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  • 1. Exhibition Week 18 – 24/01/12
  • 2. Preview screeningWhat are the advantages and disadvantages to previewscreenings?
  • 3. City centre vs out of townCineworld, Ashton Odeon, Manchester
  • 4. Internet activityResearch the types of film showing on our local multiplexcompared to the Cornerhouse, an art house cinema inManchester.What are the differences?What are the differences in the location?
  • 5. Opening weekends Why are opening weekends so important? Can you see any patterns emerging from the data?
  • 6. How else can you watch a film?
  • 7. Can cinema survive?
  • 8. Technology With each technology what impact has this had on audience and industry Give case study examplesDigital technology, Ipods, mobile phones, LCD TVs and home cinema systems, DVDs.
  • 9. DVD Piracy - documentaryWho loses out?77.5 million DVD’s sold225 million made by pirates.700 million lost by film industryIts the smaller parties who lose out - film technicians etc.
  • 10. Who suffers must?
  • 11. Changing technologiesInternet - Burn their own off and can run copies. Do notnecessarily have to go to cinema to film.DVD piracy - someone buys a DVD copies it for friendsand colleagues.
  • 12. ConsequencesBig blockbusters will be fine they can survive a dent inprofits.“Tom Cruise may get a slightly less fee - but I am sure hewill survive”Technicians will lose out - pay and jobs, then directorswill lose out, less funding available, audience will thenhave less choice.
  • 13. Some people gage if there is a need for their product/filmby seeing how fast it comes on DVD.Movies - small to middle will fade.Only star movies made, British film industry will stopcreativity.No new talent training, no funding available. Retail storeswill suffer.
  • 14. Who should pay the price?
  • 15. What could we do to stop it?EducationOutreach programmesSimultaneous release on DVD, cinema, Internet. Bubbleby Steven Sodenbourg.
  • 16. Different distribution
  • 17. What else could affectcinema attendances?