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  • 1. TBILISI, Georgia—An independence movement demonstration, 1989
  • 2. ABKHAZIA, Georgia—Ethnic Georgians are bused by Abkhaz military to the Enguri River cease-fire line in order to be expelled, Nov. 10, 1993.
  • 3. TBILISI, Georgia—During chaos in Tbilisi, the bakers opened for only an hour on alternative days, causing a free-for-all, 1993.
  • 4. ABKHAZIA, Georgia—The burial of a peasant killed by a mine. During the war, he had fled his village. He was harvesting in a minefield to feed his family, 1993
  • 5. ABKHAZIA, Georgia—The reburial of about 120 Abkhaz soldiers who had been killed six months earlier in a Georgian ambush. After the takeover of Abkhazia by the Abkhaz forces, they exhumed the bodies, and families came to indentify them. A woman wears a gas mask because of the smell, 1993.
  • 6. ABKHAZIA, Georgia—Celebrations during the anniversary of the victory in the Abkhaz-Georgian war, 1995.
  • 7. GORI, Georgia—The town where Stalin was born. An officer from the Russian peacekeeping forces in South Ossetia praises Stalin and the day of his birth, 1995
  • 8. GEORGIA—Mengrelian refugees wait to go back to the Abkhaz-occupied Gali district in southern Abkhazia, 1996.
  • 9. TBILISI, Georgia—A Georgian refugee from Abkhazia. Some 250,000 Georgians fled Abkhazia during the 1992-93 war. Many hotels were turned into refugee centers, 1999.
  • 10. GEORGIA—1995.
  • 11. UJGULI, Georgia—At Murkumeli cemetery a meal is offered to celebrate the deceased, 1999.
  • 12. TBILISI, Georgia—1947.
  • 13. GEORGIA—Several thousand Chechen refugees live in Pankisi Gorge, 2000
  • 14. TBILISI, Georgia—Georgian refugees from the breakaway Republic of Abkhazia live in train carriers, 1996.
  • 15. GEORGIA—Chechen refugees protest against Russia, October 2000.
  • 16. GEORGIA—1995.
  • 17. TBILISI, Georgia—1990.
  • 18. TBILISI, Georgia—After several weeks of protest, opposition demonstrators overrun police barricades, storm the parliament’s first session and force President Shevardnadze to abandon the parliament and his chancellery. Pro-Shevardnadze demonstrators are chased away. The police force changed sides, and opposition demonstrations and vigils took place in front of the Georgian Parliament, Nov. 22, 2003.
  • 19. SOKHUMI, Abkhazia—Although Abkhazia is isolated, half-abandoned, and still suffering war wounds due to its unrecognized status, both locals and Russian tourists are drawn to the warm waters of the Black Sea, 2005. This unrecognized country, on a lush stretch of Black Sea coast, won its independence from the former Soviet republic of Georgia after a fierce war in 1993
  • 20. TBILISI, Georgia—2006.
  • 21. IRAQ—A Georgian soldier carrying ballots for their national election, January 2008
  • 22. GEORGIA—1995