How to make best use of tailored Industrial Storage Solutions


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How to make best use of tailored Vertical Industrial Storage Solutions

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How to make best use of tailored Industrial Storage Solutions

  1. 1. How to Benefit from Vertical Carousel Solution Win an iPad Enhance Performance High speed and high performance software driven MaxiStore carousel brings Material Handling & Storage Systems automatically the selected stock to the access-picking level whilst reducing the number of operators involved in the storing and retrieval operations. Boost Productivity Because the operator does nothing but pick, the number of picks rate rises dramatically; the tasks previously performed by climbing ladders and stairs, bending and stretching to reach stock are now performed automatically and accurately by the carousel system. Improve Accuracy The software-driven carousels keeps track of the exact location and quantity of stock stored inside the system at all times; the advanced material handling and retrieval software provides an accuracy level up to 98% or even better. The use of touch-screen or keypad interfaced with a software for the management of the stock, inventory or documents ensures that operators are far less likely to make mistakes and are store or file incorrectly. The higher level of accuracy and the minimized return rates have great impact on customers satisfaction, relationship quality and manufacturing process. To further automate accuracy, increase productivity and reduce human errors barcode and RFID technology can be provided. Stock Security The stock stored inside the carousel systems are protected behind steel panels by an access opening locking system. Manually operated or automated sliding door ensures that stock remain protected from unauthorised access. Additional security can be achieved by magnetic swipe cards and password identification technology. Increase Storage Capacity Vertical carousel storage systems will reduce the need of horizontal space by exploiting un-used airspace more efficiently. With its high storage capacity to floor space ratio vertical carousels are the optimal solutions to maximize the use of ceiling height  and the use of minimum floor space. Ergonomic working position The operator working station is positioned at an ergonomic working position; the vertical carousel carrier is automatically brought to the operator access level for effortless order picking. Bending, stretching, climbing stairs and ladders to reach and lift heavy components are replaced by a simple keypad order operation. Stock Protection Closed environment created by the carousel system protects stock from airborne chemical contaminants, static, dirt and dust after the use. Steel frames and building cladding  are options provided when the carousel systems need to be installed in external spaces. Fire protection are provided by steel doors, automatic closing doors and fire fighting equipment. To receive FREE consultation contact a representative  we will be in touch with you within 48 hours. We deliver & install worldwide, 11 June 2011