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I was Dilly-Dallying Diet: How to Lose Fat

I was Dilly-Dallying Diet: How to Lose Fat



So as I reflected on this wantreprenuerial attitude, I saw a picture of me from a few years ago and got reminded of my struggles in my first few months way, way back when I was fat, unhealthy and ate ...

So as I reflected on this wantreprenuerial attitude, I saw a picture of me from a few years ago and got reminded of my struggles in my first few months way, way back when I was fat, unhealthy and ate everything in front of me. This is very similar to the newbie situation I wanted to write about. So I decided to write about how I overcame the rice…



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    I was Dilly-Dallying Diet: How to Lose Fat I was Dilly-Dallying Diet: How to Lose Fat Document Transcript

    • I Was Dilly-Dallying Diet – How To Lose Fat Part 1http://www.empowernetwork.com/epicduo/blog/i- was- dilly- dallying- diet- how- to- lose- fat- part- 1?id=epicduo December 10, 2012How to lose fatI wrote a post last week about the power of the mind andseriously, I didn’t think it would turn out to be on fitness andmotivation. I intended to write about how newbies quit in theirfirst months in Internet Marketing because of the overload ofinformation and misinformation that’s currently presentedonline. I know it is easy to get discouraged, frustrated andsaying “I quit” gets easier by the minute.Guys, this is not cool.Never ever give up.Is this really about How to Lose Fat?…yes yes, I’ll get to it I swear!So as I ref lect ed on t his want reprenuerial at t it ude, I saw apicture of me from a few years ago and got reminded of mystruggles in my first few months way, way back when I was fat, unhealthy and ate everything in frontof me. This is very similar to the newbie situation I wanted to write about. So I decided to writeabout how I overcame the rice…It’s all belief.I bet some of you are thinking right now, “this guy is sh*ttin’ me!”“I can’t lose 50 pounds just like that!”“This is another one of those How to lose fat and still be fat articles!”Lol.I’ll stop you right there.Let me tell you about my story on how I lost 90 pounds.If you read through our Epic Fit Series posts, where I shared how I was a chubby kid who ate toomuch, learned how t o lose f at and proceeded to become lean even though no one thought it waspossible. I lost 30 pounds in a month.Lit erally in a mont h.How? It’s all outlined below.The next month, I proceeded to lose another 25 pounds. Over the next few months and years tocome, another 40 pounds. I will outline my other diets and crazy theories in another post. But one
    • fact remains true, success depends on you.It’s like what I always say, think big.Think really, really big.And start small.If you believe you can do it with all you’ve got, you can achieve anyt hing.I always hear people saying that there is no magic pill, no one thing that can make it all happen.There is.It ’s your belief .…Actually lose, on How to lose fatTechnically, in order to know how to lose fat or gain weight, you need to reprogram your body.Contrary to what most gurus believe and preach that these are done separately, you can actuallydo both… at the same time.Enter “I Was Dilly-Dallying” DietThis plan involves:
    • a lot of protein a lot of good fats a lot of green veggies, beans and organic veggies following a weekly schedule a cheat meal twice a week. Explained later. all things positive a whole lotta determination being accountable and utter dedicationSo why all the motivational stuff? Because belief is 99% of the battle.Here is the no gym, no treadmill one-two punch combo…diet to kickstart your dayAlways eat 3 to 4 small to medium meals a day.Choose high protein sources like eggs, fish, and chicken. Some red meat occasionally.Eat a lot of fatty sources like avocados, cheeses and nutsCarb sources should be slow digesting like beans and all green veggies.A t ypical breakf ast would be:3 eggs, 2 bacon slices and a cheese slice.A small salad with avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppersBe creative.
    • A t ypical meal would be:A fillet of fish or a 1/4 of a chicken (white or dark)A bean mix salad w/ cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, etc…Again, be creative.
    • Eat this for the next 2 weeks. And this is the extent of the diet. No more, no less. Now, every 3rdand 7t h day, you get a cheat meal. Assuming you’re going from Monday to Sunday, this mealwould fall on Wednesdays and Sundays. Make sure you have a variety of foods within yourselection. Replace one of the four meals on those days, with a cheat meal of your choice. Be verycreative. You only get one every 3 and 4 days.Then, switch, stop all dieting and go back to your regular way of eating.The point of it all…The point of this is to reprogram your body to eat the same portion of meals (not same foods allthe time) 3 or 4 t imes a day, so it knows, adjusts and creates a deficit in your available energystores. Your available energy can be found in many different places… your daily food intake your glycogen stores (carbs, energy) from your muscles and liver your fat storesWhen your body senses that it is not getting everything it that it needs (in food deficit) andnormally gets, it t akes what it needs f rom your glycogen st ores. Now, at this point you will feelsomewhat dizzy because your body is sucking out the energy out of your muscles and liver. Forsome, it will last a few days, some will even pass out but this is exaggerated. It really is just a fewdays of hunger and non stop craziness, but this is only in the first week.Now, this diet promotes eating slow carb sources like beans, so really, you are not running out of
    • glycogen st ores (carbs for energy). So grabbin’ for that candy bar, that bag of popcorn or thatswirly TCBY cone just isn’t justifiable. You are merely reducing their levels to promote the extended,and more beneficial after effect of it, which is…Tapping into your fat storesThere is a reason that fat loss takes time. Bodybuilders will usually lose their muscle definition(flattening out) within their first week of dieting. But they’re not really losing muscle at all, in fact it’sthe glycogen stores that makes them poofy to begin with. Remember, poof = too much carbs.On someone wit h a lot of muscle, poof = too much carbs = jacked.Now, on to the reason why the next stage is crucial.Ent er f at loss. This is how to lose fat. At this point, your glycogen stores will be fairly mid-range(good for diabetics as it helps maintain good insulin levels, but even better if it’s lower). The loweryour glycogen levels get , t he lower insulin levels go. Secretion of insulin depends on thepresence of glycogen in the body.Now, when your insulin levels are low, a beneficial hormone takes over that stabilizes you, andmakes you be a little more sane. Glucagon. This hormone balances out the homeostasis in yourbody just so you dont go out of whack. There is a lot to this hormone and I can keep talking aboutit all day long. But we’ll keep things simple.Just remember, high insulin = bad.On the topic of HomeostasisBalance. It’s all about balance. When your insulingoes really low, it really doesn’t have much choice butto stabilize or go lower. The “lowness” it gets,depends on how accustomed you are to the diet, andfor half of the people, it’s when you feel like a zombiewalking in the mall, looking for a starbucks. Now, thisgets better overtime. Your body becomes efficient andyou’ll find that you are more active and you just can’tseem to slow down.Like you’re on overdrive.You become a machine.Really.So, at this point you will have to bring your insulin back up to keep homeostasis in check. Nomatter howgood you are feelingjacked looking you are starting to gethow productive you have becomeYou need to shake things up.
    • Enter your cheat mealWhy? So you don’t get moody and crazy. But this craziness is to a degree. Some people willhave a much more subtle effect from low insulin, but either case, you should have figured out bynow that too much food will make you crazy, and too little food will make you go crazy as well!Balance. You always need balance.It ’s like going t o a buf f et . After your fifth plate, you start feeling sedated. The next few hours andby the next day, you will have become a moody and crazy son of a …Or when you haven’t had breakfast. Same idea. It’s past 3pm, and everyone in your office feelslike the Hulk is about to be unleashed in your cubicle…So again, balance.Going back to our point, you need a cheat meal. A cheat meal usually consists of somethingthat is familiar to you, like a pizza or 2, a burger and fries or anything that you are used to eating.Why? To Carb up.Carbing up lets your body fill up on carbohydrates so you can function a little bit better, and refillthose glycogen stores you’ve lost over the last few days from exercise. Make sure you choose astarchier source. Size of meal really depends on what you can handle. For starters, a small mealcan do wonders and eliminates bloating.What this does is because your body has been starved of carbs (from not getting what it’snormally used to), it will suck up that cheat meal, increase your metabolism, increase your thyroidfunctioning (dont read into this yet) and makes you leaner.Wha wha what??How does this make you leaner? Well, because your cheat meal will be something that you havenot eaten in a few days, that hasa different macro nutrient profile,a composition that’s readily absorbed by the body,fewer calories, only 4, as opposed to 9 calories in fat (what you’ve been eating on this diet).This cheat meal will get absorbed really fast. Now this leaves you hungry, like really hungry in thenext few hours. Why? You metabolism has sped up from this meal alone. Your following mealswill seem like your eating air because you just wont get full, and will be hungrier than before.This is t he ef f ect of a cheat meal t hat last s t ill t he next one.So from eating a cheat meal you get:an increase in metabolism that last for daysa higher demand of energy from your body that’s taken your fat stores (since you are still dieting andin energy deficit)more productivitymore energymental relief that you can still eat what you want and lose weight
    • bragging rights for eating pizzas and burgers to lose weight.Why high protein and fats and small amounts of carbs? Because the chief aim is to run on fats.Fat has the ability to sustain your energy levels a lot longer than carbs. They are a bet t er sourceof energy.A diet of minimumsInstead of dieting with calories in mind, let’s diet withminimums at hand. What are minimums? The amountof protein, fats and carbs you need to meet each daywithout complicating it with counting calories.Obviously, you need to meet them and not any lower.I lost about 90 pounds just by remembering whatt he f ollowing can do f or me…Just remember…Proteins are to maintain, repair bodily functions,organs and muscle tissueFats are to lubricate joints, healthy brain functioning,stabilize moodAntioxidants are to get rid of toxinsWater is to hydrate and promote overall well beingCarbs are to replenish, reload lost glycogen storesSugars are carbs that are for a quick energy burst, that I do not need.This is a pretty basic, if not a very generalized and incomplete description of each. This is just toshow you what they basically do for you and by knowing, it gives you leverage to see fit what youneed to do.Just a reminder that the information here is actually my own research and findings and in no waycomplete, in other words just very general concepts to promote a simplistic approach to health,fitness and nutrition.Simple is always better.Coming up…How to Lose Fat Part 2 – The “I Was Dilly-Dallying” Workout Routine.To be continued…From the beaches of the world,
    • Romeo Z.Be Rich n’ AwesomeJoin the Epic Duo TeamYou ever wonder how I can blog everyday?Because I dont have a job.Lol.Find out why and how right here!Romeo on how to lose f at, diet and workout.About The Author: Kat and RomeoFrom living pay check to pay check, broke and unhappy for years to living on thebeautiful Pacif ic beaches of Cost a Rica, ex-retail sales girl/personal trainer and ex-fast food manager, we come to you rattlin the cages as the EPIC DUO! Living withadventure, tackling challenges and grabbing life by the balls! Kat and Romeo ---> "Beach bums byday, wealth builders by night." We believe that you too can live a truly EPIC life, and it all startshere. Join t he Epic Duo Team - click on t he videos on t his page and see you on t he inside!Rise up, Dream Big and Live an EPIC Life!