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Olympic Photos 1
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Olympic Photos 1


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Published in: Sports, Business
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  • love how you framed the olympics photos!
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  • 1. BEIJING—During the ceremonies for the unveiling of the emblem of the 2008 Olympic games at Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven) Park, 2003
  • 2. ATHENS, Greece—The departure of the Olympic flame, 1967.
  • 3. MOSCOW—Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, July 19, 1980
  • 4. TOKYO —The starting shot for runners, 1964
  • 5. PARIS—Demonstrators protest the Chinese presence in Tibet during the running of the Olympic flame relay in the city center, 2008
  • 6. BEIJING—China's second-largest city will host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Construction work on the Beijing National Stadium for the Olympics designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects Herzog and de Meuron, 2008.
  • 7. MEXICO CITY—The 3,000-meter steeplechase, 1968.
  • 8. JINSHANLING, China—H.A. Schult’s art installation, titled "Wall People." The piece is made up of 1,000 life-size sculptures constructed with high-tech garbage from Cologne, Germany, 2001
  • 9. BEIJING—Migrant worker Mingong cleaning windows, 2006
  • 10. BEIJING—Tiananmen subway station, 2006.
  • 11. BEIJING—The Forbidden City, next to Tiananmen Square, 2008
  • 12. BEIJING—Tiananmen Square, 2008.
  • 13. BEIJING—Harrow School, 2006.
  • 14. BEIJING—The Beijing Motor Show, 2008
  • 15. BEIJING—Zhai Huaizeng and his wife, Liu Hui Xuan, were expelled from their Hutong in the center of Beijing after more than 30 years of living there and were moved to a new apartment in the Zhaogongkou district. Liu Hui Xuan died shortly after moving. Zhai Huaizeng stands in his new apartment, holding a photo of him and his wife, taken by Patrick Zachmann, in their old home, 2006
  • 16. BEIJING—Migrant worker Mingong working at night on a construction site, 2006
  • 17. BEIJING—A street near the New China World Hotel, 2008
  • 18. BEIJING—Security outside the site of the National Swimming Center, designed by Australian architects PTW, 2008
  • 19. BEIJING—Construction work on the Central Chinese Television building, by architect Rem Koolhaas, 2008.
  • 20. BEIJING—Architect Paul Andreu's new National Theater, 2008
  • 21. BEIJING—Tiananmen Square, 2008. All Photos © Magnum Photos