Give it Back relay


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A program by Coca Cola designed to let people know the significance of recycling with a race across america. Coca Cola is celebrating the opening of the world's largest recycling plant right here in the U.S.

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Give it Back relay

  1. 1. the ideaA 2,600 mile relay involving a singlebottle being handed off across the USAfrom the Western most point to theSpartanburg plant.It starts with Coke employees and buildsto involve consumers.It’s a metaphor for the journey thatCoca-Cola and the American public aresetting out on together.
  2. 2. How does it get there? With the help of good clean energy. Run Row Sail Walk Bike Rollerblade Hybrid Segway
  3. 3. Where do we go?We travel across the USA hitting highimpact cities that have both a strongsystem presence and concentrationsof concerned Americans who caninfluence change:Coca-Cola employees & bottlersOpinion leadersCollege / university students & academicsInvolved mothers / heads of families
  4. 4. …and connect currentassets where possibleRecyclemania CollegesGive It Back CollegesCharlotte Live Positively PilotNASCARAmerican IdolLA LiveBoys & Girls Clubs of AmericaNational ParksRails to TrailsAthletes (Olympic, NCAA, NBA, PGA, LPGA, etc)Local Teams and Venues supported by Bottlers
  5. 5. situationThe Spartanburg plant will hold its grandopening on January 14th. Due to thisaccelerated timing, we have considered severaloptions for the relay.
  6. 6. timingThe journey is announced on January 14th, 2009 at the official ribboncutting. We will leverage communication and press at the Spartanburgopening to begin spreading the word.We kick off an online contest to recruit bottle carriers, asking Coca-Colaemployees, affiliates and partners to submit their L+ stories, including howand where they’d like to carry the bottle.The actual relay begins on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2009. The relay lasts 60days, which represents the approximate amount of time it takes tocomplete a bottle for bottle recycling process.Together we steward the bottle out of the city and across the USA.
  7. 7. considerationsTiming a bit further away from the opening, but aligns the effort with Earth DayLead time allows for more planning, more markets, but is still very aggressiveTiming allows some anticipation and build between announcement and raceAt launch, colleges will be finishing their school year, but we can still recruit forbottler carriersQ2 timing enables more outdoor events and better running conditions
  8. 8. market activationMarkets will be activated in varying levels, in order tofocus efforts and maximize timing and budgets.High-Impact Cities (5)• A celebrity figure carries the bottle• A hand-off at an event or key location+ Medium- & low-impact city activitiesMedium-Impact Cities (6)• Higher-level recruitment to ensure key bottle carriers (A high-level system employee, an state-level opinion leader, Boys & Girls Club kids, GIB & Recyclemania college students)• Advance team sets out recycling bins along the path and arranges for collection by municipal program or by Relay team• Drop off team to meet with city officials to pitch recycling program/Recyclebank implementation+ Plus low-impact city activitiesLow-Impact Cities (6)• Advance PR to generate coverage by local TV/print/radio• Run by the morning news if possible• System & CCR employees carry bottle• Try to get mayor to carry bottle
  9. 9. high impact citiesLA – Arnold Schwarzenegger carries bottle, LA Live visit/signage, Jay Leno or Ellen show visit (maybe Jay drives in one of his cars or Ellen dances it for a distance), B&GC of Santa Monica/Long Beach/LA Habor kids carry bottle, Cal State (GIB)/UCLA (GIB) students carry bottleHouston – Sanya Richards carries bottle (Coke Olympian), B&GC of Greater Houston kids carry bottle, University of Houston (GIB)/ Texas A&M (GIB), University of Texas (GIB) students carry bottleNew York – American Idol finale visit (May 19-20 – we’ll probably too late), previous Idol Winner and/or Ryan Seacrest carries bottle, Times Square visit/signage, Martha Stewart Show visit, Today Show visit, carriage ride through Central Park w/bottleDC – Press conference for Opinion Elite, B&GC of Greater Washington kids carry bottle, Georgetown University (GIB)/George Washington (GIB) students carry bottleAtlanta – Headquarters visit, balloon ride to Spartanburg, B&GC of Metro Atlanta kids carry bottle, Georgia Tech (GIB) students carry bottle
  10. 10. medium impact citiesSalt Lake – Salt Lake City marathon visit (April 2009?), B&GC of Greater Salt Lake kids carry bottle, University of Utah (GIB) students carry bottle, visit Provo-Jordan River Parkway Trail (Rails to Trails), hang glider transports bottleSan Francisco – Big Sur International marathon visit (Carmel, April 2009?), B&GC of San Fran kids carry bottle, Berkeley (GIB)/City College of San Fran (GIB)/San Fran State University (GIB) students carry bottle, cable-car transports bottlePhoenix – B&GC of Greater Scottsdale/Tempe/Metro Phoenix kids carry bottle, AZ State students carry bottle, create EcoMoms partnership so they carry the bottle, land yachts transport the bottleDallas – Cowboys quarterback & receiver throw bottle for a distance, B&GC of Greater Dallas kids carry bottle, visit Katy Trail (Rails to Trails)Chicago – Oprah show visit, B&GC of Chicago kids carry bottle, Northwestern (GIB)/City College of Chicago students carry bottle, visit Friends of Bloomingdale Trail (Rails to Trails), sailboat transports the bottle to DetroitDetroit – Eastern Michigan (GIB) students carry bottle
  11. 11. low impact citiesSacramento – Natalie Coughlin carries bottle (Coke Olympian)St. Louis –Springfield – B&GC of Springfield kids carry bottleGrand Rapids –Cleveland – LeBron James carries bottleBaltimore –Charlotte – Coke 600/billboard visit (May 24)
  12. 12. extending the buzz (retail)• Limited edition green caps on Coca-Cola products asking you to “Give it Back”.• On-product messaging that tells the Relay story and drives to web.• Red Laces made of recycling PET.• Retail promos i.e. empty promise coupon.
  13. 13. extending the buzz (online)A site dedicated to the Relay, allowing Coke andconsumers to share their stories.Online Pledge. Share stories & select bottler carriers.Bottle cam. Who’s got the bottle now.Profiles. Bottle tracker. Where is the bottle now.Videos. Clips of the day. Highlights of the journey.Daily blogger. Chronicles the journey.Join us. How far are you willing to go.Geo-Targeted Media. Alert online consumers that thebottle is coming to their area.
  14. 14. finaleAt the end of its journey, a consumer hands thebottle to a plant employee to be recycled. Webroadcast this grand final to Coke affiliates andthose who participated so that they too cancelebrate this great achievement.Invite the media and Coke affiliatesto an event in Spartanburg.We release the documentary video of the story.The relay becomes a cornerstone of our story thatcan be retold.
  15. 15. finale(additions & options)Deliver the bottle to the world ofcoke where employees, press,and affiliates can join in thecelebration. Bottle is then flownto Spartanburg in a red hot-airballoon.A celebration is held thatevening in Atlanta for all ofthose that partook in the relay;press & opinion elite are invitedas well.
  16. 16. action items-Routing / Logistics planning-Participant Registration & Background Checks, Interviews-Alternates for Participants & Senerio Development-Staffing, Event Permits, Insurance-Local, City, State Ordinance, Police-Scheduling, Routing, Inspection, Alternative Routes-Chase & Crew Vehicles, DOT-Crew & Participant Lodging-Participant Travel-Participant provided transportation, Inspection, Liability-Coordinating with existing/scheduled events, PR (Bottlers, College, Brand)-Paramedics/ On Site Medical-Emergency Planning & Routing (Start to Finish)-Film Crew-Technology
  17. 17. next stepsSelect timing option and rough routeSet budget parametersCreative & experiential developmentGather key stakeholders in Atlanta forsummit meeting