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  • 1. Deploying an SOA to support collaborating working for the internal integration of migrants Issues and Experiences 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien Thomas Kreitschmann 1
  • 2. The Environment: The federal system of Germany 16 Federal States The Federal Republic of Germany with… 301 Counties 08.10.2008 Communities Vienna - Wien 2
  • 3. The federal System in the field of migration Different Authorities in different levels of the federal system handling migration Federal Office Foreign Missions for Migration and and Asylum Seekers Embassies Federal Police Foreigner‘s Authority 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 3
  • 4. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 4
  • 5. The functions of the Federal Office in the field of migration • The implementation of asylum procedures • International assignments, protection of refugees and the promotion of voluntary return • The promotion of integration • Research into migration and integration • The Information Centre for Asylum and Migration • Resources and administration, information technology and communications technology, statistics 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 5
  • 6. Decentralised structure 1 Braunschweig 2 Oldenburg 3 Bremen 4 Hamburg with airport adjacent. 5 Lübeck 6 Düsseldorf with airport adjacent. 7 Bielefeld 8 Reutlingen 9 Karlsruhe 10 Lebach 11 Zirndorf 12 Munich with airport adjacent. 13 Würzburg 14 Jena-Forst 15 Nostorf (Horst) 16 Eisenhüttenstadt 17 Berlin with airport adjacent. 18 Chemnitz 19 Gießen 20 Halberstadt 21 Trier 22 Frankfurt Airport 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien Cologne and Dortmund Specialist departments 6 Branch offices A B of the Central Office
  • 7. Business environment of BAMF Other Other EU-authorities EU-authorities Other Other EU-authorities EU-authorities supreme Federal authority 3rd-Party stakeholders Federal security authorities ´´ BAMF court Federal State authority Different security layer commune citizen
  • 8. What does that mean in technics ? One Business Process Different technical needs 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 8 How can all this be connected ?
  • 9. Our Example IT System: Integration course Federal Integration Office of Foreigner’s Authority course Migration provider and Refugees InGe SW ABH SW Kursverw 08.10.2008 Direct coupling in a shared process via services Vienna - Wien
  • 10. What are our experiences ? •Start small but think big, or: you need a blueprint •Security is the success factor, or: take care when travelling between many places •Don‘t reinvent the wheel, or: make it reusable 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 10
  • 11. Start small but think big Many Components in many places…. or … not feasible without a blueprint 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 11
  • 12. An example Think Big Start Small 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 12
  • 13. Security is the success factor Each house is secure… but what happens in between ? …but not the whole story without end- to – end – security Service A Service B Service C 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 13
  • 14. Part # 1: Security infrastructure Every House uses a security infrastructure: •specialised basis services handling the issue •security components like firewalls etc. part of Service Architecture „for every house it‘ s own gatekeeper“ 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 14
  • 15. Concept „Trusted Domain“ supreme Federal authority Security Security 3rd-Party stakeholders BAMF court Security commune citizen 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien Every Security Service Knows: who can access which service 15
  • 16. Don‘t reinvent the wheel Process A Adress- Adress- Search- Service Service Service Service: Process B complete form •Services are reusable, they can be used in different processes •Do not design too special ! 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 16
  • 17. Conclusion Service Oriented Archtitecture (SOA) • Network of components in different platforms makes flexible systems in flexible processes •Security is the key issue •Think big start small •Produce once, use in many processes 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 17
  • 18. Questions ? 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 18
  • 19. Thank you for your kind attention Thomas Kreitschmann eMail: thomas.kreitschmann@bamf.bund.de 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 19
  • 20. Backup 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien 20
  • 21. Structure of the Federal Office President Senior Management Support Team Dr. Albert Schmid Press, Public Requests, Coordination, Internal Audit, Confidential Communication Management of Special Tasks Corruption Protection Events Prevention Commissioner, Commissioner Internal Security Research Panel Research Migration Expert Forum Asylum Vice-President Panel Prof. Dr. Roche Prof Dr. Grüske PräsBayVHGHüffner Dr. Griesbeck Directorate 1 Directorate 2 Directorate 3 Directorate 4 Directorate 5 International Tasks, Asylum Procedure Ressourcesand Migration Research and Integration Asylum Procedure, Right of Implementation, Regional Administration Migration Policy, Information Residence, Security, Coordination of Integration, an Communication Information Centre Asylum Migartion Taks, EU Funds Technology, and Migration Certification Authority Chief Information Officer (CIO) Subdivision 21 Subdivision 31 Subdivision 41 Subdivision M A Asylum Procedure, International Tasks, Central Aspectsof Information Centre, Migration Tasks, EU-Funds European Law, Integration, Regional Integration Asylum and Migration Ressourcesand Certification Authority Return Support, Integration Program, OfficesBY, BW, S RP, L, Administration EU-Financal Coordination Public RelationsIntegration HE, TH, SN Assessment Team 1a Subdivision 22 Subdivision 32 Subdivison 42 Subdivision M B Asylum Procedure, Fundamental Aspectsof Linguistic Education, Asylum Procedure Migration Tasks, Commissioner for Equal Migration, Integration Courses, Management, Regional Integration Employment Migartion Research, Test Procedures, Special Procedure, OfficesBE, BB, HH, SH, Opportunities Central ForeignersRegister, Financal Matters Right of Residence MV, HB, NI, S NW T, Statistics Data Protetcion Commissioner Subdivision 43 EU-Funds Subdivision 23 Subdivision 33 National and International Measuresof Integration Operative Interdisciplinary IT-Procedures, Support, TaksAsylum, ProccessManagement IT-Consolidation, Jewish Immigrants, Security (Federal Commissioner für Asylum IT-Security Initial Migration Counselling Matters) In acc. With Section 87b of the Asylum Procedure Act in ist most 08.10.2008 recently amended version Vienna - Wien 21
  • 22. Project-Background initial Situation Public authority for stakeholders involved foreigners in integration 08.10.2008 Vienna - Wien