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Video Game Cluster
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Video Game Cluster

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  • 1. Video Game Cluster Vancouver By: Romia Khaliqyar
  • 2. Cluster definition
    • Cluster marketing “ is a strategic business & economic development model”
    • Cluster are building networks within the organization
    • Building linkage with companies
    • In addition Cluster Marketing attracts customers to invest, research, and build skills in workforce.
  • 3. Video Game Cluster
    • Vancouver is the main cluster for the video game. We compare the Vancouver video game to:
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Montreal
    • Texas
  • 4. Vancouver Video Game
    • Vancouver is a city that has a population of 2.1 million with Canada’s third largest urban area and perhaps most energetic city.
    • The greater Vancouver Gaming Cluster is the gaming culture and talent pool for connecting the Seattle gaming cluster.
    • Vancouver has games that personal computers and every type of console and handheld system.
  • 5. Vancouver Video Game
    • 28 listing game companies that represents many different types of studios, publishers and game.
    • The company plans to deliver the valuable content to unique global network of localized blogs, events and conferences to connect people and the ideas.
    • The goal is to become the authoritative voice on the exponential economy and innovation technological growth .
  • 6. Tokyo Video Game
    • Tokyo gaming show will take place on Sept 2010 at Makuhari Messe.
    • The Tokyo game show was first launched in August 1996.
    • The game show will evolved the development of the game industry.
    • The show will further grow and strive to establish the world’s largest computer entertainment show.
    • The eight zone for the visitors needs and exhibitions of the new video games
  • 7. Tokyo Video Game Show
    • Tokyo game show is known for the world’s largest computer and video game convention.
    • The show is open to the public.
    • This event takes place every year with more than 100,000 people visiting.
    • The exhibitions have video games, computer games, digital entertainment products, mobile games, game machines and more.
    • There are over 1,000 participating booths at the event.  
  • 8. Tokyo Video Game School
    • Hal was founded in 1986 in Osaka which specialty school that focus on game development and 3D computer graphics as well as automobiles.
    • The institution has strong ties with companies like Nintendo.
    • The school provides HAL with Nintendo hardware so students can work with tools in the actually used in the industry.
  • 9. Thank you!!!
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