3D Modelling Portfolio for SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer
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3D Modelling Portfolio for SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer






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3D Modelling Portfolio for SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer 3D Modelling Portfolio for SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer Presentation Transcript

  • Ro n a kCh o u d h a r y B .E n g ,Me c h a n i c a l (2011)Samples of 3D Modeling carried outwith various software packagesDemonstrating proficiency in Mechanical Design
  • Pro/Engineer SamplesThe following images present samples ofwork carried out during my final year atuniversity. The objective of this project wasto design a transmission system to deliverpower from a 2.5 hp engine. Solidmodeling was carried out usingPro/Engineer
  • Various modeling tools were utilized to create complexgeometrical shapes and features Nuts and Bolts complete with threadsCentrifugal Clutch with springsand shaft hole View slide
  • Shapes were modeled realistically and made visuallyappealing in order to compete against other design teams Spur Gears with key holes Roller Bearing assembly complete with cylindrical elements View slide
  • Complex geometry was modeled using various tools Coupling, nuts and bolts Shaft with keys together in exploded view
  • Various components were accurately assembled to create atransmission Coupling Driven Shaft Gear Bearing Pinion Bearing Driving Clutch Shaft
  • The gear housing was designed based on the placement ofvarious transmission components....... Gearbox with openings for various shafts
  • ...And perfectly accommodated with the transmission
  • SolidWorks SamplesThe following images present samples of workcarried out during my Co-op placement at theNational Research Council. This was done todocument the design of a test rig in greatdetail with all major and minor components.Solid modeling was carried out usingSolidWorks
  • Small and large components were accurately modeled Gasoline Port Fuel Injector Cartridges present within fuel vaporizer
  • And precisely combined to create sub-assembliesCross Sectional and Isometric views: Fuel Injector and Vaporizercombined with various elements to create passageway for fuel flow
  • Single cylinder research engine and fuel injection system with view ofcombustion chamber and internal passages
  • Owing to the large number of components, placementrequired a great deal of visualization Spray Chamber with outer and inner views
  • The positioning of various components and sub-assemblies ofthe test rig was studied using blueprints such as this..... Piping and Instrumentation Diagram of the Test Rig
  • ......To create an complete model of the Test Rig 3D Model of the Test Rig
  • Catia V5 SamplesOver the past few months, I have beenlearning to use Catia V5. The following imagesare samples of designing I carried out with theuse of tutorials. I have become proficient inthe basic tools and functions of Catia V5 andwill soon gain expertise with advancedfeatures.
  • I’m capable of creating basic objects using Catia Water Bottle Wheel
  • As well as entities with varying features Shapes created during interactive tutorials
  • Capitalize on my talent