Shouting Across The Divide


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Shouting Across The Divide

  1. 1. Shouting Across the Divide
  2. 2. WEST BERLIN—Westerners watch across the wall while it is still low enough to see over, 1961.
  3. 3. WEST BERLIN—West Berliners making signs to friends and relatives on the other side of the Berlin Wall, 1961.
  4. 4. WEST BERLIN—During the construction of the Berlin Wall, 1962.
  5. 5. WEST BERLIN—The Berlin Wall, 1962.
  6. 6. BERLIN—Children playing at the Berlin Wall, 1962.
  7. 7. ISRAEL—A hill (they call it the Hill of Shouts) is near the Druze village of Majdal Shams at the foot of Mount Hermon, from which Druze families converse with relatives living across the border in Syria by means of shouting, hand waving, and megaphones. After the capture of the Golan Heights by Israel in the Six-Day War, a number of Druze villages remained in the area controlled by the Israelis. Most of these villagers have relatives on the Syrian side of the border, 1975.
  8. 8. ISRAEL—In the Golan Heights, Druze women at the border fence near Majdal Shams communicate with relatives on the Syrian side, 1975. © Micha Bar Am / Magnum Photos
  9. 9. QALQILYA, West Bank—The view from a girls’ primary school near the Separation Wall of Qalqilya. On the other side, Israelis from the Israeli peace movement Gush Shalom, October 2002. © Patrick Zachmann / Magnum Photos
  10. 10. GUSH KATIF, Gaza Strip—Protesters who have barricaded themselves in the homes of settlers yell at soldiers who have come to evict them, 2005 © Christopher Anderson / Magnum Photos
  11. 11. ABU DIS, West Bank—The separation wall photographed from above. Cut off from Israel and often from the rest of the West Bank, Palestinians will lose half of their land, plus access to employment, schools, shopping, and hospitals. Many will find themselves living in walled-in cantons, 2003. © Larry Towell / Magnum Photos
  12. 12. S’ARAGO, Spain—Elizabeth Taylor ignores the begging of beach urchins in a scene from Suddenly, Last Summer , in which she co-starred with Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift, 1959. © Burt Glinn / Magnum Photos
  13. 13. PLAYA DE TIJUANA, Mexico—At the border fence, 1995.
  14. 14. ROMANIA—The borderline with Bulgaria, 1990. © Nikos Economopoulos / Magnum Photos
  15. 15. CHAD—In the southern Sahara. Greetings from a child on the other side of the wall, 1985. © Chris Steele-Perkins / Magnum Photos
  16. 16. BETHLEHEM—An Israeli-built “security” wall passes by Aida refugee camp, October 2005.