British Afghani Mission


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British Afghani Mission

  1. 1. Murky Mission Soldiers from the British 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment deploy during a mission in Panjawi Province to search three compounds, one of which is a mosque. The raid yielded 200 pounds of explosives.
  2. 2. Handler During the search, the Parachute Regiment uses a dog trained to sniff out arms and explosives.
  3. 3. Convoy A soldier in an Air Assault Support Regiment puts her vehicle through last minute checks before leaving on an operation to deliver supplies to troops stationed at a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Helmand Province. During the trip, drivers and their vehicles routinely face hostile forces, indirect fire and mine fields.
  4. 4. Weapons Training Afghan National Police (in blue) receive instruction from British soldiers at a base in Helmand Province.
  5. 5. Push-Ups Corporal Al Harkins, 31, of Leicester, England, exercises at Gibraltar FOB in Helmand Province.
  6. 6. Target Practice A soldier at Gibraltar FOB works on his dart game.
  7. 7. Sleeping Quarters This soldier bunks at Sangin FOB in Helmand Province, task force headquarters for the Brits and home to a Provisional Reconstruction Team, a unit that provides security and helps with rebuilding the country.
  8. 8. Union Jack Sangin FOB also coordinates the activities of the Danish and Estonian troops stationed in the province.
  9. 9. Relief A British Army massage therapist gives a massage to a fellow soldier at a base in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province.
  10. 10. Sanctuary Reverend Lt. Col. Nicholas Cook, a Chaplain in the Royal Army, uncovers the altar in the tent that functions as a chapel at the Lashkar Gah base in Helmand.
  11. 11. Shower Outdoor hoses provide a bath and some relief from the heat at a base in the Upper Gereshk Valley.
  12. 12. British Eyes Lance Corporal Michael Taylor, 25, of Liverpool sits in his mosquito net tent at Gibraltar FOB in Helmand Province.
  13. 13. About to Deploy British Paratroopers from the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment prepare for an operation to capture Taliban leaders.
  14. 14. Half Mast The flag in front of the headquarters building at the base in Lashkar Gah is lowered in honor of soldiers killed in fighting. As of July 30, 2008 114 British soldiers have been killed in fighting in Afghanistan.
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