Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams
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Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams



God will fulfill his promise despite the difficulties of life.

God will fulfill his promise despite the difficulties of life.



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Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams  Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams Document Transcript

  • Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams Ronald H. Flowers
  • Acknowledgments I would like to take the time to thank the many people who make my ministry function. Individuals who gladly give of their valuable time, their finances, and share their wisdom and talents. There would be no way I could accomplish the things I do by myself. These individuals have been divinely appointed in my life to help me carry out the mission God has assigned to me. My sister Vera Allison is the newest member of our book editing team. She has been one of the writersor the magazine that we publish. Recently she saw the need for editing and stepped in and began to use her talents. Someday I will tell the whole story about my sister and me, but it is important to know that she loves her little brother. It was after the death of our father that we begin to know each other. I have found her to be a godly woman, and she really loves doing the work of God. She is wise because of her many experiences in life to instruct and encourage others through the entanglements of life. Very few people knew how sick I was, it was actually just a step between death and me. My sister always spoke words of encouragement and faith to hold onto God’s promises for my life. May her reward be great here on earth, and beyond measure in the Kingdom of God. Kevin Wise is my actual covenant brother. It was unusual the way we met. My stepfather’s family was having a family reunion at the city park. While I was sitting inside the building the Holy Spirit moved upon me and directed me to go out of the building over to the swimming pool. There was a young man just coming out of the pool, I called him over to me; although I’d never seen him before I spoke God’s words into his life. That he was called to the ministry, and that God was going to place His anointing upon his life. I told him that he would travel the world preaching the gospel. When I finish speaking these words I simply walked away. I did not know his name or who he was, where he was going, or where he came from.About a week or two later I met him on the bus. Once again I spoke prophetically concerning his life and ministry. I never asked him his name or who he was, I just simply stepped off the bus. About a month or two later I was invited to preach a revival at Pastor Wilson’s church, a pastor whom I had just recently met. I walked into church and the young man that I been speaking to prophetically begin to point at me and begin to tell the pastor, “that’s him, he’s the one who’s had been speaking in my life. This strange beginning developed into a deep love the appreciation for each other’s ministry. During some of the most turbulent times of my life he was there with words of encouragement, sometime words of correction, he never let me
  • give up. I have afore mentioned how sick I was. I was in excruciating pain beyond my comprehension to explain, being weak and exhausted from the pain, medicated so heavily at times I was not able to function with all my senses. I spoke of death and desiring to go home to be with the Lord. At my lowest point I had just about given up, I will never forget the words that Bishop Wise spoke. “ How is it you have preached healing and deliverance, teaching us to have faith in God, and you are going to die like this?” It was not exactly what I wanted to hear but his words shook the very core of my being. If I could preach healing and faith to everyone else it was time to make it work for myself. Thank you Bishop Wise, I am still here. My sincere hope is that when you read the material presented in this book you will also realize God’s faithfulness towards you. Perhaps you will be in a better position to see His divine plan to bring you to your place of success and fulfillment.This book has been designed to help you understand why it is so important for you to trust God to complete His plan in your life.
  • Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams CHAPTER 1 I am successful, prosperous, healthy, and wealthy. I live according to the word of God and therefore I succeed in all that I do. I believe that once we begin to have the mind of Christ our whole outlook on life changes. This does not mean we do not have difficulties in life. It simply means that we should have a different view of the difficulties that we are ordained to go through. In other words, no matter what circumstances, difficulties, or mishaps that we as believers have to face, we have to learn to be more than a conqueror in and through Christ. I’ve found that we, as believers, sometimes have the misconception that because we are in Christ and born again we will not have difficulties. I beg to differ with this notion. In actuality I believe it’s because of our lifestyle we experience more attacks from the enemy, as well as from people who despise our lifestyles. This is why it is important that we have accurate knowledge of what the Word of God says concerning who we are. Amazing things begin to happen when we see ourselves through the eyes of God. I have said so many times before; God never created a failure... However, the people of God have failed because we’ve made the decision to do so. The life of Joseph depicts the life of one who has overcome many obstacles despite the reality that failure was all around him. I look at the life of Joseph in amazement. He faced many disappointments and bitter situations in his life. Nevertheless, he never lost the focus of who he was. He knew in his heart that God was going to fulfill every dream and promise He had made to him. As with Joseph, God has promised us that He will fulfill every (God) given dream. As we see from Joseph’s life, a promise doesn’t excuse us from being tested by the enemy and by people. Let’s take a deeper look into Joseph’s life. Like some of us, his greatest hindrance to the fulfillment of his dream was his family members. Joseph’s brothers despised his dreams. One of the reasons for such envy could have been that they had lost their dreams and expectations for their own lives. Perhaps if their lives were unfulfilled, thereby lacking expectations, why then would they
  • want Joseph’s life to be any different from theirs? Even though Joseph believed that his dreams and expectations were directly from God, he still had to deal with his siblings. The presence of envious spirits didn’t mean that Joseph wasn’t willing to do the will of God, nor did it confirm that he had been disobedient to God. Joseph, like many of us, was just a target because of the great anointing that God had placed upon his life. The truth is that Joseph was willing and able to fulfill the dreams that God had ordained for his life. We find that he was excited and happy for his future expectations. The fact that he was so excited is what I believe fueled the anger in his brothers. They looked at their unfulfilled lives and thus became disgusted. Their inward misery made it easier for them to criticize and put Joseph down for his expectations and excitement. Rather than go back and pick up their lost dreams, visions and expectations, they decided to spend their time trying to destroy the dreams of the man of God. Even today, many people have lost their God given dreams, visions, and promises. They too, are not willing to go through the difficulties of reviving their lost expectations. In fact, it’s usually very easy to recognize the people who no longer believe in their dreams. These are individuals who have no sound expectations and they tend to be the biggest critics of others. The extent that Joseph’s brothers went to in order to extinguish his dream is very surprising to me. After reading the story I had to ask myself, how desperate and jealous could someone be to sell their own brother into slavery? I’m taken aback at the extent that some “Christians” go to just to crush someone’s vision and dream. The valuable lesson that is so powerfully expressed through the life of Joseph is that we, as true believers, should never ever let our dreams, visions, and God given expectations die because of difficulties that are ever-present in our lives. A good example of a major difficulty in Joseph’s life occurred when he was enslaved. He found himself away from home, devoid of his father’s encouraging words, as well as his mother’s loving embrace. Even with all of the voids in his situation, Joseph yet had an inward witness that God’s promises would be fulfilled in his life. Unlike Joseph, many times we allow the circumstances, testing and disappointments of life to be a greater factor then God‘s promises. Although Joseph was a slave he did not have a slave mentality. He knew, despite his grave circumstances, that God would fulfill his dreams and bring forth his expectations.As believers, we must also learn to conquer the present circumstances in our lives. It is not the will of God for us to allow our circumstances to conquer us. God knows that it is not always easy for us to take authority over our situations, yet we are required to do just that. The reality is that our heavenly Father is guiding our every footstep even through the difficult times of
  • life. Looking at Joseph’s life we see God used the most disappointing time in his life to bring forth and develop his talents and skills. We see his skills being implemented when he became the head of Potiphar’s house. It was obvious that God had not only blessed the works of his hands, but the Lord also used this situation to develop Joseph’s leadership and management skills. He was preparing him for the time when his dream would be fulfilled. Although it was hard for Joseph to realize this at the time, God was still setting him up for the fulfillment of His purpose for his life. All of Joseph’s problems were designed to usher him into a position to bring forth his vision at the right time. Like Joseph, it is hard at times for us to see God’s purpose and fulfillment in our lives during tough and complicated situations! Sometimes, because of our disobedience to God’s direction and Word, we bring unnecessary problems into our lives. Nevertheless, in His mercy coupled with His love for us, God uses many of these problems to develop and mature our God given gifts, talents and unknown abilities within us. Of course it’s healthier and wiser for us to follow God’s directions since obedience to His Word can help us avoid unnecessary problems. Samson is a great example of someone who never totally fulfilled his God given purpose. He began the work but his untamed spirit didn’t allow him to complete it. In fact, his longing to satisfy his fleshly desires was more important than fulfilling his divine purpose.The mere difference between Joseph and Samson is that Joseph’s problems didn’t come as a result of him being disobedient to God, whereas Samson’s problems occurred because of his disobedience. Joseph’s tribulations showed how God was developing him for the fulfillment of what God promised in his life. As a matter of fact, just when it seemed like Joseph was starting to advance in life, another unusual circumstance occurred. Because Joseph was young, attractive and very industrious, his master’s wife began to pursue him. She attempted to seduce Joseph. This is a very common but deadly trick of the enemy. In order to destroy Joseph’s dreams, Satan attempted to use his faithful, but tried and true weapons against him. He sought to destroy Joseph’s integrity, morality, and honor. Integrity, morality and honor are three traits that have caused many people to succeed and/or fail in their lives. It is no secret. Like Joseph, your success depends upon you understanding and implementing these three very important principles into your life. Not having an understanding of integrity, morality, and honor could greatly hinder, if not altogether cancel the successful realization of your dreams. If one is already successful, without these principles operating in one’s life it will be hard to maintain success very long. Few motivational speakers, lecturers or writers
  • address the importance of this issue. In my opinion Joseph would have never become the prime minister of Egypt if he had compromised his integrity, lowered his morals, and not been a person of honor. He could have easily traded his valuable principles to gratify his own desires and physical needs. He had every opportunity to do this and then pretend as if he were innocent. Unfortunately there are many of us who wouldn’t have responded like Joseph. In fact, some of us would have easily compromised these important principles just for self-gratification. Consequently, I so vividly remember when President Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior was exposed to the entire nation. Many people said his sexual conduct had nothing to do with his ability to lead. In reality, there is a direct cause and effect. Immorality problems in one area may, and many times do indicate immorality problems in other areas of one’s personal life. We can see this in many biblical examples. King David, a man who sought for the heart of God, brought unnecessary difficulties into his life because he did not keep his moral principles in check. Samson’s physical strength was very amazing, but he never accomplished his life goals because of his immorality.The bottom line is this; it is so important that we have this area of our lives under the control of God, for if it is not, it will control us, and will eventually stop us from succeeding by bringing our success to a tragic end. Integrity is also extremely important. One definition related to integrity that I love ask the readers this question, “who are you behind the curtain when no one can see?” It suggests that if you have it straight behind the curtain, you will never be exposed and made ashamed when the curtain is opened. When I think of integrity I am reminded of a snake story that I once heard. Once upon a time, there was a snake that was cold it could not find a place to warm himself. Haphazardly a young lady stumbled upon the snake. She naturally was frightened and alarmed. The snake began telling the young lady that he was cold and wished she would place him inside her coat. The young lady immediately rejected this idea. She told the snake that if I put you under my coat the moment you are warm you will bite me. The snake promised that he would not bite her, for he was not like other snakes. He told the woman to not look at him as a threat instead she was instructed to look at him as one of God’s creatures. As the young lady pondered the snake’s promise, she began to notice how beautiful the snake was. This was something she had never noticed before. Once again she asked the snake if she could trust his word concerning her safety. Bluntly stated she asked the snake if he still promised not to bite her. The
  • snake repeated his promise not to bite her. So she proceeded to take the snake up and place it under her coat. When the snake became warm and comfortable he bit her. Full of amazement and pain the woman asked the snake why he had reneged on his promise. The snake yelled out to her, as he slithered away, you knew I was a snake before you picked me up. We can see, the snake had no integrity. We also can conclude that Immorality will bite you if you pick it up. No matter how beautiful the package may look, it must be avoided at all costs for when it bites you the poison will paralyze your success and leave you lifeless and hopeless. Joseph’s integrity and moral stance should have brought him praise and honor. Just the opposite happened. Potiphar’s wife allowed her lust and bitterness to seek revenge. Not only did she lie on Joseph she also used his clothes as false evidence against him. This lie made Joseph lose everything. I do not think Potiphar totally believed his wife’s story. The actual punishment for this crime should have been a death sentence but instead Potiphar placed him in prison.The accusation demanded Potiphar to take some kind of action. There’s no record of Joseph being whipped or beaten, which would have been normal procedure before he would have been put to death, he simply placed him in prison. As a result, he was imprisoned for something he did not do. Once again I will make this statement: if you’re living a godly life and you’re walking according to the knowledge of the Word of God, He is always in total control of the destinies of your life. It may not seem like it at times, but the end result is that God is going to bring you out with great victory. You may be able to imagine Joseph’s way of thinking at that time. He may have asked God, how is it that when I have done right, this horrible situation befalls me? Joseph had two ways to deal with this unusual predicament. He could have given up and complained about the injustice done to him, or he could have found a way to make his injustice and adverse circumstances work for him. Joseph chose the latter; he took his adverse circumstances and made it work in his favor. He used his skills to help him quickly be placed in charge of the prison. Here again we see Joseph placed in a horrible and unjust situation, but he did not allow the situation to control him. Although we found him in prison we didn’t see the prison being in him! Sometimes trials similar to Joseph’s that arise in my life make it difficult for me to wait on God. It becomes quite hard to withstand the pain that is almost always connected to that situation. Even still, God has taken the adverse situations in my life and brought forth the further development of my skills and talents. In our lives, just as in the life of Joseph, God used the difficult times as a place of training and development to bring maturity, this way we are fully prepared when God fulfills his promises in our lives.
  • Let us look for a moment at some of the tasks Joseph had to perform while in prison. Remember Joseph became the head of the prison. All the prisoners had to eat. Therefore Joseph had to make sure there was enough food for each prisoner. He had to ensure that each prisoner received the appropriate portions of food needed to sustain their lives. I am sure that the prisoners’ choice of foods was somewhat limited since they were in prison. Yet Joseph had to know which foods perish quickly, as well as which foods had a longer shelf life. He had to store the appropriate amount for all the people he had to feed in the proper types of vessels. He also had to gather the appropriate amount of water needed for the prisoners to drink and bathe in. Can you imagine the great responsibility connected to these tasks? All this was the plan of God to prepare Joseph for a much greater task, which was to sustain the whole nation of Egypt during the time of a famine. It must also be noted that Joseph not only developed his leadership talents and skills, his spiritual gifts were also matured. For example; Joseph was not only a dreamer, he could also interpret dreams. In his place of testing, he did not lose his focus on his true purpose. If he had lost his focus there would have been no reason for him to develop his gifts of interpreting dreams. Joseph had to be in a place spiritually to expect his dreams to be fulfilled according to God’s promise. He was not in his place of fulfillment, yet he knew at the appointed time his spiritual gifts needed to be at their best. This should be a very valuable lesson to us. We cannot wait for our dreams to be fulfilled and then start developing our spiritual gifts. Waiting on the fulfillment is too late. We have to start developing now. Can you imagine the disaster Joseph would have been in if he came to his place of fulfillment undeveloped and immature, with unpolished skills? I wish to encourage you to develop, and bring to full maturity everything that God has given you, even in the time of your testing.
  • Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams CHAPTER 2 Joseph did not know that God was setting him up for a blessing. The King of Egypt became angry with his butler and baker, and soon after placed both of them in prison. God had him (Joseph) in the right place at the right time. We don’t know how long the butler and the baker were in prison, but Joseph was in charge of their care. During their time of imprisonment both the baker and the butler had a dream and could not interpret it. Now we see God unfolding Joseph’s divine destiny and fulfilling his dream. All that was meant to be evil and destructive to him, God used it to build and to develop him. Joseph was busy executing his duties and saw the sad faces of the baker and butler. When he asked the reason for their sadness the butler and the baker told him of a dream which they could not interpret. Joseph immediately began to exercise his spiritual gifts by asking them to tell him their dreams. First the butler told Joseph of the dream he had that night, and once he heard it, Joseph gave the butler the precise interpretation of the dream. He told him that he would be restored back to his butlership and it would happen within a three-day time frame. He asked the butler to show him favor mentioning his unjust treatment to the King of Egypt. I’m sure the butler was happy to hear of his future being fruitful and successful once again at his occupation. The baker heard of the butler’s wonderful interpretation of his dream and therefore decided to tell his dream to Joseph. Joseph also interpreted his dream but unfortunately wasn’t able to give him the same happy three-day ending. Like Joseph had stated the butler was restored and the baker lost his life. The butler forgot about Joseph for two whole years. This needs to be a lesson to many of us. Many times we help people and we bring great blessing into their lives through the gifts God has given us, yet they forget about us. It is not uncommon for someone to receive a blessing and forget about the person who helped them reach their place of newfound joy. Never let this discourage you, because the fulfillment of your dream, the outcome of your destiny, and the realization of your God-given expectations can only be fulfilled through the hand of God. I think the two years before God finished fulfilling Joseph expectations have valuable meaning here. Two is the number of relationship, and covenant. The scripture teaches that the two shall be one. This was speaking concerning husband
  • and wife. We can apply this to our relationship with God. Our relationship with God is so intimate that we become one with him. The last two years of Joseph’s wait for release were probably his most important years. I believe that he developed a relationship with his Heavenly Father that he never had before. This is only my opinion, as the scriptures do not speak directly to this. I’ve always believed that God is a God of relationship. Before you can do great exploits for God, and bring forth your talents, gifts and abilities, there must be time given to develop your relationship with the Heavenly Father. Today in our high-tech society, dreams are not given a very important place in our lives. If anyone did an in-depth study of scriptures they would find God using dreams to speak and give direction to his people. Not only does God give direction to His people, He also speaks to kings, presidents, and government officials by dreams. Sometimes this is the only way God can speak to them. At night, one is more likely resting versus being busy and administrating their duties. I will not give space here to talk about the importance of our nightly dreams, this is not the purpose of this book, but I will say we need to give a greater importance to our dreams. Later on in the story of Joseph, the King of Egypt had two dreams in one night. The next day he was greatly disturbed by the dreams he had. He immediately called for all the wise men of Egypt, but none were capable of interpreting his dream. Finally, the butler remembered Joseph, the one who interpreted his dream while he was in prison and told the King. By this time Joseph had developed a fruitful relationship with God. God was ready to complete the setup. Joseph was called to come before the King of Egypt. He prepared himself first by shaving and changing his clothes, and making himself presentable. He was dressing for success. He understood the importance of his appearance. Many times in the past his clothes seemed to have worked against him. His garment of many colors made his brothers hate him even more. Potiphar’s wife used his clothing as false evidence against him for a crime he did not commit. By this time, Joseph understood that clothes told a story. He comprehended the importance of wearing the proper clothing before the chief official. How many times have individuals not understood these principles and therefore lost opportunities to present their gifts because they did not prepare appropriately to present themselves? Joseph eventually stood before the King of Egypt with fully mature gifts, talents, and leadership skills.The King of Egypt told him of his dreams. Notice the confidence that Joseph had in his relationship with God and the development of his gifts. He told the
  • King that God, not him, would give him a favorable answer of peace. He knew that he was the instrument of God and thus he was ready to be used at His pleasure. This fine-tuned instrument interpreted the King of Egypt’s dreams. Not only does God play a melody of delight in the ears of the King of Egypt, but all the wise men of Egypt recognized that this melody was of God. Joseph not only gave them the interpretation, but lay out before them God’s divine plans for surviving the severe famine that was about to come. All who heard it knew that Joseph was the chosen man to carry out this task. In one moment of time Joseph is taken from the prison house to the King’s house. He is now taken from serving in a prison for a crime he did not commit, to serving the nation of Egypt. Joseph is made second in authority to the King of Egypt. Pharaoh bestowed upon Joseph four very important things that God had prepared him for. Pharaoh took off his ring and put it on Joseph’s finger. This ring was a sign of complete authority and no one could change the law or rules that Joseph made (save the King). Next, the King dressed Joseph in kingly apparel; this is was the fourth time that clothes were associated with Joseph. His clothing now identifies him as the prime minister of Egypt. Pharaoh put a gold chain around his neck. No gold was ever put on a person of authority without first being purified. This purified gold chain represents the purification process that Joseph had been through and it showed how he walked in maturity and completeness for the job he was about to do. Subsequently, Pharaoh gave him the second chariot and made all to bow their knee to him. Joseph had come to the place where God fulfilled his dreams and kept his promises. God set him up for a blessing. It’s hard to see the end results when you are being tested. Know that God sees the beginning to the end, and is working out the whole situation to come out in your favor. He will do the same for you if you’re willing to allow him to guide your every footstep.
  • Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams CHAPTER 3 Joseph now rules all of Egypt. This wise man spent approximately seven years storing large quantities of food for the coming famine. His dream and the God-given expectation were now fulfilled. God gave Joseph a wife who later produced two children. One was named Ephraim (meaning: For God said he has made me forget all of my toil [and hardship] and all my father’s house.) and the other was named Manasseh (meaning: God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affection.) Now Joseph is truly blessed, all of God’s promises have been manifested in his life; all can now see the hand of God through this whole situation. The hardest test was laying in wait before him. The seven years of plenty are now over and the famine takes hold upon the known world. Suddenly his brothers appear before him and he now remembers the dreams he had many years ago that his brothers would bow down before him. It was the famine in Egypt that drove his brothers to the place where Joseph was. They wanted to find food for their families and themselves. In order to receive anything they had to come before the ruler of Egypt. Little did they know they were standing before the very person whose dreams they tried to kill! Joseph could very well use this opportunity to take revenge on his brothers. Instead of doing that he understood fully the plan of God and thus he chose to forgive them instead of executing vengeance upon them. Without taking time to talk about the whole story in detail, I believe that it is important to look at Joseph’s words as they paint the entire picture. Joseph told his brothers this, “Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life.” This statement confirms that Joseph did see the entire picture from the beginning to the end. He saw that everything that happened to him prior to becoming second in charge was all a part of God’s divine plan for his life. In essence, Joseph chose to forgive his brothers and to live in the knowledge and understanding of God’s divine purpose. Like Joseph, I know that God is going to bring you to your place of fulfillment. The
  • very people who try to kill your dreams will be the same individuals who will have to face you in your time of elevation. They will sit back and behold the completion of God’s work in your life.You must choose to forgive them and serve them in order to pass the greatest test of forgiveness. Joseph could have easily eliminated his brothers because he was in total authority. Moreover, no one questioned his orders. It is evident that Joseph had a strong relationship with God because of his mercy towards his brothers. His heart reflected the heart of God as well as the loving-kindness of God’s tender mercies toward us. You must develop a heart of love so when you come to your time of completion and fulfillment of your dreams, the bringing forth of your vision and the manifestation of your God-given expectations, you will be prepared to forgive and love those who may have done you wrong. You must be able to love your critics, and everyone who tries to kill your dream simply because people will try to stop your visions, and smash your God given expectations. All in all, vengeance is in the hands of God. You should never try to take His place; thereby trying to execute vengeance on individuals who have done you wrong. I cannot explain it; neither do I fully understand how all the ones who wish you ill will end up standing before you. Only know that when they do,nothing but God’s love should be shown through you.
  • Joseph God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams CHAPTER 4 Jacob, the father of Joseph, and his entire household migrated to the land of Egypt with the hopes of finding refuge. Jacob was finally able to see his lost son, whom his other boys made him believe was destroyed by some wild beast. I imagine his brothers had a whole lot of explaining to do to their father. Needless to say, Jacob rejoiced to see his son Joseph sitting in a place of such great authority, even though he didn’t fully understand his son’s dreams in totality upon hearing them in the beginning. Yet with the lack of understanding Jacob believed that God was going to manifest his son Joseph’s dreams because he believed the dreams Joseph had were given to him by God. Jacob’s life is now complete as well because he has seen his son and grandsons. He called for Joseph and his other sons to come before him. When they came he blessed them and also commanded a multiplication upon the seed of his grandsons. He gave Joseph a portion of land that his future seed would later inherit. He called forth Joseph’s brothers and blessed them with the pronouncement of his prophetic blessings. Jacob was just thankful for seeing his lost son Joseph. After all was said and done he gathered his feet together and departed from this life. Joseph brothers, knowing that their father had passed, once again asked Joseph to forgive them for the evil that they had done to him. We see the heart of God manifested in Joseph when he replied to their request with these words “Fear not; for am I in the place of God? [Vengeance is His, not mine.] As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good. He began to tell them that God wanted to use him to keep his people alive. Now therefore, says Joseph, do not be afraid. Joseph comforted them by [imparting cheer, hope, strength] as he continued to speak to their hearts [kindly]. Joseph said to his brethren, I am going to die, But God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land to the land He swore to Abraham, Isaac, and to Jacob [to give you]. Soon after, Joseph gave an oath before the sons of Israel, thereby saying God will surely visit you, and you will carry up my bones from here.”
  • As Joseph was come to the end of his life all of his dreams were made full. He gathered together all his brethren and placed his last requests before them. He said to them, I agoing to die, but God will surely visit you and bring you to the land that He promised. His prophetic words may have been some of the strongest words that he had ever spoken. He knew he would not see it, but God would rise up someone (which was Moses) to bring them back to the land God has promised Abraham. He made them promise with an oath that when it happened they’d take his bones and bury them in the land of promise. These were Joseph’s last expectations. When Israel was delivered from the land of Egypt, they brought up Joseph’s bones and buried them in the land of promise. Their act of obedience showed that Joseph could have only had that amount of influence through his confidence in God. I believe that Israel kept their promise to Joseph because they believed in the confidence that he had in God.They saw the manifestation of Joseph’s words even after he had been taken away to be with the Lord. In closing, you too can have confidence in the fact that no matter what you’re facing at the present time, regardless to how difficult the circumstances you find yourself in, our Heavenly Father has a plan for your life. It is He who will bring it to full manifestation. He will not fail you, nor will He leave you to fend for yourself. Note that He is faithful and will fulfill all of His promises in your life.
  • Ronald H. Flowers Prophet and Teacher Ronald H. Flowers is a prophetic voice to the nations. Thankful for 44 years of ministry as a prophet and teacher, his calling from God has weathered the test of time and discipline. He is a seasoned and compassionate orator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was at the age of 12 I had a visitation of Jesus Christ calling me to the work of the ministry. My first message was preached on my 13th birthday.At early age he aspired to live a consecrated life and allowed the Holy Spirit to prepare him to teach and preach the Gospel. Shortly after the birth of my son (Ronald Jr.), I had a visitation of the Lord Jesus calling me to the office of the prophet. Now for the past 28 years I have fulfilled this office as an orator of God, I have encouraged his people to have a closer relationship with their Savior. Prophet Flowers is called to train and develop prophets for success in ministry and life. His teaches in a parable style with simplicity and demonstration of signs and miracles following. Being commission by God to teach the Word so that his people may walk in truth. He walks in humility, compassion and the love of God. He operates in Discernment of Spirits, the Gift of Miracles, and healing, boldly provokes demonic strongholds to surrender their captives – free from demons, sickness and diseases -- by the laying on of hands at the command of the Word of God. You can contact him by email: Face Book: Ronald H. Flowers Prophetic Insight’s Blog Prophetic Insight Magazine