Summative test in science vi (forms of energy)


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Summative test in science vi (forms of energy)

  1. 1. SUMMATIVE TEST IN SCIENCE VI<br />NAME: ______________________________Grade Six-_______ Nov. 10, 2009 SCORE: _______<br /><ul><li>Choose the letter of the correct answer.
  2. 2. What kind of energy does lightning possess?
  3. 3. Mechanical energy b. Chemical energy c. Electrical energy d. Radiant energy
  4. 4. Which of the following does a burning candle possess?
  5. 5. Electrical energy b. Nuclear energy c. Sound energy d. Chemical energy
  6. 6. What kind of energy is used to disinfect our beddings?
  7. 7. Radiant energy b. Electrical energy c. Nuclear energy d. Mechanical energy
  8. 8. What form of energy does food provide the human body?
  9. 9. Mechanical b. Chemical c. Electrical d. Nuclear
  10. 10. What form of energy is produce when the strings of a guitar are plucked?
  11. 11. Mechanical b. electrical c. Radiant d. Sound
  12. 12. What form of energy does a running motor produce?
  13. 13. Chemical b. Electrical c. Mechanical d. Nuclear
  14. 14. How is chemical energy stored in food used by the human body? It is used _______.
  15. 15. For growth c. For fattening
  16. 16. For growth and development d. For increasing body weight only
  17. 17. Which device uses chemical energy on portable radios to produce sound?
  18. 18. Dry cell b. Flashlight c. Generator d. Motor
  19. 19. Which material needs to absorb a lot of heat in order to burn?
  20. 20. Paper b. Coconut tree c. Alcohol d. Acetone
  21. 21. Why can the human body perform various activities?
  22. 22. Because of energy it gets from food
  23. 23. Because of its fixed parts
  24. 24. Because of oxygen in the bloodstream
  25. 25. Because of the water it contains
  26. 26. Which plant or factory DOES NOT generate electricity?
  27. 27. Hydroelectric plant b. Geothermal plant c. Nuclear Power Plant d. Green Plan
  28. 28. Which of the following generates electricity?
  29. 29. Television b. Refrigerator c. Generator d. Washing Machine
  30. 30. What is the chief source of radiant energy?
  31. 31. Moon b. Sun c. Asteroid d. Comet
  32. 32. When is radiant energy harmful?
  33. 33. It is used to disinfect beddings. c. It is used to dry clothes.
  34. 34. It is used to diagnose diseases. d. It causes sunburn.
  35. 35. What is one way by which physicians determine a healthy pair of lungs?</li></ul>a. By using x-ray b. By using a camera c. By using a microscope d. By sing a video machine <br /><ul><li>How is nuclear energy produced?
  36. 36. Through the splitting apart of nucleus c. Through a bombardment of atoms
  37. 37. Through the combination of a heavier atom with a lighter atom d. Both a and b
  38. 38. Which of the following does not use nuclear energy?
  39. 39. Generation of electricity c. Powering spacecraft
  40. 40. Power and submarine d. Plowing rice field
  41. 41. Why does the splitting of atoms generate electricity?
  42. 42. Because it releases some peculiar characteristics
  43. 43. Because it has tremendous mount of energy
  44. 44. Because it can produce sound
  45. 45. Because it can produce light
  46. 46. How is radiant energy used in medicine?
  47. 47. Radiant energy is used to dry clothes.
  48. 48. Radiant energy is used to preserve fruits.
  49. 49. Radiant energy is used to destroy abnormal cells in the body.
  50. 50. Radiant energy is used to disinfect beddings.
  51. 51. What kind of energy is used to bake cake?
  52. 52. Light c. Heat
  53. 53. Sound d. Mechanical
  54. 54.