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Tosoh Bioscience About Us 11c Linkedin



Discover Tosoh Bioscience

Discover Tosoh Bioscience



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Tosoh Bioscience About Us 11c Linkedin Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Tosoh BioscienceTOSOH BIOSCIENCE
  • 2. TOSOH CORPORATION Tosoh Corporation is a diversified global chemical company with a strong reputation in basic chemicals, petro-chemicals, and specialty products. Founded in 1935 (Toyo Soda Manufacturing), Tosoh has expanded into high value-added businesses such as organic chemicals, bioscience, quartzware , and advanced electronic materials. Net sales 2011 (ended 31.3.11): 8.2 bn $ Employees worldwide >11000TOSOH BIOSCIENCE 2
  • 3. TOSOH CORPORATION Nanyo Complex 3.7 million sq. meters • Chemical Laboratories Head Quarters • Technology Development & Engineering Centers • In-house Power Generation Tokyo Research Center 1,035,000 KWTOSOH BIOSCIENCE 3
  • 4. PRODUCTS Petrochemicals Olefins Polymers Basic Specialty Chlor-alkali Organic Chemicals Cement Bioscience Electronic Materials Specialty MaterialsTOSOH BIOSCIENCE 4
  • 5. SPECIALTY GROUP Organic Chemicals • MDI – methyl diphenyl diisocyanate; Ethyleneamines • Polyurethane Catalysts • Bromine; Hydrobromic Acid • Flame Retardants • Chelating Agents • Solvents; High-purity Ethylene Dichloride Specialty Materials • Yttria-stabilized Zirconia Powders & Compounds • YTZ® Grinding Media • Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide • Zeolite Molecular Sieves • Zeolite for Catalysts Electronic Materials • Silica Glass Materials • Fabricated Quartzware • Machined Quartzware • Sputtering Targets • Process Kit ManagementTOSOH BIOSCIENCE 5
  • 6. SPECIALTY GROUP - BIOSCIENCE Diagnostics • Fully Automated Random-Access Enzyme Immunoassay System • Random-Access Enzyme Immunoassay System • Reagent System • Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzers • Real-Time Fluorescence Monitoring System Separations • High Performance Liquid Chromatography Columns • Separation Media for Bio-Pharmaceutical Purification • GPC SystemsTOSOH BIOSCIENCE 6
  • 7. SEPARATION BUSINESS UNITLiquid chromatography columns, resins & instruments: • TSKgel® HPLC columns from capillary to preparative dimensions • TSKgel® and TOYOPEARL® bulk resins for the purification of biomolecules by preparative / process chromatography • EcoSEC GPC instrument *TSK = Toyo Soda Kogyu = manufactured by Toyo SodaTOSOH BIOSCIENCE 7
  • 8. TSKgel® HPLC COLUMNSSize Exclusion Chromatography • Aqueous: silica based SW, polymer based PW • Organic (GPC): polymer based Alpha-, H-typeIon Exchange Chromatography • Porous, nonporous diverse base matrices, STATReversed Phase Chromatography • Silica & polymer based, Fast LC (2µm), NPRHILIC – Hydrophilic Interaction • Silica based: Amide-80, NH2-100HIC – Hydrophobic InteractionAffinity ChromatographyTOSOH BIOSCIENCE 8
  • 9. TSKgel® & TOYOPEARL® RESINSSize Exclusion Chromatography • Pore size 50 Å up to > 1000 ÅIon Exchange Chromatography • Weak and strong anion & cation exchangerHIC – Hydrophobic Interaction • Various hydrophobicities and pore sizesAffinity Chromatography • rProtein A, active, reactive and group specific resinsTOSOH BIOSCIENCE 9
  • 10. TOSOH Bioscience Services• Technical hotline• Application support by phone and „on site“• Catalog, technical literature• Customer magazine• Column packing assistance• Training courses• Customer seminars• Internet: - News - Detailed product information - Application databaseTOSOH BIOSCIENCE
  • 11. The World of Tosoh Bioscience Tosoh Bioscience GmbH Europe, Africa Tosoh (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ChinaTosoh Bioscience LLCThe Americas Tosoh Corp. Asia, Australia TOSOH BIOSCIENCE 11
  • 12. Tosoh Bioscience in EuropeTessenderlo (B):Customer ServiceWarehousePurchasingHR & ITStuttgart (D):Technical support (6)Sales & Marketing (13)TOSOH BIOSCIENCE 12
  • 13. Further information: www.ecosec.euTOSOH BIOSCIENCE