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Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
Heart destruction rolla
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Heart destruction rolla


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    By: Rolla Tyas Amalia
    Grade 10
  • 2. Heart
    Most of the part of our heart made of muscle
    Located a little to the left of the middle of our chest
    The size almost the same with our fist
    Sends blood (contain of oxygen and nutrients) around our body
    Carries away the wastes (materials which are not been used anymore by our body)
  • 3. Heart is the center of our circulatory system
    Heart works together with blood vessels; arteries and veins, to sends blood around our body
    The blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called arteries
    The ones that carry blood back to the heart are called veins
  • 4.
  • 5. Heart Disease
    Heart disease is a general name for a wide variety of diseases, disorders and conditions that affect the heart and sometimes the blood vessels as well. It’s also usually known as heart destructions.
  • 6. List of heart diesis
    Heart attack, a very serious condition in which the heart is not receiving enough oxygen to function properly.
    Hypertension, usually experienced by people in aging symptoms and people who takes certain medications.
    Coronary heart diesis, arteries blocked, the portion of the heart that gets its oxygen-rich blood from that specific artery becomes damaged.
    Heart failure, diesis which can not been healed that may people will get from the day when they are born.
  • 7. General Causes of Heart Destructions
  • 8. SMOKING
    Too much smoking could directly damaged our lungs. Our heart needs oxygen from the lungs, if our lungs destruct it will not work properly and our heart will not receive enough oxygen for our body, and our circulatory system will also destruct
  • 9. Aging
    There are numerous conditions that become more common with age. Some conditions increase in prevalence with age, whereas other conditions become very common in the elderly. The elderly are also often considered at risk due to reduce immune system.
  • 10. Cholesterols, too much cholesterols in our body will destruct our body vessels and will destruct the whole circulatory system.
    Family history, people tend to had heart destruction, when somebody in their family had it before in their family history.
  • 11. Social Factors
    People tend to have heart destructions because of their social. For example, if their friends or family is smokers or medical taker, they will tend to follow that.
    Socially isolated, unmarried or other people without good social relations, and stress are at an increased risk for developing heart dieses.
  • 12. Economic Effects
    People who got heart destructions will affect to their economy. They will spend their money to heal their diesis. While when they got the diesis, they tend to quit their jobs or done poor in their jobs.
  • 13. Take care of your heart
    Our heart had an important roles in our body system. If they destruct they will not work properly and the worst will cause death. If we got heart diesis it will affect many things in our live, so take care and keep your heart healthiness. Do not do something that could destruct our heart.
  • 14. Bibliography
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