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Epic Fit Series: Protein Powder Syndrome

Epic Fit Series: Protein Powder Syndrome



Protein, protein, protein…

Protein, protein, protein…
I couldn’t believe it. I was out of protein powder again.



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    Epic Fit Series: Protein Powder Syndrome Epic Fit Series: Protein Powder Syndrome Document Transcript

    • Epic Fit Series: The Protein Powder Syndromehttp://www.empowernetwork.com/epicduo/blog/epic- fit- series- the- protein- powder- syndrome?id=epicduo December 10, 2012Protein, protein, protein…I couldn’t believe it. I was out of protein powder again.It had only been 2 weeks since I opened it and I already found myselfscooping out the last half a scoop, tilting, twisting and manuevering thejug around like a dog trying to get a ball stuck under a couch. But all wasgood. I had five more jugs in the cupboard.Many years ago, younger than I can remember, I had a dream. I wanted tobe a wrestler. I wanted to feel empowered and empower everyone justlike when The Ultimate Warrior came out and into the ring. This was myinspiration, surely my source of motivation and possibly the only strength Iknew as a kid growing up. Of course, you can’t take away the fact that Iactually wanted to be The Ultimate Warrior so for the longest time, Iwould do this:Watch the video…All day. All night.I also wanted to look like Wolverine in the comic books. But that didn’t go so well, as whenever Itried making the claws, I ended up with Freddie Kreuger claws. Not good.Back to my point, as most kids growing up these days need a strong figure in their lives, they findcomfort in a subtle sense of empowerment, as I did. That strength, physique and crazinessbecome my life for many years to come. I worked out everyday. I ate like there was no tomorrow.And most importantly, I was disciplined to achieve what I wanted.That glorious day when I got a job…I bought all those supplements that I had been eyeing for a while and that called out my name as Ipassed by the local GNC store. I must have spent hundreds that day, but I didn’t care. I was set ona purpose, driven like a mad kid, and nothing was getting in my way. Each time I worked out I couldalmost feel that rush, that chanting from the people, and that empowered feeling as I embodied theUltimate Warrior.Yep, I was a crazy kid. But who wasn’t?Protein, yep more protein…It was all about t he prot ein. Out of all the supplements I had used, this seemed to be what Istuck with until it became a part of my diet. As I grew up, smartened up a little and got creative, Istarted mixing it with regular food. And I mean literally putting chocolate protein powder in mysoup, noodles, meat and rice. Some of my family members were disgusted, the rest just didn’tunderstand.Don’t get me wrong. You need protein to survive. It builds,
    • repairs and maintains your physiology in more ways thanmost care to think about. There have been hundreds ofstudies about protein intake and endless research thatscientists have conducted. Sifting through all thatinformation I realized how complicated it became, and Irealized it really comes down to what you think, your ownbody and keeping things simple and easy.In all cases and in different aspects, the technicality of asimple concept can drive anyone crazy in life. “Keep itsimple, stupid” is what old people say. I never understood itand frankly saying it didn’t make sense to me. I lived to findthe inner workings, the mechanisms and technical aspects ofwhat made something tick, until I completely missed the point.My prot ein powder syndrome was no different. As I studied about nutrition, my knowledge basegrew until I became a mad scientist and I was my own guinea pig. I started experimenting on types,kinds, amounts and timing of protein supplements all the while caught up in my results by volumeapproach to life. I really believed that protein powders were better than real food so much, that Iconsumed just that.As you might have guessed, I was taking in protein everyday, all day, and even in the middle of thenight just to find the answer to the question I seemed to be looking for. How do I get big?However, it wasn’t in the 100% ion-exchange Whey Protein formula that made me a shit machine.Or those BCAAs or EAA amino acid supplements that broke my wallet. It wasn’t in the complicatedprocess I put myself through.Rather, it was in the simplicity of how life really works…simple and easy.Admittingly, I wouldnt have figured this out if it hadn’t reflected on my whole life. As it turned out,it had been a whole lotta complications and every decision I made seemed to complicate thingseven more. When I turned my life around, I realized how hard I made it. I could have kept it simplebut I had no idea. I just thought life was hard.I wrote this blog hoping you would reflect and act on defining yourself, what you want, and realizethat life is easy. It is hard if you make it hard. I am thankful that I have a supporting wife, althoughshe screams, smiles then cries at me, she makes a point and that is to keep things simple.As for supplements, nada.I have not taken any protein supplements for a long time and I couldn’t have said this before but If eel bet t er wit hout t hem. I have acquired regular eating habits, mostly organic and healthier in abroader sense. I no longer am dependent on anything but my determination to succeed. Andmost importantly, I achieved my dream.I feel empowered.More than ever.Coming to you from the beaches of Costa Rica! Pura Vida!
    • Romeo Z.Be Rich n’ AwesomeJoin the Epic Duo TeamAbout The Author: Kat and RomeoFrom living pay check to pay check, broke and unhappy for years to living on thebeautiful Pacif ic beaches of Cost a Rica, ex-retail sales girl/personal trainer and ex-fast food manager, we come to you rattlin the cages as the EPIC DUO! Living withadventure, tackling challenges and grabbing life by the balls! Kat and Romeo ---> "Beach bums byday, wealth builders by night." We believe that you too can live a truly EPIC life, and it all startshere. Join t he Epic Duo Team - click on t he videos on t his page and see you on t he inside!Rise up, Dream Big and Live an EPIC Life!