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Heinz Unlocks Potential



Heinz unlocks potential and achieves 300% return on investment in the bargin.

Heinz unlocks potential and achieves 300% return on investment in the bargin.



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Heinz Unlocks Potential Heinz Unlocks Potential Presentation Transcript

  • Unlocking Potential To Deliver Improved Business Results A partnership between Heinz and Pilat Miranda Clarke Talent Director & Roger Edwards Director Consulting
  • By unlocking our leadership potential we will demonstrate the gains achieved both to our bottom line and to our cultural evolution Our Agenda Today
        • Real and sustained return on investment
        • Cost effective approach to development; individualised
        • Proven, sustained shift in leadership behaviour
        • Real business issues resolved
        • Q&A at the end
  • Heinz : a Global Company
            • Fiscal Year 2008 Financial Performance
    • Annual sales of $10 billion
    • Operating Income of $1.57billion
    • 77 factories globally
    • Key categories: Ketchup, Condiments and Sauces
            • Beans, & Kids Meals
            • Soup
    • Although based in the USA, 60% of sales are elsewhere in the World.
    • 33,000 employees
    • Consumers in every time zone and operations on all inhabited continents
    • World-class portfolio of powerful brands holding No.1 and No.2 market positions in over 50 countries.
  • UK & Ireland #1 61% #1 39% #1 79% #1 79% #1 72% #1 98% #1 66% An impressive portfolio of brand leading products
  • Our strategy is built on 7 key pillars Sustainable, profitable growth Strategic plan Catalyst Drive scaleable innovation in all forms Aggressively differentiate across the portfolio Win with winners, over-invest in emerging channels Develop a performance-based culture Leverage disciplined resource management Deliver outstanding availability & visibility Drive supply chain/manufacturing flexibility Cultural evolution
  • Develop a Performance Based Culture
    • Employee engagement survey
    • Performance management process – cycle, calibration and Manager upskilling
    • Leadership development
    • Succession planning – career discussions, functional talent meetings, business unit talent meetings, European swaps and secondments
    • Training & development strategy
    Winning Culture Destination
  • Leadership Development – Pilat partnership
    • Design in partnership
    • Delivery in partnership
    • Review in partnership
    • Evaluation and re-design in partnership
    A Winning Formula
  • Unlocking Potential – The Programme
    • First, What It Isn’t………
    • A leadership SKILLS programme
    • It does not teach delegates what leadership is all about
    • Specific to Heinz
    • Focuses on the strengths as well as areas that improve effectiveness. 
    • A senior leader’s behavioural programme
    What It Is……..
    • Intense; certainly that’s what attendees tell us
    • Powerful at an individual level, group networking and business
      • improvement
  • Unlocking Potential – The Programme
    • In summary there are four phases to every programme:
    • 1.  360’ feedback prior to the event
    • 2.  3 day programme; overnight accommodation of day 1 and 2 is
    • mandatory
    • 3.  1 day follow-up; 6/8 weeks after the event
    • 4.  repeat 360’ feedback 6/8 months after initial event
  • Unlocking Potential – programme design
  • Programme Design (cont.)
    • Each participant
          • Comes and works on own development agenda
          • Stretches their development while addressing real business challenges
          • Receives immediate coaching as tasks unfold
          • Gives colleagues feedback
          • Receives those challenges and inputs that will most radically improve personal performance
  • Flexible Learning Sessions
    • To meet the needs of individual we have built in flexible learning sessions
      • Give Constructive Feedback
      • Listen, How to Question
      • Choose a Leadership Style
      • Get the Best Out of the Team
      • Motivate, How to be Assertive
      • Structure a Coaching Session
      • Body Language
    • (Learning Guides to support)
    1:1 Coaching Review / Reflection time Structured inputs as needed on how to:
  • Other Tools To Support
    • Feedback emphasis
        • Built in to every exercise
        • Formula.
            • Liked
            • Disliked
            • Do differently next time
    Engagement cards
  • What People Say About The Programme Provides a framework for improving personal and professional effectiveness An invigorating experience which adds personal value and value to the business A clear personal vision on how to proceed & move own behaviour in the right direction It allows a new perspective to be taken on traditional barriers The most powerful thing about UP is the focus on me and MY needs It has a direct impact on business and improves working relationships You learn how to get more out of yourself and others Of all the leadership programmes I have attended this programme has been the most powerful
  • So far
    • 5 Unlocking Potential programmes
    Pilot programme took place Sept 07: - it’s this group that we will focus now on All except one of the UK/I Executive team have sponsored an event 43 senior leaders have attended Unlocking Potential
  • And The Results……
    • There are two measures to our programme;
    • 1. Behavioural change – a positive shift in behaviours
    • 2. Financial return on our investment
    It’s early days, but here’s a glimpse of progress to date
  • Results – second 360 6 months post prog.
    • Self Scores down 5% (marked harder)
    • Greatest areas of improvement in targeted behaviours:
            • Challenges the status quo +28%
            • Actively listens to and takes others’ views into account +23%
            • Challenges others to make tough decisions +19%
            • Communicates vision in a way that arouses genuine
            • motivation and commitment +16%
    • Average shift in 80% of targeted behaviours was up 10%
    • +ve performance improvement in 95% of targeted behaviours (exc. self
    • score)
    • Managers scored their participants 16% higher on targeted behaviours
  • Where Significant Improvement Noticed….
    • By Manager
      • Inspires others to commit to their vision
      • Monitors individual performance and gives timely constructive feedback
      • Encourages others to challenge the traditional way of doing things
    • By Direct Reports
      • Manages changed project deadlines with ease
      • Makes timely decisions balancing analysis with decisiveness
      • Prioritises and plans ahead effectively
    • By Peers
      • Communicates vision in a way that arouses genuine motivation and commitment
      • Understands key business priorities
      • Is a role model for the Heinz values
  • Top Behaviours For The Group post prog. Positive leadership behaviour has lead to cultural step change
    • Has an understanding of how the business works beyond own area
    • Identifies and implements best practice
    • Focuses on the long-term when setting strategy
    • Is honest and sincere when communicating
    • Appeals to reason, data and figures in influencing others
    • Treats others with respect
    • Is a role model for the Heinz values
    • Understands key business priorities
    • Has a "can do" attitude and desire to win
  • Financial Return on Investment – Graham
    • Responsible for Food Service Sales.
    • Cost of product increasing, planned price increases from 2008 (although customer had not previously accepted increases)
    • Personal development need was to engage, motivate and trust team.
    • End of programme scheduled holiday, decided to delegate whole problem to team.
    • Team were delighted to have the responsibility and challenge.
    • When back team had got signed agreement and implemented increase two months ahead of schedule.
    • We achieved 2 months additional revenue at higher price = £80k
  • Financial Return on Investment – Cathy (IT)
    • Last financial year Cathy had $3.5m budget.
    • Three months prior to the year end she was tracking $200k over.
    • “ By involving my team, rather than thinking that I had all the answers, I came in under budget rather than over”
    • At year end came in $80k under budget.
    • “ My team have greater motivation and drive. I feel more in control / more informed even though I am not doing ”.
  • Return on Investment – Chris (IT)
    • Projects are now delivered on time (even those projects that before the Unlocking Potential programme were behind – I’ve caught up).
    • E.G. “FollowMe printing”
    • By getting this project back on schedule, saved £16,000 in three months .
    • What I now do differently…..involve my team, give them the space to take accountability and I’m reaping the rewards
    • “ My team have really stepped up to the plate”
    • “ My team are getting around road-blocks themselves and I now know I wasn’t always right”
  • Return on Investment – Alec (Manu)
    • Largest factory in Europe
    • “ P16 Cooler” The issue; ½° out from specification
    • The old Alec: One of two things; Shut down the cooler OR go into battle
    • into IMS
    • A shut down would take 2 days to restore
    • The new Alec: Adopted a coaching style; got the ‘experts’ together, pulled from them the potential root causes, series of tests took place
    • Resulting in……the cooler being back in service after just two hours.
    • Saving 1.5 days production approx value £80k
  • Return on Investment – Laura (Marketing)
    • Key ingredient supplier went into administration
    • ‘ Taste of Home’ range extension was at risk of no launch
    • The new Laura:
          • Challenged purchasing to find alternative
          • Challenged suppliers to up game
          • Challenged the business to keep going
          • Challenge to operations (need to change factory plans) and R&D (to research and undertake new kitchen trials.)
    • Resulting in successful launch across entire trade
    • Revenue gain £150k GP
  • Return on Investment – Denis (Sales)
    • On Amoy-
        • There is a three month lead time on noodles
        • It is a high risk product with short life span.
        • As a result of course re-evaluated excess stock and chaired a meeting to clarify objectives and agree next steps.
    • The course gave me the tools and the confidence to really make a difference and structure my meetings more effectively and ensure real outcomes.
    • Consequence was we were able to move 15,000 cases to Morrisons that would have quickly moved to waste
    • Revenue achieved £45k.
  • Return on Investment – Paul (Pasta)
    • In June 2008 Paul’s team had reached capacity in pasta production
    • As a result of the course Paul got the team together to explore how they could improve team capacity – getting the team to come back with their vision
    • Engaging the team in whole business has meant:
    • Agreed team specific actions
    • Increased commitment and ownership
    • Implementation of actions within 6 weeks
    • Resulting in record output and increased internal capacity which has allowed outsourced re-work to be brought in-house
    • Saving £124k
  • In Summary
        • Real and sustained return on investment
        • Cost effective approach to development; individualised
        • Proven, sustained shift in leadership behaviour
        • Real business issues resolved
    By investing in unlocking our leadership potential we have demonstrated the very real gains achieved both to our bottom line and to our cultural evolution
  • Why We Believe It Works
    • Process / structure of the programme
            • Pre / do / post
            • Real current business challenges (valued by participants)
            • Feedback loop
            • Facilitation style; support and challenge
    • Sponsorship from the top
            • Every programme has an Exec sponsor including the CEO
    Evolution not revolution Partnership development of product
  • Questions & Answers
    • We would be delighted to use the time we have left during this session to take questions