What is prayer?


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What is prayer?

  1. 1. Prayer
  2. 2. What is a Prayer?It is the raising of one’s mind andheart to God or the requesting of goodthings from God.
  3. 3. How do we pray?When we pray, we do not speak from theheight of our pride but we pray with ahumble and contrite heart. Only whenwe humbly acknowledge that we do notknow how to pray, then we are ready tofreely receive the gift of prayer.
  4. 4. When should a person pray?At all timeIn the morningAt meal timeAt night
  5. 5. What are thevarious ways we pray?• Vocal• Meditation• Contemplation
  6. 6. What is vocal prayer?It is an expression of what is in ourhearts & we offer it to God as acomplaint, petition, praise or thanks.Ex. Hymns, Psalms, Our Father.
  7. 7. What is meditation?It is the lifting of my heart to God andtelling Him that I am quite open towhat God wants to say to me throughwhat I have heard or seen. It is a quest.The mind seeks to understand why &how.
  8. 8. What is contemplation?It is the humble poor devotion of acreature that drops all masks, believesin love and seeks God from heart.
  9. 9. The Our Father• Our Father, who art in heaven,• Hallowed be thy name,• Thy kingdom come,• Thy will be done• On earth as it is in heaven.• Give us this day our daily bread• And forgive us our trespasses,• As we forgive those who trespass against us;• And lead us not into temptation,• But deliver us from evil. AMEN.
  10. 10. What is the other name forOur Father?The Lord’s Prayer.
  11. 11. How did the Our Fathercome about?The Our Father came about at therequest of one of Jesus’ disciples, whosaw his Master praying and wanted tolearn from Jesus himself how to praycorrectly.
  12. 12. What position does the OurFather hold among prayers?It occupies the most prominent placebecause it leads directly into the heartof our Father. The early Christiansrecited it three times a day. We toomust ensure that the day does not passaway without saying Our Father.
  13. 13. What is the structure ofOur Father?It contains a short preface and sevenpetitions. The first three petitions relateto God and the right way of servinghim. The last four petitions presentour basic human needs toOur Father.
  14. 14. What does the Fatherremind us of?It reminds us that God is our Father, sogood and so worthy of veneration thatthere is no earthly father like Him; andthat we, therefore ought to pray to Himwith childlike reverence, love andconfidence.
  15. 15. Why do we say “Our Father”and not my Father?Because, God being the father of allmen, we are His children, and shouldtherefore love one another as brothersand pray for one another.
  16. 16. If the Father is in heaven, whereis that heaven?Heaven is not above the clouds.Heaven does not designate a place butindicates God’s presence which is notbound by space and time.
  17. 17. What do we ask for in the 1st petition“Hallowed be thy name”?We ask that the name of God maynever be profaned or blasphemed, butthat God may be rightly known, lovedand honoured by us and by all men.
  18. 18. What do we ask for in the2nd petition “Thy Kingdom come”?That the kingdom of God, the Church,may be more and more extended uponearth.That the kingdom of divine grace andlove may now be established in ourhearts.That after this life we may all beadmitted into the kingdom of heaven.
  19. 19. What do we ask for in the3rd petition “Thy will be done onearth as it is in heaven”?We ask that we and all men may do thewill of God on earth as faithfully andcheerfully as the angels and saints do itin heaven. And we profess that in allthings we submit ourselves to the holywill of God.
  20. 20. What do we ask for in the 4th petition“Give us this day our daily bread”?We ask that God would give us all thatis daily necessary for our soul andbody. We should ask only for ournecessities and not for riches inabundance,
  21. 21. What do we ask in the 5th petition “Forgiveus our trespasses as we forgive thosewho trespass against us”?The mercy that we show to others andthe mercy that we ourselves seek isindivisible. Many people have life longstruggle with their inability to forgive.If we ourselves are not merciful and donot forgive one another, God’s mercywill not reach our hearts.
  22. 22. What do we ask for in the 6th petition“Lead us not into temptation”?Every day and every hour we are in thedanger of falling into sin and sayingNO to God. So here we beg God not toleave us defenseless.Jesus, who was tempted himself knowsthat we are weak human beings andthat we have little strength of our ownto oppose the evil one.This petition teaches us to trust inGod’s assistance at the hour of trial.
  23. 23. • By our flesh – the flesh lusts againstthe spirit• By the world – vain pomp, badexample.• By the devil – waiting like a roaringlionBy whom are we tempted?
  24. 24. Temptation in itself is not a sin but toexpose ourselves or to yield to it is asin.Is temptation in itself a sin?
  25. 25. We must remain alert and pray.What must we do in order that wemay not yield?
  26. 26. • To keep us humble• To try our faithfulness• To increase our zeal for virtue.Why does God permit us to betempted?
  27. 27. This petition brings all the misery ofthis world before God and begsAlmighty God to free us fromall evils – the tempter (devil).What do we ask for in the 7th petition“Deliver us from evil”?
  28. 28. To express by it our own desire andalso our confidence of being heard. Itmeans “Yes, so be it”Why do we add the word “Amen”?
  29. 29. Jesusbewithusalways!© Romit Alfred