Biology Lesson8.3


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Biology Lesson8.3

  1. 1. The Brain – Lesson 8.3Three Major Parts of the Brain1. Cerebrum2. Cerebellum3. Brain stem
  2. 2. Brainstem
  3. 3. 1. CerebrumoDivided into two hemispheres oRight – creative, big picture oLeft – logical, mathematicaloRight side of brain controls the left side of the bodyoLeft side of the brain controls the right side of the body
  4. 4. Longitudinal fissuredivides two halves ofcerebrum
  5. 5. oTwo sides connected by thecorpus callosum a nerve bundle
  6. 6. oCerebrum consist of both graymatter and white matteroGray matter on the outsidecalled cerebral cortexo and white matter on the insideoPage 171 in text
  7. 7. Note: Brain is convoluted orfolded to get more in a tightspace.So well designed equivalent allphone cable of world into athimble – WOW!
  8. 8. Four division or pairs of lobes of the cerebrumFrontal lobes (right and left)Parietal lobes (right and left)Occipital lobes (right and left)Temporal lobe (right and left)
  9. 9. Frontal lobe: location of personality, judgment and self controlMotor area of frontal lobe – partof frontal lobe in the rear portioncontrols the voluntary movement of the skeletal muscles.
  10. 10. Parietal lobes: analyzes the sensesSpecific areas in lobe for specificareas of the body.
  11. 11. Occipital lobe: sense of visionTemporal lobes: sense of hearing,smell and taste, also long termmemory
  12. 12. Three Major Parts of the Brain1. Cerebrum2. Cerebellum second largest brain region; means little brain right and left hemispheres white and gray matter tightly packed, convoluted
  13. 13. 2. CerebellumFunction:To take over the skeletal musclecontrol from the cerebrum so itis free to think about biology!Cerebrum slowly gives up aspractice (ex. Basketball layup,bike riding)
  14. 14. Three Major Parts of the Brain1. Cerebrum2. Cerebellum3. Brain stem located between cerebrum and spinal cord
  15. 15. 3 parts to brain stem:a. medulla oblongata• lowest section of brain stem•regulates breathing, bloodpressure, and other vital functions•crossover occurs in medullaoblongate
  16. 16. 3 parts to brain stem: a. medulla oblongatab. Pons  links cerebrum and cerebellum  assist medulla in regulating breathing  coordinates eye movement
  17. 17. 3 parts to brain stem: a. medulla oblongata b. Ponsc. Midbrain located above the pons coordinates eye movements and pupil dilation contains reticular formation
  18. 18. Reticular Formation:On/off switch of cerebrumSwitches cerebral cortex on youwake and are conscious/off you goto sleep, adjust level of alertnessDamage = coma
  19. 19. Reticular formation nuclei are locatedthroughout the brain stem.
  20. 20. Limbic System a number of complex brain structuresaround the brain stem.
  21. 21. Limbic system includes:thalamus – switch board –sends pulses to right place inbrainhypothalamus – control unitfor autonomic and endocrinesystems (adrenaline)