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Evolution of video games
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Evolution of video games


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Evolution of Video Games Roman Sevostianov Phillip Osei
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • What are Video Games?
    • Early Years 1947-1960
    • 1960’s
    • 1970’s
    • 1980’s
    • Current
    • Conclusion
    • Sources
  • 3. What are video games?
    • Video games are our way to escape reality, become a hero, or just kill some time. Video games have become an everyday part of our lives.
  • 4. Early Years 1947-1960 Cathode Ray Tube Clock 1947 Thomas T Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann applied for a patent for s machine in which a person used knobs to simulate firing at targets.
  • 5. Early Years 1947-1960 In 1951 Ralph Baer came up with the concept which essentially allowed for development of video games : by giving an audience the ability to manipulate what was projected on their television sets, their role changed from passive observing to interactive manipulation. Ralph Baer
  • 6. Early Years 1947-1960 The 50’s saw a lot of independent inventors coming up with basic video games. Such as OXO in 1952, and Tennis for Two in 1958. Tennis for Two (1958) OXO (1952)
  • 7. 1960s
    • By this point all the video games have been experimental programs ran on university computers. Now, they were becoming more popular in 1961 several games were created at MIT:
    • Mouse in the Maze
    • HAX
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 8. 1960s Also in 1961 a group of students programmed the game Spacewar, that pitted two opponents against each other in trying to shoot the other one down. Spacewar (1961)
  • 9. 1960s In 1966 the first video game to be played on the TV set was developed, it was called Chase. Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison continued the development of their video games and by 1968 came up with the first prototype of a TV console. It contained several games such as Tennis and Target Practice. Ralph Baer and Bill Harrrison
  • 10. 1970s The early 70’s saw the development of first coin-operated machines like Galaxy Game and Computer Space. All of these were based on the Spacewar. But the creators of the Computer Space were not happy with the deal they got and started their own company: Atari. Computer Space (1971)
  • 11. 1970s In 1972 the newly started Atari came out with their first game – Pong. It was a very popular game selling over 19,000 copies. Pong (1972)
  • 12. 1970s In 1978 the game that made it popular to play video games was created this game was Space Invaders. Space invaders (1978)
  • 13. 1970s The late 70’s are considered The Golden Age of Video Games. There were video game machines appearing everywhere: malls, stores and restaurants. Space invaders (1978) Pac-Man (1979)
  • 14. 1970s
    • With the arcade machine boom, many games were created in the 70’s some of the more notable ones are:
    • Don Daglow (baseball)
    • Star Trek
    • Airfight
    • Adventure
    • Zork
    • Multi-user-Dungeon
    • Pac-Man
    Zork Pac-Man
  • 15. 1970s In the late 70’s the PC became more popular, and the games made a switch from consoles to home PCs. These were clones of the console games. Star-Trek
  • 16. 1980s 80’s saw the climax of the Golden Age of Video Arcade Games. With the switch to the PC and more powerfull consoles available, more and more games were being programmed. In the 80’s many more genres were invented. Legend of Zelda Action Adventure
  • 17. 1980s Kung-Fu Master Beat-em up Prince of Persia Cinematic Platformer Karate Champ Fighting
  • 18. 1980s Dragon Warrior RPG Golden Axe Slasher
  • 19. 1980s Herzog Zwei Strategy Turbo Racing
  • 20. 1980s These were very crude games, and generally text based. Another very important stepping stone for video games occurred in the 80’s, the invention of online gaming. Typical BBS
  • 21. 1980s One of the best video game franchise got it’s start in 1985 : Super Mario
  • 22. 1990s The 90’s marked the Age of Innovation in video games. Video games are becoming more challenging, and with the development of newer technologies, 90’s marked the beginning of 3D video gaming. Games of the 90’s
  • 23. 1990s In 1991Sonic the Hedgehog was born and a life long rivalry began with the Super Mario.
  • 24. 1990s Both franchises released multiple titles.
  • 25. 1990s 90’s were full of revolutionary games. Such as Dune II which was a predecessor to games such as Warcraft and Command & Conquer
  • 26. 1990s It was in the 90’s that we for the first time we got to feel like gods with the creation of the Sim’s franchise and the SimCity
  • 27. 1990s With the development and wide availability of the Internet it was now possible to have Massivly Multiplayer Online RPG such as Everquest and Ultima Online. Everquest Ultima Online
  • 28. 1990s In 1996 the first affordable 3D accelerator card was released, and so began the age of 3D gaming. Although there were games that utilized 3D environments, now gamers were able to explore that environment. This lead to the development of First Person Shooter genre. Doom
  • 29. 1990s The development of the First Person Shooters brought us such classics as Doom and Quake Doom Quake
  • 30. 1990s Another milestone in gaming revolution occurred in 1998, when Nokia installed Snake on it’s devices and the genre of Time-Killing games was born. Snake Snake
  • 31. 1990s With the growing market for home consoles, the market slowed for arcades. And arcade machines almost disappeared, the only ones left were providing games which required specialized controls. Dance Dance Revolution Water Skiing Arcade
  • 32. Current With the rapid advances in technology, gaming industry followed developing new ways to play, and significantly improving the graphics and gameplay. Gaming becomes more popular with new, shorter games available on every platform.
  • 33. Current With the battle of the Xbox and Playstation, gaming saw increased budgets and gaming industry became more profitable Playstation 2 Xbox
  • 34. Current With the release of Grand Theft Auto III, open world games became popular. Playstation 2 Xbox
  • 35. Current The rise in the mature player oriented market spawned such franchises as Halo and Resident Evil. Halo Resident Evil
  • 36. Current Casual gaming has improved, with mobile devices being more and more capable, phone games became more challenging and plentiful. Brothers In Arms Diamond Tumble
  • 37. Current Motion consoles and gaming become more popular, with the release of Nintendo Wii. Wii Boxing Wii Sports
  • 38. Current The latest development in video games might see the end of expensive consoles. The cloud computing, allows for the rendering of graphics away from the user. Gaikai demonstrated the ability to render offsite in games such as Warcraft and Call of Duty
  • 39. Coclusion The World of Video Games is essentially endless and ever evolving. So take some time off and enjoy a couple. Thank You!
  • 40. Sources
    • history