[Wearable X Fair] 웨어러블 기술의 연구 동향 및 미래 전망


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[Wearable X Fair] 웨어러블 기술의 연구 동향 및 미래 전망

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  • MIT 박사 / 토론토 CS 교수
    HDR 특허권자
  • MIT 박사 / 토론토 CS 교수
    HDR 특허권자
  • [Wearable X Fair] 웨어러블 기술의 연구 동향 및 미래 전망

    1. 1. 웨어러블(wearable)기술의연구동향및미래전망 웨어러블기기의인터렉션을중심으로 SUNGJAE HWANG CCO, FuturePlayInc. Sungjae.hwang@futureplay.co www.UXInventor.com www.UXInventions.com WearableX Fair
    2. 2. 웨어러블컴퓨터의정의 WearableX Fair
    3. 3. “It’s a computer that is always with you, is comfortable and easy to keep and use, and is as unobtrusive as clothing” https://www.media.mit.edu/wearables/lizzy/FAQ/FAQ.txt웨어러블컴퓨터의정의
    4. 4. https://www.media.mit.edu/wearables/lizzy/FAQ/FAQ.txt Always on:By default a wearable is always on and working, sensing, and acting. 웨어러블컴퓨터의특징 P Portable while operational: It can be used while walking or otherwise moving around. H Hands-free use:Military and industrial applications for wearables especially emphasize their hands-free aspect, and concentrate on speech input and heads-up display or voice output. A Attention-getting:A wearable should be able to convey information to its user even when not actively being used. A
    5. 5. 웨어러블기술의역사 http://mashable.com/2014/05/13/wearable-technology-history http://www.crazywatches.pl/pulsar-calculator-time-computer-led-1975 The "Calculator" is the first ever wristwatch calculator introduced by Pulsar in late 1975 just before Xmas time.($3950)
    6. 6. 웨어러블기술의역사 1980 1995 2004 Steven Mann (born 1962) is a researcher and inventor best known for his work on computational photography, particularly wearable computingand high dynamic range imaging. http://mashable.com/2014/05/13/wearable-technology-history http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Mann
    7. 7. 웨어러블기술의역사 NikePlus, 2006 Fitbit, 2007 Pebble, 2012
    8. 8. 웨어러블기술의역사 Google glass, 2013
    9. 9. 웨어러블컴퓨터의현재 WearableX Fair
    10. 10. 웨어러블디바이스상용화의현재
    11. 11. http://www.mytjacket.com/ 웨어러블디바이스의다양한시도 MytJaket Foot logger by 3L Labs Talking shoes by Google Baby monitor glyph Biosensor Underwear Nod ring https://www.hellonod.com/ Jarvis by Intel
    12. 12. http://vandrico.com/database 웨어러블디바이스상용화의현재(2014.8) Head: 57 Chest: 8 Arm: 8 Shoulder: 3 Wrist: 98 Hand: 5 Legs: 9 Feet: 9
    13. 13. 웨어러블디바이스시장
    14. 14. (BI Intelligence) (Open Mobile Media) 웨어러블디바이스시장 한화약15조원
    16. 16. 웨어러블디바이스의활용의현재-Smartwatch http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/?p=39957 Top 5 Galaxy Gear apps
    17. 17. 웨어러블디바이스의활용의현재-Smartwatch http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2430329,00.asp Top 5 Pebble apps
    18. 18. 웨어러블디바이스의활용의현재–Google Glass Google Glass Apps –기존App 의확장
    19. 19. 웨어러블디바이스의활용의현재–Google Glass https://angel.co/google-glass-3 Google Glass Startups –새로운시도들
    20. 20. 웨어러블디바이스의활용의현재–Google Glass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39W6CMpdGsM Race Yourself
    21. 21. 웨어러블디바이스의활용의현재–Google Glass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2KhQ0xkwUw LynxFix
    22. 22. 웨어러블컴퓨터의이슈: 입력과출력 WearableX Fair
    23. 23. Key issues for Wearable Devices Input Output User experience Design Fit Aesthetics Size Communication method Cost Weight Battery Consumption Robustness Multi-tasking Social acceptance
    24. 24. Key Input& outputfor Wearable devices Always there Always on Always perform Input Keyboard, Mouse Touch, Motion Gesture Output Visual+ Auditory Visual+ Auditory+ Tactile Touch, Motion Gesture, EGG, EMG, Eye Tracking, Voice recognition Visual + Auditory+ Tactile
    25. 25. Outputtechnologies for wearables WearableX Fair
    26. 26. http://www.google.com/patents/ US20140049487 Multi-layered fabric PCB Display on fabric Fabric PCBs, electronic sequins, and socket buttons: techniques for e-textile craft Fur Interface with Bristling Effect Induced by Vibration Fur Display Output technologies for wearables : Fabric displays
    27. 27. Output technologies for wearables Deformable Cloth DIY Cloth
    28. 28. Spritz Output technologies for wearables : Software http://www.spritzinc.com/
    29. 29. Inputtechnologies for wearables WearableX Fair
    30. 30. GestureWrist, 2001 Abracadabra, 2009 Zoom board, 2013 Pen/Twist/Tilt/Click, 2014 Gestural Touch, 2014 5 tiles, 2014 Inputtechnology for smartwatch AT&T, 2000 (US7148879) IR Camera, MSR 2012
    31. 31. Inputtechnology for wearable devices Bezel Touch Earface, US13/699164 (2010) Gesture Detection using IR, US8292833 (2009)
    32. 32. Harrison, C. and Hudson, S. E. Abracadabra: Wireless, High-Precision, and Unpowered Finger Input for Very Small Mobile Devices. UIST 2009 Inputtechnology for smartwatch: Abracadabra & Nenya Ashbrook, D, White, S. and Baudisch, P. Nenya: Subtle and Eyes- Free Mobile Input with a Magnetically-Tracked Finger Ring. CHI 2011
    33. 33. Oney, S., Harrison, C., Ogan, A. and Wiese, J. ZoomBoard: A Diminutive QWERTY Soft Keyboard Using Iterative Zooming for Ultra-Small Devices. CHI2014 Inputtechnology for smartwatch: Zoom board
    34. 34. Xiao, R., Gierad, L., and Harrison, C. Expanding the Input Expressivity of Smartwatches with Mechanical Pan, Twist, Tilt and Click. CHI 2014 Inputtechnology for smartwatch: Pen/Tilt/Click
    35. 35. PocketTouch, UIST2011 MetaSkin, UIST2014 Inputtechnology for fabrics Stitched Sensors, ISWC 2014
    36. 36. YutaSugiura, Masahiko Inami, and Takeo Igarashi, A Thin Stretchable Interface for Tangential Force Measurement,UIST2012 Inputtechnology for fabrics : Meta skin
    37. 37. iRing, UIST2012 Senskin, UIST2014 Inputtechnology for wearables : body as a media Conductive cosmetics Skinput, CHI2010
    38. 38. Masa Ogata, YutaSugiura, HirotakaOsawa, and MichitaImai. 2012. iRing: intelligent ring using infrared reflection. UIST2012 Inputtechnology for wearables : iRing
    39. 39. Masa Ogata, YutaSugiura, Yasutoshi Makino, Masahiko Inami, and MichitaImai. 2013. SenSkin: adapting skin as a soft interface. UIST2013 Inputtechnology for wearables : Senskin
    40. 40. http://www.katiavega.com Inputtechnology for wearables : Blinklifier
    41. 41. Harrison, C., Tan, D. Morris, D. Skinput: Appropriating the Body as an Input Surface. CHI2010 Inputtechnology for wearables : Skinput
    42. 42. www.fitbark.com Wearables for other dimensions www.hotdigitalnews.com/social- pollution-masks-winning- wearable-tech-ideas/ airqualityegg.com
    43. 43. 웨어러블컴퓨터의진화 WearableX Fair
    44. 44. PC Handheld Computer Wearable Device Flexible Device Attachable Device On-body Device Deformable Device Eatable Device In-body Device Fabric Device Time Portability 웨어러블디바이스의진화 Now
    45. 45. Smart Environment –Meta context Wearable Nearables IoTs + +
    46. 46. Various services for wearable devices Big data Meta context Service
    47. 47. Meta Human Wearable (inner) IoT(outer) Big data (meaning) + + Knowledge flows
    48. 48. THANK YOU SUNGJAE HWANG Blog : www.inventUp.org Home : www.UXInventor.com Micro Blog : www.UXInventions.com Mail / Facebook: Sungjae.hwang@futureplay.co WearableX Fair