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Unitedworld School of Business - Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad’s leading B-school, offering 1 Year and 2 Year full-time MBA programs with India’s first multilayer placement cell.

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Unitedworld School of Business - innovations

  1. 1. Innovations Live content engine Career coaching Business Plan simulation Open economy focus Brand & strategy workshop International Business Camp CEO Lecture Series Intelligent Campus
  2. 2. Live Content Engine www.livecontent.in Unitedworld’s content research team seamlessly blends ‘live market data’with ‘management fundamentals’.This web enabled Search engine collects relevant market information from various sources and feed into the curriculum to improve its industry relevance. www.unitedworld.in
  3. 3. Career Coaching Career coaching is a student-centric innovation which facilitates choosing right career path in-tune with career drivers and in-house psychologists. This initiative is led by Prof. Anamitra Chatterjee, Ex. Head of HR & Training, PWC India. He is an alumnus of IIM C and London School of Economics. www.unitedworld.in
  4. 4. Business Plan Simulation Students from diversified background identify a new product, work as entrepreneurs and develop the business plan from ideation to execution as 'Business Thesis'. As a part of the product development process they do consumer research and devise product differentiation and positioning policies, marketing strategies, operations and logistics planning. www.unitedworld.in
  5. 5. Multi Layer Placement Unitedworld brings a unique three tier placement approach which is one of the most structured and well-planned career development efforts. Three different teams of senior executives put dedicated placement efforts at all levels to help the students get the best possible International, National, Zonal opportunities. www.unitedworld.in
  6. 6. Brand & Strategy Workshop Corporate branding and advertisement strategies of a Super specialty Healthcare center is completely different from a Microfinance firm. This creative workshop, conducted by senior brand experts allows students to analyze and develop comprehensive media planning and communication strategies for select products and services. www.unitedworld.in
  7. 7. International Business Camp IBC is International Business Camp held at the Singapore campus which every student has the advantage to attend. They research growth opportunities of Indian products and services in SE Asian countries. With IBC, Unitedworld provides exposure to a Developing Economy (India) and a Developed Market (Singapore), ensuring students get familiar with consumer behaviours of two different Demand-Supply situations. www.unitedworld.in
  8. 8. CEO Lecture Series Unitedworld organises 'CEO world' every month in all campuses. CEO's and top management professionals of prominent organisations share their experience; discuss real life case-lets, share growth and slump situations and their personal leadership story. This helps youngsters to gain a realistic outlook about leadership and management. www.unitedworld.in
  9. 9. Intelligent Campus Intelligent Campus is a web-enabled integrated knowledge campus powered by ERP (academic management system), VPN (Virtual Private Network), Wi-Fi connectivity and Webcasting, where students, professors and management remain engaged with one another 24/7. It also enables students to access all kinds of knowledge resources and allows the faculty to monitor student’s growth. www.unitedworld.in
  10. 10. Innovations @ Unitedworld