be a Network Marketing Mentor Without Burning Out

  1. 1. ==== ====For More Tips and Tools for Building Your Network Marketing Business, Check This Out: ====When you take a long, hard look at the network marketers who are most successful at downlineteam building, you will find that they all have one thing in common; they didnt get successful byaccident. They didnt do it simply by "working harder," either -- they achieved their successthrough working smarter. If you want to have the same success at downline team building as theyhave, youll do well to follow the "do"s and "dont"s youre about to read.· DO ask your upline to step up and mentor you. Your success is their success, so it is inthe best interests of your upline to help you attract more people onto the team. But dont expectthem to do the work for you - show them that youre willing to put in extra effort if they will onlypoint you in the right directions.· DONT fail to mentor your downline in the same way. Your downline is your breadandbutter, and it isnt going to build itself. Whenever your downline team building efforts net yousomeone who shows a willingness to learn, make every effort to train them as you have beentrained. Then support them in training their downline as well for maximum results.· DO look for quality people to put in your downline team. While prospecting can be anumbers game, you dont want to treat your downline like a crapshoot. If a member of yourdownline doesnt show the desire to work the business, dont invest time trying to motivate them.Instead, focus your downline team building effort on the people in your group who are teachableand moldable, and turn them into star players. You may lose a few of the slackers, but youll keepyour superstars producing.· DONT forget that some people are "diamonds in the rough." Downline team building isabout long term success, and some prospects get into the swing of things faster than others. Youmay have some people in your downline who arent producing, not because they are lazy, butbecause theyre being held back by fear or insecurities. Recognize that everyone is human anddont write someone off on first impressions. Sometimes all they need is a little bit of one-on-onetime with you to shake off their fears and become one of your top producers.· DO give your downline plenty of motivation to perform. People respond positively torewards, so offer them generously to your downline. Reinvest a portion of your earnings into yourteam in the form of individual bonuses (such as "top producer") and team bonuses (such as"overall team total"). Take advantage of some healthy competition -- and cooperation, to makedownline team building a win-win situation.Downline team building is all about putting a few simple practices into place that make everyoneon your team feel welcome, supported, and full of potential. Put these tips to work for you todayand your prospecting will be much more successful.
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