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  • 1. In spite of its fertile farmland, the African nation still teeters on the brink of starvation Crisis People line up for assistance at a hospital and stabilization center, run by Medécins Sans Frontieres. In the six weeks before mid-July, the group treated 11,800 children for severe acute malnutrition
  • 2. Bread Basket Ethiopia is home to 66 million farmers and boasts abundant fertile lands. But because rain failed to appear between the critical months of January and May, prices in the country rose over 400%, according to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.
  • 3. Too Small A child is measured at an MSF clinic in the South Oromia Region. Observers note that part of the country's problem is its over-reliance on aid from the west. Because so much food has been distributed in Ethiopia for free, its farmers have stopped trying to grow crops.
  • 4. Procession A man carries the body of a child who died of malnutrition to a funeral. Fifty out of 1,000 children treated at the clinic died from severe acute malnutrition.
  • 5. Tragedy Three children's bodies lie in a makeshift morgue at the South Oromia clinic.
  • 6. Mourning Ethiopians grieve at a child's funeral
  • 7. Verdant Crops grow in a field near the village of Kuyera. Crops that grow in the region include barley, potatoes and tef, used to make a flat spongy bread.
  • 8. To Market A woman sells potatoes near Kuyera. A kilogram of potatoes that used to sell for one Ethiopian Birr, or about 10 cents, a year ago, now sells for 4 to 5 Birr
  • 9. Poverty People wait for assistance at the South Oromia clinic. Ethiopia is the fifth most impoverished nation on the planet. The average annual income is $108, the equivalent of approximately 30 cents a day
  • 10. Funeral A woman carries the body of a child who died of malnutrition
  • 11. Tears A woman grieves the death of a child
  • 12. Fearful People gather for assistance at the clinic. In Ethiopia, 4.6 million people are at risk. This includes about 75,000 children, whose small bodies deteriorate faster, making them more susceptible to severe acute malnutrition.
  • 13. Who'll Stop the Rain? The tragedy of Ethiopia spooks aid workers like Jean de Cambry, an MSF emergency Coordinator who has witnessed these terrible situations in other countries. "It's very bizarre," he says. "It's so green, but you have all these people dying of hunger." All Photos © TIME