Product Planning in a Nutshell


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You know your new product is going to be epic, full of amazing features and cool technologies. Everybody will want to use it. So let's code it up and ship it. Right? But wait a sec: Are you confident that you've nailed the market, the value proposition, and the business model? Have you thought about specific goals for your product and metrics to determine success? If you are not sure, then this presentation is for you.

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Product Planning in a Nutshell

  1. 1. Product Planning! in a Nutshell Roman Pichler! @romanpichler!! ★ Google Campus EDU London, April 2014 ★ From Idea to Code without Taking Gambles!
  2. 2. About  me   •  Product  management  consultant  and  trainer   –  Specialised  in  Scrum  and  in  lean  prac5ces   –  More  than  10  years  experience  in  helping  companies   create  new  products   •  Entrepreneur  and  business  owner   –  Founded  my  own  company  in  2006   –  I  walk  my  own  talk   2  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   One of my books!
  3. 3. Let’s go!!
  4. 4. Wait a second.
 That’s like ...!
  5. 5. The  Problem  and  the  Solu5on   8  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Vision Strategy Details Path to! the goal! Steps! Your goal!
  6. 6. Let’s make this
 a bit less abstract.!
  7. 7. Before we get into the details, let’s ask some fundamental questions.!
  8. 8. Why is it! worthwhile to ! invest in it?! What are ! the business ! goals?! Business! drivers! Formula5ng  the  Product  Strategy   What makes! the product! unique?! What are ! its key ! features?! Market! Value! proposition! 12  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Why would! they use! the product?! Why would! they buy it?! Who are the ! customers?! Who are! the users?!
  9. 9. A Tool. 
 We need a Tool.!
  10. 10. What?!Why?!Who?! Why &! how?! 14  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  
  11. 11. Users: Children aged 8 to 12; interested in music and dancing; play computer games regularly; have access to iPad! Customers: Parents; affluent; own iPad! Have fun making characters dance to the music ! Play together with friends! Discover new moves and create new dances! iPad app with characters , dance floors and music:! •  Customise the game! •  Dance together with remote players! •  Choreograph new dances! •  Share new dances, characters etc.! Fremium model:! Basic version is free ! In-app purchases including new characters, floors, and choreography! Vision  Board  for  the  Dance  Game   Help people enjoy dancing and music.! 15  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  
  12. 12. Are we done?
 Can we code now?!
  13. 13. Test  your  Strategy!   Test group: Users and customers New ! insights! Test, e.g.,! interviews,! observation! Most critical! assumption! 18  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Pivot?!
  14. 14. Pivot  Explained   •  The  product  strategy  is  invalid,  for  instance,   – Wrong  target  group   – Wrong  needs   – Business  model  not  working   •  Decision:  Abort  or  change?   •  Pivot  early,  fail  and  learn  fast   – Failing  is  never  easy  but  unavoidable  when   crea5ng  something  new   19  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  
  15. 15. We’ve validated the strategy. Can we build the product now?!
  16. 16. Idea,  Strategy  and  Product   Validated! strategy! 21  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Idea Product ?!
  17. 17. The  GO  Product  Roadmap   Date The launch date or timeframe   Name The name of the new product version or major release   23  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Goal The reason for creating the new version   Features The high-level features necessary to meet the goal Metrics The metrics/KPIs to determine if the goal has been met How do we know the goal! has been met?! What are its! key features?! Why should! it be developed?! What is! it called?! When will ! the release ! be available?!
  18. 18. The  GO  Roadmap  Applied   24  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   3rd quarter! Version 1! •  Basic game functionality! •  Multiplayer! •  FB integration! Downloads: top 10 dance app! 4th quarter! Version 2! •  Purchase dance moves! •  Create new dances! At least 10% of users make one in-app purchase! 1st quarter! Version 3! •  New characters and floors! •  Enhanced visual design! Daily active players, session length! 2nd quarter! Version 4! •  Street dance elements! •  Dance competition! Downloads! Acquisition: Free app! Revenue: in-app purchases! Retention! Acquisition: New segment!
  19. 19. PuYng  it  all  together   25  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Idea Product GO Roadmap BacklogVision Board Product goals! & metrics! Details incl.! user stories,! UI design ! Validated! Value prop & ! biz model!
  20. 20. Let’s build it!!
  21. 21. Validate your assumptions.
 Use goals and metrics.
 Have fun.!
  22. 22. Product  Planning  Training   29  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Startup! discount! available!! Register  at  hZp://­‐courses/  
  23. 23. Download the Vision Board and GO roadmap at:!! I look forward to your feedback and questions:!! @romanpichler! Thank  You!   30  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  
  24. 24. Good luck with your products and startups!!