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Wanderlust Furniture 2011
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Wanderlust Furniture 2011



2011 Trend book from Kaleidoscope.

2011 Trend book from Kaleidoscope.




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    Wanderlust Furniture 2011 Wanderlust Furniture 2011 Document Transcript

    • ForewordAlmost 10 years ago, October of 2001 to be exact, Apple introduced the world to a revolutionaryproduct called the iPod, which changed music and the music industry as we know it, prettymuch forever. Funny how the iPod is now essentially just a small feature no better than anapp on my iPhone, a product which also changed things a bit. Fortunately this ridiculouslyrapid change of things in our lives doesn’t apply to everything. Though we’re on the brink ofa double-dip recession (though you could argue we never escaped the first one) and the globaleconomy has everyone on edge, as a design culture we have not regressed but continued to pressahead… in a way. We’ve done so by adapting and making decisions more consciously, alwayslooking for simple, effective ways to delight. It’s about tapping into what people already love butmaking them love it more, better or again. A new spin on the old. A new twist on the known.A burger with jalapenos and an iPhone with a turntable app. And though the old adage mighthave said “familiarity breeds contempt,” I’d say we’re seeing that familiarity actually breedscontentedness.I bet if Darwin was alive today he would set up a time-lapse camera on the world, thencryogenically freeze himself so that he can be thawed out 100,000 years from now, just to seewhat happened and to figure out how, where and why things changed as they did. Well, whilehe didn’t get the chance to do that, as designers we get to do that almost daily in the trends weobserve, and it’s amazing to watch the evolution occur from month to month or year to year.Everything is evolving, from forms to fundamentals. This evolution is reminiscent of a tree.The taller, broader and heavier the tree gets with leaves and branches, the deeper the roots takehold into the ground to support it. The more things get crazy, the more we crave the familiar.The more bizzaro Ferran Adria makes food, the more burger places and taco trucks open. Andfunny enough, you can see the same happening with the things around us, as we’ve found inthis year’s Wanderlust ICFF edition. Demetrius Romanos Executive Creative Director 2 3
    • WANDERLUST NOVEMBER 2011 VOL. 3 NO. 2 Design Trends: Furniture Presented by Kaleidoscope, a Product Development Strategy Firm Cincinnati, Ohio New York, New York Detroit, Michigan Indianapolis, Indiana Kunshan, China Miami, Florida Stony Brook, New York Orlando, Florida CEO: Matthew Kornau President: William Taylor COO: Giuseppe Delena Director of Innovation and NPD: Christopher Hammond Director of Visualization: Robert Cheezum Director of Asia Operations: Mu-kai Shen Executive Editor: Demetrius Romanos Editors: Michael Roller and Miles Begin Art Director: Jerad Raines Contributing Staff: Nick Rudemiller, Chelsea McLemore, Eric Zhu, Scott Tirey, Amy Kim, Ben ˘ Miller, Nico Li, Vera Soper, Michelle Zimmerman, Brian Bjelovuk, Brandon Eder, Meredith Patrick, Nick Matarese, Herald Ureña, Brendan Oberkircher About Kaleidoscope Inc. Founded in 1989, Kaleidoscope is a socially responsible strategic product development and design firm dedicated to leveraging expertise in product development, brand engagement and entrepreneurial innovation. The company helps its partners become global leaders by providing a spectrum of design services from product inception through to manufacturing. Kaleidoscope is located in Cincinnati, New York City, Long Island, Detroit, Miami, Indianapolis, and China. For information regarding Kaleidoscope and our services please see www.kascope.com or +1.800.930.5793 © 2011 by Kaleidoscope Animations Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America.4 5
    • Our ApproachObservation Expression CommunicationEach study begins by deeply After de ve l op i n g a clear When clients enlist our team forexploring the patterns of the most understanding of what patterns insights and education on trends, weforward thinking categories, are occurring and what motivates collaborate with them to understandfollowed by a filtered examination the people participating in them, their business and brand needs. Weof what these patterns mean to we create a landscape of focused select the most relevant trends andconsumers through the contextual narratives to share these stories and develop tangible concepts to inspirelens of macro trends. inspire teams. innovation. Contextual Brand Lens Lens_Ethnography _Information Mapping _Opportunity Mapping_Contextual Inquiry _Persona Development _Co-creation_Immersion Session _Scenario Building _Prototyping Tangibility is our first priority. Our trend work must be be applicable and specific in order to be relevant. 6 7
    • Contextual Lenses How do we know if the electric car we saw in January and the chaise lounge we saw in May form a trend? Additionally, how would we apply this idea to a cellphone, a package, or a medical device? We overlay macro-level thinking to understand the motivations behind each product trend. This approach pairs visual patterns with the values, needs, and desires of today’s consumers. By identifying both the need and its visual manifestation, we can apply trends across any category. The following are Kaleidoscope’s four key lenses for 2011...8 9
    • More for less is more. Dude, where’s my Indulge wisely. Can I substitute laser cutter? a salad?Value-Able Ubiquitous Tech Recession Rebound Green MajorityOver the last two decades, businesses have dragged Technology used to be an awkward acquaintance There’s no doubt that the economic climate has As the importance of sustainability continuesthe word “value” through the mud, eroding its who wanted to help us solve problems we already permanently changed consumers and their habits. to grow, it approaches the mass market with anmeaning until all that was left was “low cost.” had under control. More often than not, technology Strained but not defeated, many consumers important challenge: make it care. SustainabilityBut value is taking back the quality, meaning, hovered around us, trying to be helpful but also attempt to rebound from the recession through is past the early adopter phase, and brands mustand flexibility that go along with its thriftiness. screwing a lot of things up. All this has changed the careful selection of indulgences. Regardless of appeal to a skeptical majority by giving themThrough a range of environmental factors, value through the integration of devices and platforms. income level, people seek out luxury in one form no choice but to buy into sustainable ideas. Nomeans more than it ever has to consumers. They’re Consumer electronics have finally hit a point where or another, and it’s important for brands to clearly consumer chooses a product purely because of itsbecoming more thoughtful in their choices, their ubiquity is helpful and desirable. Furniture communicate why they’re the right choice to this sustainable promise—there is always a primarydemanding products and services that perform technologies evolve in parallel, initially born as cautious audience. Consumers will probably never benefit.multiple tasks, last a long time, and give them novelties but becoming sources of true innovation return to their prerecession habits, but they yearndelightful experiences, all at a reasonable cost. It now that users are experienced with the tools. for products and services that will catapult them Furniture has a well-established relationship withis a daunting task, but we’ve seen categories like out of their current funk and into a new phase of sustainability, and this year’s manufacturers didn’tfashion and furniture take this on and succeed in We see affordable, rapid manufacturing techniques consumerism that will feel responsible and still seem to feel a need to make obvious claims aboutbig ways. reinventing the concept of craft. While some luxurious. responsible sourcing or processes. Reclaimed, designers reinvent their work exclusively with niche pieces take a different angle, wearing theA return to modern era styling aims to transcend laser cutters and 3D printers, others incorporate Much of the work at ICFF favored classic modernism sustainable heart on their sleeves.other trends and create pieces that fit in any traditional techniques to form an interesting over overt displays of luxury, but with any trendroom, in any style. Many designers emphasize paradox that is both new and old. Regardless of there’s always an opposing force. Some consumersfunctionality or construction to bring a value- the approach, respect and appreciation of craft is have been unaffected by the recession, and we seebased twist that makes people take notice. The DIY elevated through technology. designers responding with the appropriate level ofmovement is in step with Value-Able too, raising opulence.the quality of assembly and attention to detail tomake a stronger imprint on the category. 10 11
    • Mod Mix Not (quite) your dad’s Eames chair. Futureganic Mr. Mobius would be proud. Strange Craft Welcome to the Industrial Devolution.Six Key TrendsWe look to the work of designers globally for inspiration and understanding. Assessed through thecontextual lens of four macro trends, six patterns emerge from our observations at the 2011 ICFF.More than just a collection of what’s hot in furniture, each of these trends has been analyzed andinterpreted at the consumer level to identify key emotional and functional needs. This step ensuresthat we’re not just looking at “cool stuff” and that these trends will make sense across many Curated Curiosities The cure for the common craft.categories as they design for the same needs.Each trend has fundamental differences. Some are in line with macro trends while others are inclear opposition. Sometimes trends manifest themselves in bold ways and other times executionsare more subtle. To visualize these differences, we map the contextual lenses according to how theyare expressed by their creator: Nouveau Riche This is where all that moustache stuff fits.C. Lenses fig. 1 Trend Visuals Bold—Value-Able—Ubiquitous Technology—Recession Rebound Future Perfect—Green Majority Subtle Man and machine living in harmony. Ignore Embrace 12 13
    • 14 15
    • ModTREND 1MixInspired by classic Mod designs, this trend sports geometric shapes andclean lines. While designs of the 40s and 50s were simple and designed to bemanufactured, “next century” modern shakes things up with the additionof bold colors, refined surfaces and a microscopic attention to detail.Bold Trend Visuals Value-Able You get the most bang for your buck with these time- tested yet slightly updated designs. This isnt economic Ubiquitous Technology boom furniture; it focuses on a sophisticated consumer Recession Rebound that spends wisely.Subtle Green Majority Ignore Embrace 17 | Mod Mix
    • Sweet TransitionsBolt some steel tubing onto bent ply and you have Mid-Century furniture. With the advent of 3Dmodeling software, once impossible surface transitions get the justice they deserve. 18 | Mod Mix 19 | Mod Mix
    • 20 | Mod Mix 21 | Mod Mix
    • Contemporary DetailsThese simple geometric pieces could be right out of the 50s. However, a closer inspection revealspatterning, texture, and material finish unlike anything seen in that era. Credit for the item featured in the “hero image” could go here. 22 | Mod Mix 23 | Mod Mix
    • 24 | Mod Mix 25 | Mod Mix
    • A Bold FinishBold colors, vibrant finishes, and playful joinery introduce a whimsy to traditional methods. Thesefocal points demand your attention and are much different from the neutral palettes employed inthe designs of the likes of Eames and Saarinen. 26 | Mod Mix 27 | Mod Mix
    • 28 | Mod Mix 29 | Mod Mix
    • In the 1950s bent ply was new technology. Since then, almost every conceivable form has taken its turn in the bending jig.Editorial Tone:PONTIFICATIONEditorial Tone: PARALLEL WORLDS INSPIRED OR TIRED?Editorial Tone: I SPY Top: KEM Weber Airline Chair, 1935 Bottom: Airline Chair, 2009 For better or worse, Mid-Century Modern is one of the most popular furniture movements. After the show this year, we asked ourselves which Mod remixes felt inspired and which felt tired. The successful, inspired pieces captured the essence of the Mid-Mod period and celebrated it by offering us something new with a subtle twist. The tired examples, however, simply didn’t bring anything new to the table (pardon the pun).Editorial Tone: Furniture in the Danish sense. One of these RANT Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. was actually designed in 1949 by Hans Wegner, can you tell which one? Whoa, is that G3 curvature? A fine example of a sophisticated update to a classic formEditorial Tone:HACKEditorial Tone: A subtle Eames influenced chair focuses in on all the right details, simplifying even an Eiffel ChairSIMILITUDEInspired Tired
    • Future- TREND 2 ganic The study and development of materials is an essential step to the future. This allows us to continue to push the limits on products by adopting new forms. By combining new methods we can break the mold and push the boundaries on design. Commonly these forms have a sense of motion, speed, accuracy, and delicacy. Bold Trend Visuals Value-Able If you are interested in new, expensive materials and processes, this is the place to be. Ignoring practicality, Ubiquitous Technology these unique designs are like Lamborghinis: theyre Recession Rebound show-stoppers, but theyre really only good at going fast. Subtle Green Majority Ignore Embrace32 33 | Futureganic
    • Suspended FormsStriving for unique forms often creates a balancing act. Using the right materials and processes arecrucial to these shapes. These pieces first catch the eye, then furrow the brow, and finally imparta sense of curiousity regarding the production methodology that could bring such a thing to life. 34 | Futureganic 35 | Futureganic
    • This chair creates an intial sense of doubt. It is not until we take the trust fall of actually sitting in it do we believe it will function properly.36 | Futureganic 37 | Futureganic
    • “What you design is an accumulation of everything you have seen and done in your life previous to that point.” -Tinker HatfieldNatural NatureThere is a push to resemble the natural forms that surround us every day. It’s a challenging taskto achieve these forms using our man made materials, but if executed properly it can create a greatpiece. This is a subtle and elegant way of bringing nature into the home. 38 | Futureganic 39 | Futureganic
    • 40 | Futureganic 41 | Futureganic
    • Controlled MotionDynamic forms lead more than the eye across the piece. They get our legs involved as we circlelike a shark to take it in from every angle. The motion of the piece is strong, yet doesn’t rush us.The craftsmanship instills a sense of control that allows us to admire the work that has been done. 42 | Futureganic 43 | Futureganic
    • Editorial Tone: PONTIFICATION Tron Editorial Tone: PARALLEL WORLDS Tron: Legacy Editorial Tone: Terminator I SPY Editorial Tone: RANT Avatar Back to the Future Editorial Tone: HACK Concept Flake Editorial Tone: Wall-e SIMILITUDE Wall-e The Future of Future Our vision of the future changes over time. We used to see a strong push in machines with emphasis on the technology. Now we look at the future as organic with the emphasis not only on the technology but the form as well. This is shown in many films and concepts. As time keeps going, what will be our vision for the next future?44 | Futureganic 45 | Futureganic
    • StrangeTREND 3CraftMaterials like steel and iron evoke the industrial age, where they wereutilized purely for their function. Used in new ways, designers show howthese materials can be repurposed for a more playful, unexpected feeling.Bold Trend Visuals Value-Able Turning its back on technology and sustainability, Strange Craft quietly offers themes of nostalgia. Ubiquitous Technology Unexpected shapes lend an uplifting feel. Recession ReboundSubtle Green Majority Ignore Embrace 47 | Strange Craft
    • Lighten UpThere is an unorthodox direction in the treatment of lighting. Typically shaded, exposed lightbulbsframed in metal fixtures create a heavy presence in any room. 48 | Strange Craft 49 | Strange Craft
    • 50 | Strange Craft 51 | Strange Craft
    • Lack of MuscleMetals like iron and steel are generally associated with strength and mass. However, throughoutthe show many pieces were using these materials minimally, creating a spindly skeleton thatseemed to be just enough structure to hold the elements of the design together. 52 | Strange Craft 53 | Strange Craft
    • The delicate legs on the table above seem barely strong enough to hold up the formidable top, creatingan interesting tension between elements. 54 | Strange Craft 55 | Strange Craft
    • Unexpected TwistWe expect most traditional industrial products (like a light bulb) to be fairly straight forward. Atthis year’s show, we saw designers bringing a sense of whimsy to these products by playing withthe basic structural elements of the object. 56 | Strange Craft 57 | Strange Craft
    • 58 | Strange Craft 59 | Strange Craft
    • Editorial Tone: PARALLEL WORLDSEditorial Tone: I SPYEditorial Tone: RANT Designer Vision Designers tend to see things a little differently than the rest of the world, often finding humor inEditorial Tone:HACK something that might not seem funny at first glance. As a team, we had some fun sketching what we saw in our minds when we looked at certain pieces from the show.Editorial Tone:SIMILITUDE “How much muscle does this table really need “Dont slip!” “Remember these two?!” “What’s up Doc?” to hold a sheet of glass?” 60 | Strange Craft 61 | Strange Craft
    • TREND 4 “Reclaim” has been a material trend for a few years now. You immediately get a vision of a table made from scraps of a ransacked warehouse. While that aesthetic is still present, it has now matured, kicking and screaming, into its own established style. Despite its conservative roots as a reaction against excess, this trend refuses to be somber. Pieces are thrown together like so many flea market finds, each having thier own story. The joy is in the vulnerability and the warmth is difficult to deny.Bold Trend Visuals Value-Able This all about making, crafting and curating our surroundings. While it doesn’t reject sustainability, the Ubiquitous Technology aesthetic has evolved past a practical reuse for reuse sake Recession Rebound and developed approachable warmth. There is a price for this more mature approach, but it’s not about splurging,Subtle Green Majority it’s about the challenge of creating something new and interesting from familiar components. Ignore Embrace 63 | Curated Curiosities
    • Raw DealBattle-scars are badges of honor, particularly in the case of natural materials. Surfaces are leftuntreated and appreciated for what they are and what they have been through. 64 | Curated Curiosities 65 | Curated Curiosities
    • While the materials are left in their natural state, it is the choice and juxtaposition of those materialsthat provides refinement and intentionality, even when the details are unexpected. 66 | Curated Curiosities 67 | Curated Curiosities
    • “A work can become modern only if it is first postmodern.” -Jean Francois LyotardAssemblageWhether structured or tossed together, the amount of the elements themselves become the statement. 68 | Curated Curiosities 69 | Curated Curiosities
    • The repetition of materials serves not just as structure but as texture.Just the right amount of design separates a piece offurniture from furniture of pieces. 70 | Curated Curiosities 71 | Curated Curiosities
    • Variety ShowThis trend isn’t just about up-cycling raw materials. As designers continue to explore the theme,the choice of elements to combine gets more and more surprising and often playful. 72 | Curated Curiosities 73 | Curated Curiosities
    • Editorial Tone: I SPY Editorial Tone: RANT Editorial Tone: HACK Editorial Tone: SIMILITUDEQuirky but functional combinations and reinterpretations of existing products. “Marie Coquine” -Philippe Starck for Baccarat A plea for Maybe that’s why something that didn’t look BALANCE like flotsam and jetsam felt like an escape after 10 hours of show floor pounding, chatting, and photographing. The idea of using materials in unexpected ways is ...Something that didn’t look like always present in design trends. In the past few years, it’s been overwhelmed by a waste-not-want- flotsam and jetsam felt like an escape not aesthetic. It’s as if the sound of our collective credit cards being declined woke us from a create- Finally, balance. Dignity with a wink. Modernity and-consume coma long enough to look around at with warm referential nods. This piece evolves all this stuff we already had for the first time in the re-use aesthetic while divorcing it from its years. initial anti-consumer motives. It works because a consumer’s dollar deserves a great product, not Often, reactive trends tend to fall off before the just an ideology. passionate but niche armies behind them get strong enough to go mass. Their value however, can be in paving the way for something more considered. 74 | Curated Curiosities 75 | Curated Curiosities
    • NouveauTREND 5RicheThe past few seasons have been about restraint. A display of wealth was adistasteful tell of your indifference to a sober state of affairs. Luxury,however, is a tough habit to break and we see it returning now with areferential nod to excess past... long past.Let them eat cake.Bold Trend Visuals Value-Able Economy be damned, logic is tedious and careful choices are just too restraining. It’s as if our deeply repressed Ubiquitous Technology desires for opulence finally broke free of the shackles of Recession Rebound common sense. Interesting that Portugal, in the midst of their own widely publicized financial crisis, should leadSubtle Green Majority the way here. Ignore Embrace 77 | Nouveau Riche
    • Gilded RageGloss black used as a neutral sets off an unapologetic and edgy use of warm metallics. 78 | Nouveau Riche 79 | Nouveau Riche
    • Highly detailed sufaces and forms frozen in gold are a brazen statement of luxury that reacts stronglyagainst Curated Curiousities’ battle-scarred materials. 80 | Nouveau Riche 81 | Nouveau Riche
    • “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good” -Gordon GekkoDetailed DetailsEvery surface is dripping with details that would make Versailles blush. It makes one wonder whatcould possibly be left to be stored inside of these pieces. 82 | Nouveau Riche 83 | Nouveau Riche
    • A resin-solidified thread serves as structure and ornamentation. 84 | Nouveau Riche 85 | Nouveau Riche
    • “I love lamp.” -Brick Tamland, AnchormanArmour-ousBeautiful pieces with features just sharp enough to tell you that they are strictly look-but-don’t-touch. Every rose has its thorns. 86 | Nouveau Riche 87 | Nouveau Riche
    • Editorial Tone: RANT Editorial Tone: HACK TEXTURAL Editorial Tone: SIMILITUDE HEALING As product designers we can get fixated on form. CMF (color, material, and finish) including textures and patterns tend to be time consuming and often don’t find their way into the toolbox until much later in the process.Traditional silhouettes and forms get fortified with aggressive textures and surfacing. ...textures and patterns tend to be time consuming and often don’t find their way into the toolbox until much later in the process Furniture design makes no apologies about bringing these elements to the forefront. Wanderlust has compiled the most inspiring textures and patterns from this year’s show for you to use while ideating. Happy swatching! Materials How to Use scissors texture like this! tape swatches sketches fig. 2 88 | Nouveau Riche
    • One to Cut One to Keep 90 | Nouveau Riche 91 | Nouveau Riche
    • FutureTREND 6PerfectTechnology plays an important role in the products we use today. Preciselymachined patterns and detail hint at the complexity and sophistication it takesto bring these products to life. These manufacturing techniques are constantlyreinventing the concept of craft. Traditional techniques, once painstakinglycreated by hand centuries ago, are now reproduced in mere seconds bycomputer controlled processes.Bold Trend Visuals Value-Able Future Perfect is a reaction to the technology in our lives; either strongly for or against it. Its about the two faces of Ubiquitous Technology perfection; the kind we can program, and the kind that Recession Rebound cant be duplicated.Subtle Green Majority Ignore Embrace 93 | Future Perfect
    • Fascination with FacetsFaceting is a marvelous combination of engineering and art. These planar forms represent our abilityto turn raw materials into pure gems. 94 | Future Perfect 95 | Future Perfect
    • Intersecting planes; it’s one of the simplest techniques we can use to create dimensional form, butit holds our fascination timelessly. 96 | Future Perfect 97 | Future Perfect
    • “What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher...” -Chuck PalahniukMicro PatterningWorks are influenced by materials and processes but these preoccupations evolve. These patterns areexplorations in manufacturing systems. 98 | Future Perfect 99 | Future Perfect
    • 100 | Future Perfect 101 | Future Perfect
    • Perfect EdgesAt first glance you might not catch the intricate edge detail. Patterning like this is a powerfulintersection of “ubiquitous technology” and pure human touch. Devil in the details. 102 | Future Perfect 103 | Future Perfect
    • Editorial Tone: RANT Editorial Tone: B HACK Editorial Tone: SIMILITUDEA CD E HOW WAS IT MADE? This year we noticed a lot of attention being paid to material details that were ambiguous in origin. The woodcarvers chisel is starting to pull some cues from the computer driven mill, and vice versa. These are some of our favorite examples from the show. Can you identify which pieces are made be hand, and which by machines?F G 104 | Future Perfect 105 | Future Perfect
    • HOW TO FURNITURE Duration: 5MIN. – LIFETIME BECOME A DESIGNER Difficulty: M O D E R A T E LY C H A L L E N G I N G SUCCESSFUL Illustration: RAMSEY FORD $UCCE$$ PROTOTYPE You won a RELOCATE prestegious competition!!! EVALUATE Of Great, I didn’t... course! start You’re in, you have been made famous by Are you lucky? yes Do you have $10,000 to the democratic Antique How do you feel prototype your internet! Now go pay Roadshow about scroll work? design? homage to your is my Fav! ...but I have online followers and these student thank them. A major designer wants to Move to loans and I just make your chair! no North moved to Italy! Like the Carolina Do you have Compensation? The privilege Totally consistent of having Lignet Rosset carry thing on the Optional internet access? bottom of my your chair in their store. TV screen? Are you an industrialAre you an architect? designer? WA H O O, no YO U ’ R E What is your opinion on hygiene? Move to Brooklyn WAY T O yes FA M O U S ! You’re FA IL Lucky If I had been I CO M M I T ! would have Cleanliness designed is next to Would your Yes parents let you treehouses. A godliness what?! move back in with them? media Yes, and I blitz! Tell your Mom the like being I’m yes Repeat for world isnt ready for 3 - ? years Not your genius. employed half no “HMPH!” lucky Yeti Move to Scandinavian What is your ideal region of your THAT temperature? choice! E PI C FA I L icff booth be seen Do you have an accent? WIL L Pay another $$$$ to Say things like …like at Maybe you have The Power of get a booth to show DO! the beach other talents? Persuasiveness “hoist one’s own off your piece to petard” at right? Move to Kickstarter potential buyers, intellectual Italy multiply costs by design salons. Oooh... where are no number of years... slick website you from? Si Empathy for the FREE White background, sans yes movement You got serif, confusing flash Design for Download lucky interaction, lugubrious Hai una vespa? imagery. Like FA I LU R E Midwestern? Handicraft Not Return to Go Etsy lucky no and roll again.
    • Behind the sceneThis is what it looks like. These are the faces, techniques, andspaces that come together to bring you this issue of Wanderlust.
    • J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J Fitbit Avatar Samsung 3DTV iPAD McDonalds Smoothies Phone 7 Kinect Born This Way Missoni x Target 3/2009 12/2009 2/2010 4/2010 7/2010 10/2010 11/2010 05/2011 09/2011 2009 2010 2011 FURNITURE AUTOMOTIVE FURNITURE AUTOMOTIVE FURNITURE Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals Bold Bold Bold Bold —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority TRACKER Subtle Subtle Subtle Subtle Back to Bauhaus Cyborg Le Monde Ancien Modern Vintage Next Century Modern Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Simple designs that are free of Design inspired by tech and biology. Designs that remember the past. Chiseled, masculine forms. Not (quite) your dad’s Eames chair. distraction. Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals Bold Bold Bold Bold They say you never really know someone —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority until you’ve met their parents. On this page Subtle Subtle Subtle Subtle Up to Eleven Strong, Silent DIY Lightspeed Futureganic Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Complete exploitation of materials. Assertive designs that speak softly. If you build it, you will have one. Aggressive, fast forms with a Mr. Mobius would be proud. we’d like to introduce the family tree of the tech feel. trends from this year’s ICFF. If you’ve been Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals with Wanderlust from the beginning, you’ve already met them. Trace your finger along the Bold Bold Bold Bold —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound paths to see the relationships between the —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority Subtle Subtle Subtle Subtle Mash Aesthetics Retrosexual Flyyter Return of Fun Strange Craft Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace trends from this year’s ICFF show and the Juxtaposing different aesthetics Embracing classic pop culture. Perpetual motion. Soft designs that evoke the playful. Welcome to the Industrial Devolution. within the same design. ones from Wanderlust books past. Trends are like people; we can capture them Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals Bold Bold Bold —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able in snapshots but they won’t remain that way —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority forever. They’re alive and evolving day by Subtle Subtle Subtle Follow the Light Direkt Hyperfuture Curated Curiosities Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Light as the product. Simple forms with disruptive details. Lights and surfaces imbued with a The cure for the common craft. day. sense of the future. Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals Bold Bold Bold —Value-Able —Value-Able —Value-Able —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Green Majority —Green Majority —Green Majority Subtle Subtle Subtle Concrete Jungle Natuur Automatik Nouveau Riche Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Nature in an urban world. Getting away from the confort of Design driven by technical This is where all the mustache your home. advantages. stuff fits. Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals C. Lenses Trend Visuals Bold Bold —Value-Able —Value-Able —Ubiquitous Technology —Ubiquitous Technology —Recession Rebound —Recession Rebound —Green Majority —Green Majority Subtle Subtle Supply and Design Black and Tan Future Perfect Ignore Embrace Ignore Embrace Pragmatic application of existing Subdued, neutral, and sophisticated. Man and machine living in harmony. supplies for sustainability. Strong influencer Soft influencer Trend reversal 112
    • 2011 ICFF Trend Tracker 113
    • We look to the past to ensure our PARTING THOUGHTSplace in the future. Feeling Past Over We’re obsessed with both the past and the future. We need to be. In the world of furniture, a sense of history is implicit with any serious undertaking. The word immediately preceding “quality” in the furniture world is often “heirloom”. As the name implies, these pieces need to stay relevant for decades. Generations, maybe. To imbue any design with those timeless qualities we pull cues from the designs that have already passed the test of time. At this point only the small timers get away with just making something cool. We must look to the past to ensure our place in the future. Boca do Lobo has all but declared war on Versailles, bringing its marvels within our living room walls so that we might imagine ourselves to be surrounded by pieces from our dear old Aunt Marie’s estate. One of the most compelling pieces at ICFF this year was Philippe Starck’s “Marie Coquine”, which staggers into the future under the heavy burden of loot gathered from expeditions to at least 3 non-connected cultural apexes. In short; it’s all over the place. Additionally, we’re seeing great companies like Blu Dot and Knoll intertwine their bid for relevancy with the scotch and tobacco permeated threads of the 1950’s New York advertising dream (not to mention the Madness that’s appeared recently in the windows of certain mass fashion retailers). So here we are, drifting gently in the atmosphere of our own making, looking down on all that we’ve made. Our self-reflection is a cultural orbit that needs a significant force to break it free. The Eames furniture we adore came about because bent plywood was a new and effective production method, not because it tugged at just the right nostalgic heartstring. We rarely break new aesthetic ground for no reason. It takes a technology- a shiny new toy that brings new possibilities- to take us places we never could have predicted. That doesn’t mean that the transition of rapid prototyping techniques to custom production methods has run its course yet (although keep an eye on the handcraft counter movement that’s risen in answer). Just look to the material and technological breakthroughs to get a peek into the unexplored solar systems of the future. And make sure to bring a guide with you on the expedition- by the way, designers usually make great navigators. Call to At Kaleidoscope, we like trends that inspire ideas, but we love trends that inspire actions. With each new project, we assess the cultural Action landscape to identify trends and brands that are a good match. Most importantly, we don’t stop at awareness. We generate tangible directions for how our insights will inform our work, because we believe that ideas dissipate without an artifact to live in. 116 115
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