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Prijsvraag voor park in Koashiung, Taiwan. Ik heb hieraan gewerkt bij HKB Stedenbouwkundigen.

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20080408 taiwan wei_wu_park_promoboek_b kopie

  1. 1. 衛武營都會公園新建工程委託設計監造案」服務建議書 Wei Wu Park Design Proposal Le Sacre du Printemps Stravinsky
  2. 2. 一個都會公園不僅是城市中的一個綠色開放空間,同時也是一個提供休閒、娛樂及孩童嬉戲的場所;一個場所,人們得以交流、同時邂遘自然;一個場所,人們可以盡情作夢、相愛及相戀。在此設計案中,我們將重新付予衛武營都會公園新的時代意義;衛武營都會公園將被塑造成一個孩子、鳥類及蝴蝶及所有”棲身”在高雄的”居住者”的城市焦點。A Metropolitan Park may not only be a green spot in a city. It shouldgive space for recreation, playgrounds for children. It should be aplace to connect nature to people and people to people. But it shouldalso be a place to fall in love, to dream and live!We regard the quest for a design for the Wei-Wu-Ying MetropolitanPark as a challenge to give new meaning to the former Wei-Wu Campand create a new focal point for Kaohsiung, for the children, for thebirds and butterflies, to all ‘residents’ and nature.
  3. 3. Location 地 點The project area is locatedin Kaohsiung, on the south-western coast of Taiwan. Itis the second largest, andmost dense, city of Taiwan,home to 1.5 million peopleand another million in thesurroundings.The site used to be a formermilitary camp. Off limitsto the public for the last70 years, it has becomea valuable site for animalsand vegetation. Wei Wu Ying Kaohsiung6
  4. 4. 7
  5. 5. Wei Wu Park 衛武營8
  6. 6. 9
  7. 7. City scale 城市規模10
  8. 8. 11
  9. 9. Design 設計The final design of the park hasthree major layers that addresses tothe different meanings:I. Plane;The Plane is the connector andcatalyst of the park to its environment.It connects to the ecological structureof the Kaohsiung region;It connects the adjacentneighbourhoods to the park and toeach other;It creates new straight lanes tomake the park-area permeable byintroducing Esplanades diagonallythrough the park;It provides a site for commercialdevelopment in the south-east partof the park;It accommodates the daily use ofthe park and gives accessibility ‘forthe neighbourhood’.II. Grid;The components of this layer arethe existing trees, the barracks andthe grid of pathways throughoutthe former campsite. This layerintegrates the physical existing andnewly added programme.It re-positions the existing trees thatcreate a full-grown natural conditionimmediately;It re-positions the existing barracks12
  10. 10. that can accommodate newactivities;It remains the cultural-historical IIImeaning of the site;It gives place for newly undertakeninitiatives;It creates space for festivalsand happenings for the whole ofKaohsiung-city;The park-site will be accessible ‘forthe people’ of Kaohsiung-City. IIIII. Gardens;The Gardens add special value to theWei Wu Ying Park by introducing amini-natural reserve, not accessiblefor people but only ‘for the birds’.Next to the reserve it introduces aCulture-garden ‘for the dreamers’.Here love-couples can stroll, childrencan play with their kites and people Ican enjoy open-air concerts. ThisCulture-garden houses he NationalKaohsiung Performing Arts Centre.The flow of people continues fromthe open floor of the building intothe open fields in the garden.The river of flowers encloses theCulture-garden. The scent andcolours of the Bombax Ceiba treemakes people enjoy life.The accessibility follows the rhythmof day and night. The Culture-gardenis ‘for the people of the world’. 13
  11. 11. Plan 設計構想配 N14
  12. 12. National Perfoming Arts Centercanaltilescommercial zoneplaygroundgrasspathtea-shrubberiesbassinecological areabarrackprecious treetree 15
  13. 13. Routing 交通動線系統 Subway connection P P P Cars P Unmotorized traffic Pedestrians Pedestrians16
  14. 14. mischien een verhaaltje overde verschillende routs die numogelijk zijn? slenteren door hetpark, rennen rondom the “river offlowers“ParkwayEsplanades 17
  15. 15. Connnecting the neighbourhood 連接到鄰里 Green area’s Shops Gouvernemental buildings Schools, educational buildings Buildings, houses Access points Activity zones near edges18
  16. 16. Existing ecology 現有生態學 Trees High quality nature Low quality nature 1 : schaal Logo Type ontwerp opdrachtgever Onderwerp tekening Gewijzigd op: Plaats .. maand 2008 gemeente .. maand 2008 groningen Zuiderpark 21 9724 AH groningen@hkbs.nl fax 050 318 30 75 rotterdam Westblaak 51 3012 KD fax 010 436 69 89 rotterdam@hkbs.nl 19
  17. 17. For Kaohsiung 文化20
  18. 18. For KaohsiungThe central region of the park is designatedfor experiencing spacious green. It is acultivated landscape in which you canretreat from the city. This is the “park”.The vegetation consist of the city-treeBombax Ceiba and tee and butterflyshrubberies. 21
  19. 19. 22
  20. 20. 23
  21. 21. River of Flowers 花朵運河24
  22. 22. River of FlowersThe inner park is surrounded by a ca-nal, called the “River of Flowers”. It isa zoning tool as well as a substitute topark-fences. Concrete flowers in theshape of the Prunus Mei allow visitorsto cross the canal. A night the waterlevel is raised, flooding the flowers.These will light up to create a colorfulboulevard. 25
  23. 23. 高雄都會公園Culture 文化 地位The park should contribute to thecultural life of Kaohsiung. By the use 高雄都會公園of the existing planting, the Banyantrees, and the existing premises,the Barracks and the activities that 蓮花潭are already undertaken, the parkaddresses to the cultural history of thespot. Additionally, the MetropolitanPark should be a seedbed for newcultural activities and, create and 澄清湖stimulate new opportunities.The Park celebrates the development 愛河 壽山of the new National KaohsiungPerforming Arts Centre that willcontribute to the new identity. 衛武營 台灣海峽26
  24. 24. Mecanoo Architects QuickTime™ en een -decompressor zijn vereist om deze afbeelding weer te geven.Mecanoo Architects 27
  25. 25. For the Birds 生態28
  26. 26. 53,33For the BirdsThis part of the park will be reservedfor an ecological area, mostly off limitsto visitor of the park.Birds and other local creatures arebeing allowed to trive. In a regionalcontext the park will function as step-ping stone between ecologicalhabitats. It will also be a time capsuleof the current condition of the (mili-tary) park. 29
  27. 27. 30
  28. 28. 31
  29. 29. 高雄都會公園Ecology 生態 價值The park will be a stepping-stonein a greater environmental andecological structure of Kaohsiung- 高雄都會公園city and its natural setting. The Parkshould obtain an internal ecologicalbalance but should also play a role 蓮花潭in the greater regional structures.The Wei-Wu-Ying Metropolitan Parkshould link to the whole structureof parks in the city and the natural 澄清湖environment of Kaohsiung. A directlink can emerge to the neighbouring 愛河ZongZheng Park and possible links 壽山throughout the city can be reachedby newly planted, existing avenues. 衛武營 台灣海峽32
  30. 30. Habitat 2Habitat 1 Stepping stone 200 Ha 50 Ha 200 Ha 33
  31. 31. For the Neighbourhood 為附近34
  32. 32. 35
  33. 33. For the NeighbourhoodFacilitating neighbourhoodpreserving atmoshpereenhancing present developtmentscreativity zonecommunity centersflexible uses36
  34. 34. 53,33 37
  35. 35. Barracks 軍營Many of the old military barrackswill be given a new recreationalfunction. They will serve as artistworkshops, community centers,restaurants, sport facilities, music, ..38
  36. 36. 39
  37. 37. For the Children 遊憩A large part of the budget will beallocated to create premium play-grounds. These will be thematicallyarranged throughout the park:a climbing tower next to the birdreserve, a water-playground in thebasin, a electronic game-hall nearthe commercial zone. 53,3340
  38. 38. 41
  39. 39. Process 業務流程intense period2,5 weeks from start till completion(creation of the design concept andproduction of the material)Taiwanese partner firm Framelesscommunicating chinese5 jurymembers (architects and urbandesigners) favoured out design42
  40. 40. 43
  41. 41. 44
  42. 42. 45
  43. 43. HKB StedenbouwkundigenRotterdamWestblaak 513012 KD RotterdamThe Netherlands+31 (0)10 436 62 60E-mail: rotterdam@hkbs.nlWebsite: www.hkbs.nl46