Agile Product Management in a Nutshell


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An overview of agile product management

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Agile Product Management in a Nutshell

  1. 1. Agile  ProductManagementin  a  NutshellProduktledardagen  Stockholm,  24  Mar  2011  Roman  Pichler
  2. 2. Sunny  Beach • Tradi/onal  product  management  tends  to  focus  on   an/cipa/ng  and  forecas/ng:  We  carry  out  extensive   market  research  upfront,  carefully  plan  how  the   product  is  going  to  evolve,  cra?  a  business  case  and  a   marke/ng  strategy • Adap/ng  to  change  is  the  excep/on;  con/nuity  and   predictability  are  the  norm©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 3
  3. 3. Stormy  Beach • When  change,  uncertainty  and  risk  are  dominant   forces,  we  can  no  longer  correctly  predict  upfront   what  a  product  must  look  like  and  do  in  detail • Our  best  chance  to  achieve  success  is  employing  a   probe-­‐and-­‐learn  process:   – Build  a  prototype  or  product  increment – Expose  it  to  our  target  customers  and  users   – Listen  to  their  feedback – Adapt  our  plans©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 5
  4. 4. The  Chess  Player • Working  as  a  tradi/onal  product  manager  can   be  like  playing  chess:  Once  the  ini/al  research   is  done,  it’s  largely  a  solo  act  that  involves  lots   of  thinking  and  planning • When  the  requirements  have  been  handed  off   to  development,  tradi/onal  product  managers   have  limited  contact  with  customers  and  users   and  the  development  team©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 7
  5. 5. The  Climbing  Partner • Working  as  an  agile  product  manager  is  all  about   teamwork – The  product  owner  works  closely  with  development  from   visioning  to  product  launch – The  individual  collaborates  with  target  customers  and  users   on  an  on-­‐going  basis • The  product  owner  bridges  the  gap  between  the   market  and  development – Unites  the  external  /  strategic  and  internal  /  tac/cal  view©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 9
  6. 6. The  Camel • A  camel  is  a  horse  designed  by  commiLee:   Tradi/onal  product  managers  are  o?en  not   properly  empowered  and  have  to  nego/ate   compromises • While  these  compromises  try  to  please   everyone,  they  may  result  in  a  poor,  in-­‐ cohesive  product©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 11
  7. 7. The  Lion • Product  owners  must  be  empowered  to  shape   the  product  vision  and  to  guide  the  project   that  builds  the  product – When  no  consensus  can  be  achieved,  the  product   owner  decides • This  avoids  prolonged  arguments  and  weak   compromises;  it  increases  the  chances  of   developing  a  product  that  customers  love©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 13
  8. 8. The  Plan • Detailed  plans  provide  us  with  the  illusion  of   control:  The  investment  decision  feels  safe • But  predica/ng  the  future  is  notoriously   difficult:  The  only  thing  that’s  certain  about  the   future  is  that  is  uncertain!   • The  more  innova/ve  our  product  is  and  the   faster  the  market  moves,  the  harder  it  is  to   an/cipate  the  future  correctly;  extensive   upfront  planning  becomes  wasteful©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 15
  9. 9. The  Plant • Rather  than  trying  to  correctly  predict  the   product,  agile  product  managers  start  out  with   a  vision  of  the  future  product • Feedback  on  early  product  increments   discovers  the  right  requirements  and  allows   the  product  to  grow  beau/fully • Agile  product  managers  embrace  uncertainty   and  leverage  it  as  a  compe//ve  advantage – Adapt  more  than  an/cipate  and  predict  ©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 17
  10. 10. The  Super  Tanker • Tradi/onal  organisa/ons,  products  and   projects  tend  to  be  big:  Big  is  beau/ful • Big  ships  are  efficient:  They  transport  a  lot  of   cargo.  They  weather  the  storms  by  breaking   the  waves©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 19
  11. 11. The  Surfer • Agile  organisa/ons,  products  and  projects  are   small  and  nimble:  Small  is  beau/ful • The  surfer  is  effec/ve  and  fast.  He  does  not   break  the  waves;  he  rides  them©  2011  Pichler  Consul@ng  Limited 21
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