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Strategic performance consultancy p iv1


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  • 1. behavior drive the best strategic plans . . . Welcome to Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Strategic PerformanceStrategic Performance ConsultancyConsultancy Ron Cerminaro, R.Ph.Ron Cerminaro, R.Ph.
  • 2. Agenda Why Pharmaceutical Insights The Journey Begins Strategic Performance Consultancy Defined Contact Information
  • 3. The Secret to Success Begins With Asking the Right Questions • How do we identify strong and weak strategic results? • Is our data valid? • Do our tactics effectively change behavior? • How should we respond to controllable and uncontrollable trends? • Do we have the tools to maximize upside profit potential and minimize downside risk? • What changes are necessary to amplify the power of our functional groups? • Can we recognize the innovation necessary to improve strategic advantage? Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Helps You Identify the Right Questions
  • 4. Intuitive Answers Produce Competitive Advantage So How Does Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Help Your Team Meet the Challenge of a ‘Must Win’ Market Place? We Produce the Answers You Need through So You Can Deliver Results, Rather Than Give Excuses
  • 5. Strategic Performance Consulting – Integration of Knowledge & Expertise Produces Wisdom Knowledge solves one problem – Wisdom is a Factory of Solutions Needed in a Dynamic Pharmaceutical Industry Our Wisdom is Empowering
  • 6. Analyzing – Accurate Assessments Form the Foundation of Evidence-Based Decisions • Proprietary Processes Develop Derivative Tools • Benchmark Reporting Produces True System-Specific Comparators • Simultaneous Analytics Expose Hidden Opportunities • Documented Expectations Determine Achieved Productivity • Unique Trend Progressions Position Your Business for Future Success and Sustainability • Validation of Data Ensures Useful Results • Cross-Category Exercises Present Surprising Insights • Visualization of Geographic Data Clarifies Opportunities and Effectiveness • Conversion of Qualitative Data to Quantitative Data Yields Answers to Multi-Faceted Questions Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Customizes Each Analysis with Available Data through Proven Techniques
  • 7. Business Modeling – Interactive Tool Maps the Destinations of Scenario Planning Incorporates Important Parameters: • Business Drivers and Barriers • Sequencing of Events • Rates of Change • Effects of Limiting Factors • Market Mechanics and Dynamics • Cost Impacts • Revenue Streams Our Unique Tool Exposes Faults and Opportunities in Strategic Plans Before Implementation
  • 8. Forecasting – Deep Knowledge of the Market, Logistics, and Distribution Variables Produces Vision Has a Direct Affect On: • Demand Management • Production • Logistics • Reverse Distribution • Seasonal and Holiday Shipment Patterns • Launch Deals (Allowances and Buys) • Budgets • Accrual Planning • Marketing Focus and Targets • Sales Force Resources • Contracting and Consumer Discounts Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Understands the Drivers of Product Flow and Its Importance to Business
  • 9. Strategizing – Leverages the Mechanics and Dynamics of the Industry Infrastructure Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Addresses Customer Needs with Business Acumen to Produce Unique Advantages The Strategic Focus has Trended Back to the Customer Due to an Internet Driven, Fundamental Shift in the Balance of Medical Knowledge
  • 10. Business Engineering – New Realities in a Dynamic Industry Require Constant Reinvention Our Results are the Ultimate Measure of Success Architect of Greenstone Ltd Turnaround for Pharmacia Architect of Patriot Pharmaceuticals Startup for Johnson & Johnson Architect of Wallace Pharmaceuticals Startup for Meda Pharmaceuticals Architect of a new Trade Channel Marketing Practice for Access Communications Architect and Author of a Pharmacy Operating System for Pathmark Stores based on AS400 Warehouse Billing Data Today’s Success is Derived from the Most Efficient Use of a Complex System of Processes and Capabilities, Through Ingenuity, Creativity, and Innovation
  • 11. Innovating – Building Extraordinary Advantages from Ordinary Events for the First Time We Cure “The ‘Impossible’ Mindset” with Innovation »Linking Data from Two Systems Created a Super Program Documentation to End Business Disputes and Backlog of Unauthorized Deductions »Designing a Low Inventory Report Predicted Lost Shipments and Dramatically Improved Service Levels, Sales, and Profitability »Developing a New Stocking Tool for Low Distribution Pharmaceuticals Improved Retail Sales and Collaboration with Physicians »Exposing Hidden Barriers with Unprecedented Segmentation Tools Produced Significant Opportunities in Areas Thought to be High Volume Regions »Incorporating Fixed and Variable Expenses, Profitability, and Portfolio Support into Selling Philosophy and Defense Strategy Elevated National Sales »Combining Map Technology and Proprietary Databases Targeted Physicians, Pharmacists, and Sales Reps With Meaningful Messages at a Zip Code Level
  • 12. Marketing – Delivering Persuasive Messaging About Value Influences Customer Behavior
  • 13. All Journeys Begin by Accurately Understanding Your Starting Point Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Can Provide • Understanding of the Market Drivers and Barriers • Competitive Analysis of Current Landscape • Differentiation of Market Segments • Exposure of ‘Opportunity Markets’ to Build Business • Identification of ‘Success Markets’ to Defend Business • Strategic and Tactical Initiative Options • Predictive Scenarios Due to Future Impact of Impending Business Pressures
  • 14. Collaboration With Your Team Builds Instant Rapport and Trust Agreement Across All Stakeholders is Our Primary Goal • Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC Becomes an Extension of Your Team • Strategic Purpose is Collectively Defined • All Silos are Connected and Information Shared • Actionable Insights are Derived by All from the Data • Tactical Initiatives are Built on Previous Internal Learnings • Coordination Across Functions Ensure Successful Execution • High-Performance Business Outcomes are Achieved
  • 15. Winning Any Competition is Based On Three Parameters • Faster – Speed to the Answers Needed for Market Readiness, Launch Readiness, and Adjustments to Strategic Plan, Resulting in Market Share and Revenue Growth • Stronger – Integrated Knowledge of All Aspects of the Brand & Generic Supply Chain Mechanics and Dynamics, Leads to More Powerful Processes, Procedures, and Strategies. • Smarter – True Understanding of the Brand & Generic Industry from the Customer’s Perspective Based on Direct Experience at Each Stakeholder Level, Leads to Intuitive Decisions and More Effective Commercial Results
  • 16. Strategic Leadership is Critical to a Forward Looking Plan Leadership is an approach to the future that involves aligning policies, practices, capabilities, and resources to realize a new vision after examination of current and anticipated factors associated with customers, competitors, and the firm. We Help You Succeed at Strategic Leadership by
  • 17. Extraordinary Execution Maximizes Strategic Performance Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC has Developed World- Class Capabilities to Convert Your Strategic Plans Into Actionable Tactics • National Network of Pharmaceutical Executives • Proprietary Databases of Health Care Professionals for Extensive Reach • Full Service Production and Mail Fulfillment House • Pharmacy Advisory Panel Moderation We Support Your Plan from Inception to Completion
  • 18. Why Pharmaceutical Insights, LLC? We Offer • 30+ years first-hand industry experience • Personalized service • Fresh ideas • Strategic plans that meet or exceed your marketing goals We Will • Challenge your thinking and inspire actions that lead to success • Identify and focus your priorities and desired results • Brainstorm new perspectives and viable solutions We know commercialization inside and out, and the types of challenges and obstacles you’re up against. We’ve built high performance teams, new business models, and unique tools to help senior executives grow their businesses to new heights. We are passionate about this industry, and creating success for our clients. Your Success is Our Product!
  • 19. Testimonials – Significant Accomplishments Make Satisfied Customers “Ron is a strategic Pharma business process consultant – guru level. We worked together at J&J in defining their (at the time) new startup Patriot’s recommended IT ecosystem (me) and end-to-end business processes (Ron). He basically drove the formation of the core business processes for the entire company – truly brilliant stuff. Unusual depth and breadth of knowledge.” Jim Stagnitto, Practice Director, Information Services at A2C “Thank you very much for the crisp and informative presentation that you made yesterday, that too at short notice. It did help calibrate our understanding of the complex pricing process, and will equip us to better define and develop future steps relating to the business. “ Satish Srinivasan, CEO at Orchid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Orgenus Pharma
  • 20. Your Brand Deserves Real Answers and Real Capabilities Produced from Our Unique Perspective 732-873-2113 For More Information, Call…