NCS Client Presentation


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Presentation designed for prospective clients of National Credit Solutions in McKinney, TX.

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NCS Client Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation Prepared for Prospective Cli t P ti Client
  2. 2. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  3. 3. Ncs multiphase system ™ • As the name implies, our trademarked MultiPhase™ System consists of several phases that we perform  on our client’s behalf.  • Typically, in the first two phases, we go directly to the three reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax, and  TransUnion, and perform an audit to ensure that all the laws have been followed by the credit reporting  agencies and that the files have been documented according to the law. • In phases three and four, we conduct a certified validation of debt with original creditors and collection  companies and a certified validation of public records. • In phase five, we begin the process over. p g p • Throughout this process, we also work with the client on an individual basis to ensure that the client is  utilizing their existing credit so as to maximize their credit scores. This also includes, if necessary, assisting  the client in obtaining new lines of credit. •We have several other programs available, including our Guaranteed 700 Program.  Please contact us for  more details on all of our exclusive programs! Note:  Because no two credit files are the same, our MultiPhase System will vary per individual.  The phases above are shown as a guide only. Note: Because no two credit files are the same our MultiPhase System will vary per individual The phases above are shown as a guide only National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  4. 4. Our unique process • Clients in our MultiPhase™ System can expect the very best deletion ratio in the industry. Most clients will see a majority of their d l h d l ll f h deletions occur in the first two to three phases of our program. • Clients are instructed on their responsibilities and will have periodic follow C e ts a e st ucted o t e espo s b t es a d a e pe od c o o ups from their Client Services Representative while in our program. •A Client Services Representative will be working with the Client to make sure th are utilizing th i credit so as t maximize th i credit scores— they tili i their dit to i i their dit whether this involves acquiring new credit or educating the client on paying down balances, etc. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  5. 5. What makes a great Credit score? Payment History‐ 35% of the score Payment History‐ 35% of the score • Severity‐ How bad are the delinquencies? • Recency‐ How recent are they? • Frequency‐ How many times did it occur? Amount owed‐ 30% of the score • Large outstanding balances on installment accounts • The ratio of balances to credit limits on revolving accounts Length of credit history‐15% of the score • Age of trade lines (the age of the oldest account, the average age of account, or both) New credit 10% of the score New credit‐ 10% of the score • Number of inquiries and new account openings  Types of credit used‐ 10% of the score • Number of trade lines reported for each type: Bankcards retail department store Number of trade lines reported for each type: Bankcards, retail, department store, installment loans, etc. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  6. 6. Client responsibilities In our programs Some things that we may require a client to do while in our MultiPhase program: • Clients must be able to pay bills on time.  We counsel the client to insure that they are taking care of their  financial responsibilities in a timely manner. • If the client is currently late on existing accounts, it is necessary they have the ability to become current on all  accounts. • Keep balances low on credit cards and other revolving credit. • Pay off debt rather than move it around We will consult with the client to pay down revolving debt if necessary Pay off debt rather than move it around. We will consult with the client to pay down revolving debt, if necessary. • Help client re‐establish credit, if necessary. We have several avenues to assist the client in this regard. • Manage credit cards by making payments on time and keeping balances below 20% of credit limit. • Do rate shopping for a loan within a focused period of time. • Don’t open a number of new accounts that may be harmful to the credit score. • Keep unused credit cards open. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  7. 7. What is the cost of bad credit? Financing $300,000 on 30 year mortgage Credit Rating Interest Rate Monthly Payment Additional Cost       of Bad Credit Good 6.001% $1,799 $0 700 credit score Fair 6.590% $1,914 $41,400 660 credit score Poor 9.205% $2,458 $237,240 580 credit score *Rates are for comparison only. Actual rates may vary. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  8. 8. Derogatory items we attack Payment History Slow Pay & Late Payments Collections Paid Collections Charged Off Accounts Ch d Off A t Paid Charge Offs Repossessions Foreclosures Settled Accounts Accounts included in Bankruptcy Accounts included in Bankruptcy Public Records Bankruptcies (Dismissed & Discharged) p ( g ) Judgments (Satisfied or Open) Tax Liens (Paid or Unpaid) Identification Inaccuracies Id tifi ti I i Incorrect Names / Aliases / AKAs Incorrect Social Security Numbers Incorrect  Date of Birth Previous Addresses Outdated and obsolete information National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  9. 9. Sample results Second Phase results from Experian Experian Results Trans Union Results 13 out of 13 accounts deleted in Second Phase 17 out of 26 accounts deleted in First Phase National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  10. 10. What our clients say about NCS I have to thank NCS for what they have done for me. My credit score has done nothing but go up!!! I would like to thank Samuel Chapa especially for all of his hard work and for answering my calls and emails. Vaughn H PS - Here’s a picture of what good credit can buy! National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  11. 11. What our clients say about NCS To National Credit Solutions, Misty, Since my credit has been restored, I am now a new home owner.  I was able to get 100% financing in I received my first response back from a creditor – TransUnion. You cannot even fact.  I was referred to Deanna Power by a mortgage loan officer and from that day forward, my life  imagine how excited I was when I discovered that one of the items deleted was one changed dramatically.  Only in my dreams did I think I could be a home owner and thanks to National  of the largest and most traumatic items that I really wanted deleted from my credit! It Credit Solutions and Deanna Power, that dream is now a reality. as an item that my ex-husband was ordered to pay at the time of our divorce and chose not to, but because it was a joint account, it hit me, too. j If anyone is skeptical, don t be.  This company does what they say they will do.  They never over  If anyone is skeptical don’t be This company does what they say they will do They never over promise and under deliver!  In fact, I trusted them so much that I have sent my best friend, brother in  I’m SO grateful for the work already done, and I’m excited to see how many more law, both sisters and my wife to have their credit restored.  They all are VERY HAPPY with their  items can be cleaned up! I’ve attached the response here, but am also sending the results of the program. original via regular mail. This is not only an exercise in credit clean up, but emotional healing as well!! In closing, my thanks to all that played a part in this process of bettering my credit and especially my  personal consultant, Deanna Power.  If you are thinking about using their services, ask for Deanna,  Thanks and have a great day!! she is the best.  I know she is extremely busy every day, all day and when I had to call her for  something, she always made time for me and made me feel like I was the only client she had. something she always made time for me and made me feel like I was the only client she had Deborah Forever grateful, J Hightower To: Deanna Power Dear Deanna, , Subject: Thank You I really want to thank you for everything you have done. The credit scores are Thank you for changing my life! I signed up for your services at the end of really looking amazing. I AM NOT disappointed!!! I am amazed at how much November 2007 with the goal of purchasing my own home and I am already a has been done in such a short length of time. Please understand one of my new home owner within 4 months! Also, I wanted to ask you to keep working MANY faults is lack of patience!! HaHa on my credit. My scores are way up but I want to get them as high as possible. I really do appreciate you trying so hard to get us a mortgage but I know the time isn’t right. I don’t want to end up in the same position I was in before. I can wait I hi hl recommend National Credit Solutions and my personal consultant, highly d N ti l C dit S l ti d l lt t until it is the right time. And I know you will be the first one to tell me when that Deanna Power. If you are contemplating a program to help your credit, JUST time comes! DO IT. Thank you again!! Thank you again to the entire National Credit Solutions team! Kim C SPRING, TEXAS 77379 Kindest Regards, Danny S Ardmore, Oklahoma National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  12. 12. What our clients say about NCS National Credit Solutions: I was first introduced to NCS when I was in the market for a new home.  My credit was less than average and I was finding that I wasn’t able to afford to  purchase all that I wanted due to my interest rates.  I was handed Deanna  Power’s card and told to give your company a call.  I was skeptical at first, but  after research I gave it a try.  It has been a wonderful experience!  My scores are up several points already and the process isn’t quite finished.  Deanna has  l i l d d h i ’ i fi i h d D h been a great consultant.  She always returns my calls and E‐Mails promptly,  and has a full answer to all my questions, it’s like she has time to spend with  me when I need her.  That is “RARE” in today’s business World!!! The research department is fast and efficient and gives me regular updates, so  I don’t have to wonder what, or if, anything is being done for my money, “I  KNOW” a‐lot is being done!!  I would recommend this company to anyone who  KNOW” a lot is being done!! I o ld recommend this compan to an one ho is concerned about their credit situation and needs a little help to get it on the  right track!!  I feel that your company will make a huge difference in our  financial situation when we finally decide to purchase a home, vehicle, or any  other major investment relying on a credit score.  Thank you so very much!!! Jason & Amy M March 07, 2008 March 07 2008 Dear Misty, I wanted to thank you for everything that you worked so hard to improve my credit. After bankruptcy, I could not get a better rate for the house for several years. You helped me in a lot less than 6 months. I went from paying 18% on a 2002 Dodge Stratus, with a principal of $11,000, I found Tyler from the Mortgage company on the internet and talked to him Tyler mentioned to him. cause that’s all I could afford, to paying 9% on a 2006 BMW 530i S i h ’ ll ld ff d i Series. All of f me about you and gave me your email. I was very happy that I found you. You were able to help me have better credit for the near future and you helped me find a better rate on the house. I this was done in a little over one month of getting started with NCS. They took want to thank you and your company for everything! I think that it is very important to talk to you care of everything swiftly and efficiently! Tim was very professional and has about my credit. It is worth so much and the price is great, it is very important so I would save thousands of money when I get a lower rate. kept in touch with me throughout the process. That’s my old car parked next to my new one! I will recommend my friends and people who need to talk about their credit to you and your company. You changed my lifestyle and I am very happy now that you helped me. DC B Burgess, D ll TX Dallas I want to thank you for your big help and hard work. I appreciate that! Truly, Jeffrey Midland, TX National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  13. 13. Why use ncs? • Surety bond in place for the protection of all of our clients •Registered with the Secretary of State • Business Liability Insurance • Software system to help project "what if" scenarios for predicting future credit scores. • All audits sent out by US Mail or Certified mail.  NO BULK MAILING and no metered mail. •M j i Majority of our clients referred by mortgage loan originators, realtors, attorneys and auto dealerships.  f li f db l i i l d d l hi • We utilize legal tactics, therefore we can work directly with Public Records, collection companies and  original creditors. •NCS can also work on ChexSystems accounts.** •We work to Standardize your ID information on your credit file. • Continuing education on "how to" for clients with maintaining high credit scores. Continuing education on  how to for clients with maintaining high credit scores • Free credit consultation for 36 months after restoration is complete.  •Raising your credit scores is all we do.  We do not sell mortgages, houses, automobiles or vehicle  financing;  however, we can put you in touch with a professional in those fields. **Work on ChexSystems accounts is a separate program from our MultiPhase Programs. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  14. 14. Our credentials National Credit Solutions is Insured, Bonded and Registered with the Secretary of State National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  15. 15. Helping you obtain your goals At National Credit Solutions, our goal is to help you reach your goals, whether it is buying a new home, car, or simply having better credit for future use. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540
  16. 16. Our mission statement At National Credit Solutions our only mission is to change the lives of our clients by restoring their credit and their confidence to a level that allows them to achieve their dreams and goals of obtaining homes, cars and endless opportunities. National Credit Solutions 2035 Central Circle – Suite 107 McKinney, TX 75069 866 485-2540