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  • 1. Youtube + facebook + Cirrus = ?
  • 2. Exist system of online karaoke Record, upload and score
  • 3. Taiwan karaoke system
  • 4. Karaoke in Hong Kong Singing in room and share with someone Physics location Having lunch and dinner in K-Room
  • 5. Reasons for creating a new onlinekaraoke application The first type is grouping you and your friends at one place to view KTV and sing together. To rent the place and borrow different equipment require lots of money The second type is applying current web2.0 concept- share, the website provide the tool and storage for users to upload their voice. it is difficult for you and your friend to have instant chat and listen your friend singing instantly.
  • 6. Feature of the proposed karaokesystem You can build your own karaoke room and sing to your friend directly and share the happiness with them. User only need to have a facebook account and have installed flash player 10.1, the software can be used. Friend can speak through micorphone and webcam and user can build up their own Kroom. Friends can also listen their songs In the special youtube player, user can find their favour KTV and MV and select the Channel
  • 7. Our technology used on onlinekaraoke Flex : to construct the swf which can be run by every browser except iphone Cirrus: Peer to Peer Technology for video conference Youtube api : KTV/MTV provider Mysql : storage of room information PHP : Facebook api for Authentication of facebook user
  • 8. Flex Open source compiler Xml format describe the layout of program Mixed with actionscript to produce swf run by anywhere
  • 9. Video Streaming on flash Flash Media server vs Red 5 Server based vs Peer to Peer
  • 10. Cirrus Codename Cirrus (previously codename Stratus) enables peer assisted networking using the Real Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP) within the Adobe Flash® Platform. RTMFP is the evolution of media delivery and real time communication over the Internet enabling peers on the network to assist in delivery. Cirrus was first introduced in 2008 as a rendezvous- only service that allowed clients to send data from client to client without passing through a server.
  • 11. History of Cirrus
  • 12. Youtube api Make use of wrapper on actionscript 3.0 on youtube player api and search api
  • 13. Facebook api for Authentication using access token / App Secret
  • 14. Screen capture for system
  • 15. Want to sing Karaoke1. Search karaoke KTV2. On search result of karaoke KTV, click selected KTV and play afterward
  • 16. To communicate with your friendinteractively If you have installed the webcam, your video will be shown on left hand corner
  • 17. To communicate with your friendinteractively Press friends video, the video become larger. Click again, the video will become normal
  • 18. Function of player 1. Pause the play of video 2. Resume the play of video 3. Full Screen
  • 19. Function of player 4 Echo your voice. If you want to listen your voice, you can press the button of "Speaker no echo"(which next to full screen button). 5. Channel Selection. Press different channels to control the output of voice, for example, "Right Channel" only output the sound on right speaker.
  • 20. Added feature for Karaoke system Record your voice(record in wave format) Download mp3 (exist on Chinese version) redirect to a YouTube mp3 extract website for user
  • 21. Demo English version Chinese version
  • 22. Thank You!Contact: Ronald LOEmail :